Guide you: How to wear a lace front wig

For those who often care about wigs, surely lace front wigs are no stranger. This is an extremely popular choice for many women who often use wigs to change their hairstyle. Do you know why? The answer is that this product is easy to use for everyone, saving your time to change your hairstyle and the thing is important is to find the difference when you use it and not use it very difficult.

Now, the trend of using hair extensions and wigs has deepened in the hair beauty industry. Hairstylists are increasingly interested in the hairstyles created by real human hair wigs or synthetic materials. You may realize that many celebrities use this product for themselves, partly because it benefits them in easily changing many different hairstyles without damaging real hair. If you also want to shine like them with gorgeous hair, you can think about using lace front wigs. First of all, join us – Luxshinehair to learn what you need to know about how to wear a lace front wig. Our sharing will be very helpful to you, follow immediately below.

1. What is a lace front wig?

What is a lace front wig?
What is a lace front wig?

Basically, the Lace front wig is a kind of half wig, including a lace piece in the front. The strands of hair are sewn together with a lace piece by stitching each thread into each threaded hole. Lace pieces are the right size so that when you put them on, your lace wig will stretch from ear to ear. For Luxshinehair’s Lace front wig, real hair is sewn completely by hand with high-quality lace. Thus, the product has perfect softness, easy to use for you.

2. How to wear a lace front wig with natural hair?

With the growing hair industry era, the beauty and styling of the hair have become very popular. Front lace wigs are to meet the needs of fast, convenient hair styling without affecting real hair. Most people worry that these wig products have an unnatural look. However, that is not entirely true. In fact, the design of the front lace wig is a tight lace line that follows the hairline, it almost completely covers your real hair. The front part of the hairline will have a shorter thread than your hair, making it easier to customize each person’s head.

How to wear a lace front wig with natural hair?
How to wear a lace front wig with natural hair?

You should own hair quality products made from 100% real hair like those offered at Luxshinehair, which will make your hair the most natural. The last part is how to wear a front lace wig true for you. Here are some basic steps and tips that we give you when doing it.

Step 1: Compact your real hair as possible

When you wear a front lace wig, first, you need to think about shortening your real hair in the best way. This is an essential step for your wig to shine completely naturally and without revealing the difference between the two types of hair on your head. If you have thin hair, in this case, it becomes more beneficial, you can easily tie your hair and fix it to your liking with hairpins. Use your comb to scrub your natural hair care to make sure they are not tangled, use your hand to smooth your hair in your head and hide your hair in the back. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, don’t worry too much, our advice is to make some small and tight braids like black women’s hairstyles. It helps to make your natural hair more compact.

Compact your real hair as possible
Compact your real hair as possible

After finishing the hair tightening process by hand, you should use a cotton hat that hugs your head and all the real hair before wearing a wig. Your use of these hats underneath lace wigs helps to fix real hair more securely and does not affect the results you achieve. However, you should be careful not to expose the hat to the hairline of the lace wig to make sure your hairstyle looks natural like real hair.

Step 2: Cut the extra lace

Normally, the lace front wigs have extra lace part in the front. Hence. you need to remove them before apply the wig. It’s not a hard task but it requires the meticulousness. How to do? see our post about how to cut the lace front wig.
Step 3: Wear a lace front wig with glue or tape

The most important thing about How to wear a lace front wig is to care for the front hairline that looks the most natural. Usually, lace wig products are available with fixed belts and protection around. However, you need to fix the front hairline to prevent it from being deflected and reveal your real hair when you work.

Wear a lace front wig with glue or tape
Wear a lace front wig with glue or tape

Most people, especially new ones using wigs, often prepare themselves for special glue or tape. Put your lace wig on your hair cap or your neat hair. You define the front hairline and adjust it accordingly, then you pull the lace back to the nape to cover your entire head. After wearing a wig properly lace up your head, use your hand to flip the front hairline up, apply a thin layer of glue or use small pieces of tape to follow your hairline to fix the hairline fake again. If you want the glue to dry faster, use a dryer to blow in the hairline to help them perfect and float. After you do everything best according to your wishes, cut off the excess lace in front.

In fact, the use of glue or tape is only for support purposes, they are not binding. For those who are used to wearing wigs, they can easily wear a lace front wig without glue or tape. It shows that lace front wigs really help you shorten the time to own a great hairstyle.

Step 4: Styling your wig

You can use the lace front wig to create more interesting hairstyles for your style. Any style you want from straight to curly or tinted can be done with a good wig. One of the ways you can do that is to learn the hairstyles of celebrities or the characters you admire. However, you can use hot tools or hair dye with human hair wig only. For synthetic wig, ,you should be careful or you may ruin your hair extensions.

At the same time, you can make layers for you wig or thin it out for natural look. If you don’t know how, click here.

Why don’t you think to wear a lace front wig cosplay?

This can be an ideal choice to help you change your style and become more attractive. This trend has also become attractive to young people and many girls have done it and left beautiful pictures on social networks. Here are some awesome photos that we collect so you can cosplay.

1. Brave cosplay with Red Curly lace front wig

She has cosplayed the brave princess character with outstanding red curly hair in the famous “Brave” animated film. Her front lace wig looks great with attractive red color and curls similar to the character she cosplayed up to 90%. I’m sure this picture will make many girls want to imitate this style immediately.

Brave cosplay with Red Curly lace front wig

So, you can choose to use our Wig Loose Curly hair Black color to do it. Our product’s curls perfectly match the Brave’s hairstyle. In addition, with excellent hair quality, you can easily dye bright red hair and shine. Everything will be perfect. Contact us now to buy it.

2. Marvel cosplay with Blonde lace front wig

Marvel movies have become phenomenal with a huge fan base. Look at her with awesome cosplay pictures follow Marvel style. Shiny blonde hair with large curls was definitely made up of a lace front wig. She looks so cool.

Marvel cosplay with Blonde lace front wig
Marvel cosplay with Blonde lace front wig

3. Harley Quinn cosplay with Silver lace front wig

Joker and Harley Quinn are famous for their monstrous style. If you want to refresh yourself completely, apply it with the use of a silver wig. The tie hairstyle on both sides is perfectly easy to apply after you’ve used the perfect lace front hair. Look at her shot, this style is unique.

Harley Quinn cosplay with Silver lace front wig
Harley Quinn cosplay with Silver lace front wig

Through this article, you probably felt intrigued by the lace front wig. It is completely understandable because of its benefits in changing hairstyles. This product is very easy to use and saves you time. Hair is always the highlight to help you attract all eyes and gain confidence before everyone. Therefore, spend the best for it. Any girl should own at least one lace front wig for her. Don’t forget, you have a lot of choices with our products. We are here to be ready to bring you the most perfect look and make you satisfied. Wish you luck in the beauty of your hair.

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