How to Take Care of Natural Hair

If you read our previous articles, you can know several useful hair care tips for every hair type including hair extensions, synthetic hair, bleached hair, etc. So, today, we want to share other tips to help you take care of natural hair

Natural hair is a kind of hair that hasn’t been affected by any chemicals. But how to care for them properly needs more our attention because natural hair has the tendency to be dry to a certain extent. But don’t worry, now, we will unveil a secret about how to take care several kinds of natural hair. Let’s start!

How to take care of natural hair

1. How to Take Care of Short Natural Hair

To be honest, short hair makes you look more active and younger. However, how to take care of natural short hair is a big challenge for almost people. It’s not a big deal anymore because we will discover some healthy hair caring regimen now. Here we go!

  • Cleansing Your Short Natural  Hair

In term of cleansing your short hair, we advise you to use a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo. Why should you do that? In fact, this kind of shampoo helps to stop dryness of the hair after washing. Besides, it is the best to shampoo your hair 3 times per week for most.

Best sulfate free shampoos

  • Conditioning YourShort Natural Hair

Never forget to condition after washing. When you shampooing, it happens to make your cuticles open which consequence to dehydration, tangle, and so on. If you apply the conditioner to your natural short hair and rinse it with water thoroughly, moisture can be kept in your hair, which makes it become soft and brightening. It is highly recommended to use warm cold water so that it won’t hurt your hair.

  • Deep Conditioning Your Short Natural Hair

This is considered as an extremely important step in caring for natural short hair. Try to maintain a habit of deep conditioning! Once a week is the best. Now! Maybe you are wondering how to deep condition properly, is it right? When deep conditioning, you should use a plastic processing cap or even a sit under hooded dryer to cover your hair. This will make the conditioner be absorbed effectively. Instead of using expensive products which contains many chemicals, you can try to DIY remedies for protein treatment at home.

  • Keep the Detangling Habit

Whether your hair is short or long, detangling is the essential step if you want to remain it healthy and shiny. Make this when your hair is still wet with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. To detangle your natural hair properly, it is better for you to comb first from the ends of hair, then move upward to the roots. If you have natural curly hair, you should define your curls by twisting them after brushing it. Hair blow-dryer will make your hair become a mess again, so, it’s better to let it dry naturally or apply plopping methods to keep your hair in order.

Detangle Short Natural Hair


  • Moisturizing Your Short Natural Hair

Moisture plays a vital role in maintaining your hair’s softness and limiting its dryness. Apply Loc (standing for leave-in, oil, and cream) to enclose moisture into your hair. You should apply them when your hair is still wet so they can penetrate to your hair follicles quickly and easily. Or else, you can add them to your nighttime hair care as well.

The LOC method

2. How to Take Care of natural Black Hair

It is said that black hair accounts for a large amount of population worldwide. Also, it is usually thicker with coarse and fine hair which are of needed in hair routine more than thin hair. But, special physical structure of natural black hair needs gentle hair care methods to make it grow correctly. These tips bellow will help you prevent your natural black hair from changing into gray as well as remain its color for ages.

Natural Black Hair

  • Always Being Gentle with Your Hair

Ensure that you are never rough with your hair when handling it. Being gentle with it is the effective way to make your hair grow healthily. Especially, when detangling your natural black hair, you should start from the hair tips to the roots with your fingers then wide teeth comb.

  • Applying Hair Care Products Formulized for Natural Black Hair

You mightn’t know that black hair is more fragile and drier than other hair types. That is the reason why you need to make something to lock moisture into your hair. So, remember to use specific shampoos and conditioners for natural black hair to make it stays healthy.

What black natural hair must have


  • Always Conditioning Your Hair

Like ways to care for other hair types, always condition natural black hair after shampooing. Thanks to this, moisture will be sealed in your hair, which brings your hair a smooth and silky black look. That is the thing everyone dreams for.

  • Styling Your Hair Carefully

As a matter of fact, black hair is easier to be damaged than others, thus, you need to be careful when choosing hairstyles for black hair.  It is obvious that loose braids or ponytails is ideal and beneficial to your hair. What’s more, you can also make low or side buns to cut down splits and breakage as well.

  • Say Goodbye to Heat

For some people, their favorite is styling hair by ironing machines. But, it is really harmful to your natural black color of hair. If you want to maintain such natural hue, stop using ironing tools right now as it can bring about frizzing and of course removing natural color coating of your hair. Let’s find out some heatless methods to straighten your hair.

  • Giving Your Hair A Warm Oil Massage

To maintain the black color, it is a clever choice to massage your hair with coconut oil, almond oil or argan oil. Besides, eucalyptus oil can also added into the warmed up oil, then put it the scalp and move in circular way. By this way, your hair will grow and become thicker.

Hot Oil Massage

3. How to Take Care of Natural Hair in Braids

Mentioning to hair braids, we can image many pictures of beautiful types from straight hair to curly hair. You can go modern or vintage, go feminine or edgy, etc. with different patterns of braiding. As been known, braids can last for 2 months if you give it a proper caring. Below are several tips to take care of natural hair in braids.

Natural Hair in Braids

  • Shampoo Your Hair Often

Although you are having braids, you still need have your hair washed regularly. But don’t apply conditioner because it can loosen your braids. If you still want to condition your hair, just use little of it. Don’t apply these product directly to your hair, alternatively, you should salute them with water before pouring to your braids. Then, the liquid can move easily and wash your hair clearly.

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  • Dry Your Natural Hair in Braids Properly

A hair dryer is really convenient because it can make your hair dry more quickly. But you know that, if you take advantages of this tool, your hair will become drier and more delicate. Therefore, try to throw it away. So what should you do in this case? Every time you finish washing, use a soft towel or wrap to dry your hair instead of an electric dryer. Then, squeeze the water out but don’t pull them. As a result, your natural hair will not get any breakage.

Dry your hair with a soft towel

  • Before Sleeping, Remember to Cover Your Braids

Undoubtedly, it is extremely essential to hold your braids while you sleep. You should cover your hair to keep the braided style longer as well as not allow dirt to reach your scalp.

  • Moisturizing and Hydrating Your Natural Nair in Braids

In fact, dry scalp is a cause of hair loss as well as thinning hairline. So, there is no reason for you not to provide your scalp with moisture and hydration. Spend money on high-quality aftercare regime to have your hair hydrated moisturized.

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We hope that these useful tips will support you in taking care of your natural short hair, natural black hair and natural hair in braids. Follow these tips to have a strong hair as you wish. 

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