How to check virgin hair weave

Sad but true, there are tons of companies labeling their products with “virgin hair weave”, but they are not. Due to the development of technology, people can turn bad hair in to good-looking one. However, the quality is low undoubtedly. A question arises, how to know if the hair extensions you bought are good or bad? Let’s scroll down and we will give you the best ideas to check hair quality quickly.

Virgin hair

What is virgin hair weave?

Even when you are a newcomer or an old fox not easily snared, you absolutely know that virgin hair weave is the best quality hair extensions. So what is it?

Briefly, we can understand it is 100% human hair collected directly from hair donors. Thus, all the cuticles intact and run in the same direction. At the same time, virgin hair is natural without any chemical process such as perming, relaxing, etc. In hair industry, we mention it as high quality hair as well as hair from 1 donor. Each of us has different hair structure which creates distinguished porosity and other abilities in dying process, lifespan, etc. Hence, it is purest and cleanest as a new white paper that is ready to draw and color.

virgin hair

Some methods to check Virgin hair weave

Cuticle check

The very first thing you need to do is to comb weaves with your fingers. Let them through hair extensions moving from the top to the ends and reverse it. If your hair go easily downward and get resistance upward, it is absolutely human hair with cuticle aligned. Or else, the weaves hair must be dip into acid bath to remove the outermost layers of natural hair. Also, it can be high quality synthetic fibers with natural-alike.

Burn test

burn test

One of the most popular way to recognize real hair and artificial hair is burn test. When the hair is on fire, they start to exude odor and create ash. You can easy realize the differences between them as below.

After being burnt, human hair burns out quickly and smells like a burn fragrance to become ashes. When we squish the ash, it turns out dirt-alike. Meanwhile, synthetic fibers are viscous and stick to each other. The smell like a burning plastic is the easiest identity of this type.

Washing test

virgin hair check

Even when it’s human hair, we need to check the purity of the hair. Many products are dyed to achieve different colors, or it is under other chemicals process. To do this test, we use neutralizing shampoo to wash the weave hair. After that, leave it in for 5-10 minutes, if you find the foam turns into other colors, it is absolutely not virgin hair weave at all.

Texture check

styling hair with hot tool

In this check, we have 2 steps including natural hairstyles and styling hair with hot tool. The former is to make sure the weaves are 100% natural that hasn’t been under hot steam process. Why is it important? If it’s natural, your texture will get back after wash quickly and the pattern remain forever even when you straighten it with flat iron. In other cases, you hair will be loosened up until it turns straight. The second one is not only about hair texture but also about real hair or artificial fiber. As we all know, the latter will be melt and stick together when it contacts to hot heat. Some hair supplier also mix an amount of fake hair to real hair but this trick cannot pass this test for sure.

Color check

color check

Virgin hair is collected from 1 donor which means it has the even ability to go lighter. Many people get it wrong about this color check because they believe virgin hair can reach light blonde such as #613 or #60. However, we want to note that not all of them can do. Let’s think about your hair when you go to hair salon. If 10 people want to go blonde, there is at least 1 person refused because of the inappropriate hair for bleach. Applying to the hair extensions, it works the same way. Though, the color or virgin hair goes even and glamorous look.

Social media check

Social network

I bet that all hair suppliers have their own social network such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Website, etc. Thus, this is the good way to check their reputation and reliability. If it’s a professional vendor, as Luxshinehair, you easy to search on the account, details about products and reviews. Especially, you should ask around about their products quality and service instead of contacting directly for these information. Of course, they always say good words about themselves.

Virgin hair weave is not cheap at all. Be alert of scammers and bad hair vendors. You can apply these methods to find out the best hair supplier for you. If you want to buy samples from Luxshinehair, please contact our team. We are pretty sure you will fall in love with our virgin products.

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