Impessive curly hairstyles that help you to be outstanding at prom

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Curly hairstyles are always the top choice of girls when they join some prom. These hairdos are beautiful, attractive and bring good effects for them at the party. However, many women meet trouble in finding a suitable curly hair for themselves and that makes them become embarrassed and tedious in front of the crowd. To help you deal with these problems, we would like to introduce you the most impressive and outstanding curly hairstyles for your brightness at prom.

1. Long loose curls

You may need to do nothing with your curly hair because with some people, natural loose curls look very nice and impressive. Loose curls which are like soft and romantic waves will actually make you shine. This basic style is suitable for a lot of face’s shapes as well as different skin colors so that you can completely believe in it. Let your long curly hair naturally down and put some curls in front of your shoulders will make your whole body look more balanced and charming. Don’t forget to choose yourself an appropriate hair color and make- up style with it. Moreover, having trendy bangs is not a bad idea if you want to have a younger look.

Long loose curls

2. Half-Up Side French Braid

Only with some braided hairs will your style be renewed and changed dramatically. A part of hair on a side is braided with French style to make highlight for your hair. Thus, you need to know how to French- braid.

How to braid: Braid your hair like the simple 3 trands style but each time you combine with a small part of the outside hair. Braid in a diagonal so as to the front curly hair is released with braids. After braiding, let them on your shoulder and softly tie with an elastic. You can also add your favourite accessories to make our hair look more attractive and outstanding at the prom.

 The co-operation between active curls and fine braids brings gentleness, pureness and a little bit rebels for modern girls.

Half-Up Side French Braid×4-kinky-curly-hair-blonde-color

3. Mohawk Braid Top Knot

Let’s see another curly hairstyle with braid for your various choices. This time, braid is right on your top of head.

How to braid: Firstly, section your top hair in to 2 lines and. Next, create a Dutch braid along the center of the top of head. When it reaches the back of the crown, tie it into a messy bun. Let the other hair down with natural curly hair. Finish with some hair sprays and everything is ready.

This unique hairstyle will actually not make you disappointed at the prom. It is beautiful and impressive right at the first sight. The appearance that it brings will not a bad choice for cute and lovely girls at the prom.

Mohawk braid Top Knot

4. Waterfall braid

Girls very like waterfall with curly hair because it makes softness and charm for them. This style is completely not difficult to make so that womankind usually choose it to make impression at special occasions such as prom.

How to braid: You can use different braid styles to make your favourite waterfall braid. One of them is simple waterfall style.  Do a 3 stand braid, release an old curly loop and let it fall, then continue taking a new loop and do similar braiding acts. At last, it will be a cross of braid hair on your head. Adding pretty ornaments is a wonderful way for your brighter appearance.

5. Curly hair with messy bun

Bun hair is the ideal choice for girls who want to have more attractive and noble. In addition, curly hair makes softness and gentleness that fits perfectly with messy bun. It also a good way to help thin hair become more bobbing and natural. With this style, girls look beautiful and outstanding in special events like prom, wedding, aniversary, etc.

Curly hair with messy bun

6. Curly hairstyle with ponytail

Almost girls love ponytail hair style because it displays pro- active and creative characters as well as bring them comfort in every activities. Many people say that this style is tedious and simple at prom but they are completely wrong. Applying  ponytail with curly hair is a wonderful style that can even make much more strong impressions than other hairstyles. It helps your hair look more puffing, romantic and also displays something rebellious in you. Therefore, don’t ignore this attractive hairstyle for prom meetings, you will actually be surprised.

Curly hairstyle with ponytail

You can also be outstanding at prom when your hairstyle is short, try to find out some suitable types here.

For now, are you ready to shine your light with these wonderful curly hairstyles. Your appearance can be much positively changed thanks to these hairstyles so that don’t hesitate to renew yourself with a suitable style and take everyone at prom by surprise. Luxshinehair will continue updating the latest trends with prom hairstyles so that visiting our page regularly to get useful information.

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