How we collect material for our products

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As we, the people behind the LuxShine hair brand were born into Oriental culture, we have been taught in our childhood that having natural silky smooth hair is a treasure. There are a total of 54 groups of ethnic people in Vietnam, to which each of them has its own tradition of preserving hair. Each child is taught by the elderly to take care of their own hair as soon as they could manage to take care of themselves. Through years, the hair is combed, washed more than thousands of times in oriental traditional herbs, it acquires a silky blackness that could not be found anywhere else. It is so beautiful that Vietnamese literature and poetry praise this kind of hair, as it could not be achieved with any modern method. Whenever you see a picture of a Vietnamese woman in “Ao Dai”, our traditional dress, you will always see perfect long, silky smooth, and jet black hair paired with the innocent whiteness of the dress. Hair became the pride of Vietnamese women, an aspect of our traditions. For countless generations, taking care of one’s hair has become an art that takes time and effort in order to perfect. LuxShine hair’s products come straight from that tradition.

What is REMY HAIR?

In case you haven’t known, REMY hair is the highest possible quality of hair you can buy. It is human hair that has previously undergone little to no processing, meaning it’s still in the best condition. All of the cuticles have remained intact and in the same direction that they would naturally grow from the scalp. It is what makes the hair so silky, soft, and free from any tangles. The cuticles work to protect the hair and lock in moisture. Keeping the cuticles intact results in the most natural finish you could hope to achieve from extensions. That is why REMY is well known and well used all around the world. It retains the quality of natural hair, while could be easily utilized into any style at will. It also takes less effort to take care of REMY hair, unlike natural hair that requires constant care.

Luxshine 20 inch Hair Clip in

Image: Remy hair – Luxshine hair

Trusted donors only

The raw material for the LuxShine hair’s production line is selected very carefully. In order to procure the best material, donors will first be scouted. Then a thorough process is applied in order to select the best candidates, fitting for material collecting. we send out agents to meet donors, the agents will collect the hair and bring it back to the factory. In order for a donor to make it into the list, their hair must be of top quality and generally have never been affected by chemicals. If the donor’s hair shows any sign of damage, they move on to the next candidate. For every woman that would be willing to pass on their own beauty to another, Luxshine hair would always offer generous compensation in return. It is not an act of making a transaction, but as our thank to them for helping us in achieving our goal, to make this world a more beautiful, happier place.

Our process

When the hair arrives at LuxShine hair’s factory, they go through another process to select the best strands to make the best hair extensions. Only the strongest, most uniformed strands make it to the final step. We rely not only on modern technologies but also on the skillful hands and eyes of our workers. It is a long and repetitive process in order to achieve the best result. It would not take long for a new product to be born in LuxShine hair’s factory, but there are many processes in order to achieve the best result.

Healthy working environment

When it comes to product quality, LuxShine hair firmly believes that by establish a healthy and positive environment, workers will be able to be in their top shape and they will be able to achieve the highest productivity. On the contrary to the horrid working conditions that are quite common in illegal hair extension factories over China, we promote a healthy lifestyle, involving a lot of activities such as exercises, company trips, good benefits. We treat our workers with respect as if all of us were from the same family, which is what has kept us together for nearly a decade. We have always been together even through the great pandemic of 2020.

Our commitment

After nearly a decade of instant trying to improve, we decided to take a leap of faith in order to meet the market’s demands. We vow to uphold our standards and commitments for all these years and to continue delivering only the best to our beloved customers. Reach out to Luxshine Hair, a Vietnam human hair wholesale, for assistance if you require it! We are always available to help you! 

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