How to use clip in hair extensions

Getting long and luscious hair is not hard at all thanks to some temporary hair extensions such as clip in hair extensions, halo hair extensions, toupee and wigs. Among them, the first one is absolutely the most favorite one in the world because of its versatility in use. So, how to use clip in hair extensions?

It’s obvious that if extensions are applied disorderly, it creates unnatural and unaesthetic look. To help girls to deal with this problem, we give you some guides to install this type of hair extensions correctly for the best results.

know how to use clip- in extensions to get the best result

Stage 1: Preparation

To get a perfect image, preparation is very important. Everything needs to be on the best condition so that clipping hair extensions becomes flexible.

  • Preparing necessary utilities

Almost girls have these utilities to keep their hair smooth and beautiful as always.

They are comb, specialized brush, mirror and hairspray bottle. In addition, curling iron or a hair straightener make sense in styling their hair after all.

Preparing necessary utilities

  • Preparing clip in hair extensions

Clip- in hair extensions are diverse in sizes, patterns and colors for customers’ choices. It is up to the style you want to select suitable kinds. A lot of girls like straight hair while some other like wavy hair. Therefore, you should prepare clip- ins with appropriate criteria to easily find and use in the process of putting clip- in hair extensions on your head.

Especially, choosing pieces in a set is of importance as well. Depending on your hair condition, you need to opt the most suitable set. For example, your hair is thinner in 2 sides near your ear, you need to choose 2 small pieces with 2 clips to hide these part. On the other hand, you just want to enhance the hair length, one piece set is fine for you.

Preparing clip- in hair extensions

Stage 2: Using clip- in hair extensions

Step 1: Brushing your hair

This is always the first step before having hair extensions on your head. You need to gently brush hair to make your hair thoroughly smooth without any knots.

It’s highly recommend to use finger to remove all the tangles first. Then, you should use wide-tooth comb and a soft paddle brush to make hair in smooth flows.

It is also necessary to brush hair extensions to keep under the best circumstance. However, don’t brush too strongly, some of hair extensions can be fallen or got breakage.

Brushing your hair

Step 2: Sectioning your hair

It’s seem to be easy in how to use clip in hair extensions. However, this process is on the point which make you in trouble.

Depending on the number and size of pieces in your set, you have different ways to divide your hair. If it’s one piece set, there’s nothing to talk about because you just need to use a tail comb to make a clean sectioning line from ear to ear vertically. Then, secure the top half of your own hair up and apply the clip in hair extensions right under the hairline.

On the other hand, with many pieces, you gradually make next sectioning lines from the lower part to the higher part on your head. It can take 3, 4 or more times if you want.

In this below, we will show all suitable positions for each piece of clip in hair extensions so that you can define the most necessary places for your clippings.

Start from the nape

For a 2-3 clip weft, you can place it every place you want. However, for the best result, we highly recommend to position it in your nape. We are pretty sure that it fits perfectly without making any inconvenience to you. As a result, it is absolutely seamless, at the same time, it creates long size to your tress.

Why do we start to apply clip in hair extensions from the nape to upper part? If we don’t, your hair and hair extensions can get tangled in the application process. So, remember to start it from the bottom to the top.

Sectioning your hair: Take a 2 or 3 clip weft

Use 4 clip weft for next level

It will be better if we use wefts with more clips so as to keep the hair better. After brushing hair, continue making a sectioning line above the first one and put this 4 clip weft in hair. Don’t forget to use hairspray and brush to make solid bases for putting clips in. Like the first one, define the center position and put clip- in hair extensions carefully in these bases.

Sectioning your hair: Take a small 4 clip weftTake a larger weft in ear-to-ear line

Repeat the same way for this larger weft for the widest part of your head.  Let down another section of real hair, make a horizontal part and clip this larger weft in. Starting with the middle clip and spread around. This is the ideal position that we can put much more hair extensions so that you should clip them firmly. Making more volume for hair is always encouraged.

Sectioning your hair: Take a larger weftAnother 3 clip weft above

A smaller weft with about 3 clips is appropriate for the place above the large one. Continue doing basic steps and we can finish big wefts at the back of head. If it still get tangles, let’s use hairspray once again and cover all the above real hair on.

Sectioning your hair: Take a small weftHide thinning sides with 2 clip weft

Create a horizontal line above your ear and bun the rest part of your hair. Clip a 2 clip weft on hair just below this line. Repeat on the other side. If you feel that you can add more hair extension, you can use the 1 clip weft above to make hair thicker.

Sectioning your hair: Take smaller clip wefts on the sides

Step 3: Let the above hair down and brush the whole hair

After clipping all clip- in hair extensions, you release the remained hair on the top and carefully brush again to complete.  It can bring you some trouble if the brush get stuck with clips and make hair tangle so that let’s be careful. After doing some times, you actually feel acquainted and do it quicker.

Let the above hair down and brush the whole hair

Stage 3: Style your hair

Hair extensions have had its shapes but they can be not suitable for your real hair so that you can style your whole hair again to make it match. You can use hair curler or hair straightener to restyle, even layer with scissors if you feel that it is better.

We hope that these detailing suggestions will be useful for you when using clip- in hair extensions. All stages will become simple if know basic steps and put our attention on them. Therefore, let’s try to do this to save your thin hair as well as display a beautiful new style, and then you will actually happy of the result.  If you have any questions about that or interested in Vietnam hair, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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