How to wash dyed hair without losing color

Nowadays, a number of people choose hair dyeing as one of the best ways to show their personalities. In other words, they want to become “cool” in different people around. As we might know, owing such fabulous hair colors is not difficult, but how to retain those colors for a long time is a matter. It may be hard for you to avoid color fading when washing hair. However, nothing is impossible! Right? That is the reason why today we would like to share with you some useful ways to preserve your treated hair color as long as possible.

How to wash dyed hair without losing color

1. Wait at least 2 days before you shampoo

Hair color can be removed if you wash your hair right after dying because at that time hair cuticle layer is still opened. Thus, after dying, don’t wash your hair immediately. Wait at least 48 hours or even more. This will give hair color a lot of time to set in and limit color bleeding as well as fading.

2. Make less hair washing

It is an advice for you to washing your hair 2-3 times per week instead of everyday. Maybe you don’t know, washing hair every day or too many times per week means removing a variety of natural oils, minerals and, of course, hair dye. So, you should consider this habit to keep your hair color as gorgeous as you dream. On days of no hair washing, you can use color-safe dry shampoos to clean your hair.

Make less hair washing
Make less hair washing

3. Use special products for colored hair

Use special products for colored hair like sulfate-free shampoos, treatment creams or leave-in conditioners, etc…

Use special products for colored hair

Products used for hair can make an effect on the strength and longevity of hair. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose high-qualified and specific products for dyed hair. Not only do they protect your hair from damage of chemical processing, but it also makes its color longer and more shining. Pay attention to types of shampoo and conditioner you buy. They should be kinds specially formulated for color-processed hair to bring the best results you wish for.

4. Washing your hair with cool water

Many people like putting their hair under the hot showers because it gives them an extremely amazing feeling. Nevertheless, do you know that this is really harmful to your hair color? As a matter of fact, shampooing your hair with hot water will make hair’s cuticles opened, which causes moisture loss and washes hair color out. If you cannot use cold water, the best way is to use slightly lukewarm water to rinse your hair and then wash with cool water. Shampooing by cool water can give you a surprised result and make a great condition to preserving your hair color. It is said that cold or cool water will help seal cuticles and prevent moisture as well as hair dye from going down the drain when you shampoo.

Washing your hair with cool water
Washing your hair with cool water

5. Prepare natural marks for dyed hair after each wash

Using marks made from fruits can help recover the shine and improve softness for your dyed hair. Ingredients for natural remedies to treat colored hair can be easily found in your kitchen or garden like bananas, avocados, olive oil, etc. These home remedies cost cheap but produce the desired effect. The natural marks will provide you hair with a lot of nutrients, minerals or moistures to nurture your hair and protect your hair from damage of chemical processing.

Prepare natural marks for dyed hair after each wash
Prepare natural marks for dyed hair after each wash

In a nutshell, these ways is really effective and easy to follow. If you want to prolong the longevity of colored hair, why don’t you try to apply tips we share above?

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We hope that above-shared tips will set your mind at rest and feel more confident when wash your dyed hair at home. If you want to know other amazing tips for colored hair like how to lighten dyed hair, continue to follow our website. Wish you have beautiful dyed hair as you like!


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