How To Take Care Of Relaxed Hair Properly

You are bored with natural hair. So, you have decided to change your hairstyles by straightening it. And now, you feel completely confident and satisfied with new relaxed hair, aren’t you? But, it seems that there is another worry appearing in your mind: How to take care of relaxed hair properly. Don’t worry, that is the reason why we are here today to help you remove all your concerns. Explore this secret with us!

Relaxed Hair

What is Relaxed Hair?

Firstly, you need to have a general view about relaxed hair. So, what exactly is it? Relaxed hair is known as one of the most common treatment to help women have gorgeous straight hair. This process is carried out thanks to a special kind of lotion or cream, called relaxer. These hair relaxers contain chemicals that have functions as straighteners to change natural’s texture. In other words, they will help to “relax” your curls into sleek and straight hair strands as you are admiring for. This method is quite familiar to African women. As shown by a research from the Nation Center of Biotechnological Information,  more than a half of females in Africa choose this method to straighten their natural hair. The relaxed hair is easy to brush and brings women a feminine beauty. However, this process also cause several unwanted damages for your hair. That is the reason why the relaxed hair require good care and proper nourishment.

What is relaxed hair

How To Take Care Of Relaxed Hair Properly?

Wash Your Hair Carefully

Always remember to wash your hair with care. You should pay more attention on every shampooing at home. This plays an important role in getting rid of oil, build-up and dirt from your hair and scalp, which promotes the hair growth. This might be weird to you, but believe us, your relaxed hair won’t become too dirty if you omit some washes. When being relaxed, your hair isn’t not in its natural states any longer. So, you don’t need to shampoo your hair too regularly each week because this, in fact, can result in some negative effects on your relaxed hair. In case you are still worried about cleaning your hair, use a dry shampoo between those days.×5-5-loose-curly-hair-dark-brown-color

Are all kinds of shampoos are suitable to relaxed hair? The answer must be “No”. You only ought to use gentle and sulfate-free shampoos since they are quite friendly and harmless. In addition, many high-qualified products formulated in relaxed hair are sold on the markets. It is vital for you to check their labels and buy the most suitable one. Specially, avoid shampoo and products containing drying and harsh ingredients like alcohol. Always be gentle and regularly massage your scalp during washing.

Furthermore, if you really don’t want to use any shampoo, why don’t you try co-washing. Cleansing conditioners are safe and remain your hair as well as scalp moisturized. These conditioners are different from regular conditioning products in formula. Washing your hair with conditioners is one of the most effective methods to clean hair without damages.

Limit Washing Your Hair

Condition Your Hair Regularly

Do you know that several natural oils of hair can be stripped away when you straighten your hair with relaxers? For this reason, there is nothing important than restoring moisture into the hair if you want to remain hair in its good shape. Using good conditioners as well as moisturizers is the effective solution. Keep in mind to apply a rinse-out conditioner after each washing. Besides, combine with deep conditioning at least two times a month. Deep conditioning aids in rehydrating relaxed hair and keeps it bright and strong.

Reduce Using Heat Styling Machines

As a matter of fact, heating tools like curling irons are so convenient. But everything has pros and cons. Taking advantage of these tools every day can cause serious damages and dryness as well. Therefore, If possible, cut down using them right now. But in unavoidable situations, you can use low or no-heat styling techniques like satin-covered rollers, curlformers, wrapping, etc.

Cut Down Using Heating Tools

Wrap Your Hair When Sleeping

A variety of people think it is unnecessary to do that. But, in fact, wrapping your hair when sleeping will help to protect your delicate locks. You won’t have to be unpleasant with a mess on your head every morning, which saves you time a lot. So, give you a comfortable feeling to welcome a new day by this simple way.

Wear Protecting Hairstyles

You can also protect your relaxed hair by wearing protective hairdos like up-dos, braids or chignons. These hairstyles help to keep the ends of hair up and simultaneously remain moisture. Thus, change your appearance with these beautiful and protective hairstyles. Your relaxed hair are preserved effectively while you still look fashionable.

Chignon hairstyles×5-5-kinky-curly-hair-light-brown-color

So, now are you still wondering how to take care of relaxed hair? We have shown you some simple-but-efficient tips to help you remain your relaxed hair healthy and gorgeous. You can also own straight hair by using hair extensions instead of relaxing your hair directly. Visit to find out various great hair extensions. If you want to discover more about different hair care tips or charming hairstyles, continue to read our website.

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