How to Take Care of Blonde Hair

In recent days, there are a variety of colors for people to dye their hair from platinum, pink, golden, red and so on. However, the vibrant blonde shade is still beloved because of the young and energetic look it brings in. However, it’s not easy to make your blonde hair healthy and shiny at all.

If you are ready to try this color (in any shades of it), you need to be cautions about how to take care of blonde hair correctly. Several elements like the sun, the heat, or water can also make your dreaming hair become brassy, dry and vulnerable. Being  aware of the importance of this problem, today, we will share with you some tips to deal with it. Let start!

Beautiful blonde hair

1. Cut down shampooing your hair

According to Rachel Bodt, Cutler SOHO senior colorist, “Shampooing your hair too often can further strip it of its natural oils”. That is true! Furthermore, continued washing can make your color faded. So, there is no reason for you to wash your hair too many times per week. It is recommended to make less shampooing (just 2-3 times a week) and combine coloring treatments to attain natural moisture for your hair.

Beautiful young woman washing blonde hair in shower

2. Choose correct shampoos and conditioners for your blonde hair

Whatever your hair type is, you should always be gentle with it, especially blonde hair which has been through chemicals process. In terms of purchasing shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair, it is essential to consider formulas of these products. You need to ensure that they are specified in remaining and preserving your blonde color. Additionally, choose sulfate-free products or else your hair get damage worse. To keep your tone without becoming brassy, purchase purple or silver products because they are the best shampoo and conditioner designed for blonde hair. 

purple shampoos for blonde hair

3. Remember to keep your blonde hair hydrated

For those who are trying to get the best blonde shade, they put their hair in a difficult time. Why do we say that? As a matter of fact, when you bleach or lift a dark color, it can take numerous nutrients and oils off as well as thinner their hair follicles. Therefore, your hair will become dry, frail and stretchy. So, we suggest to spend more money on deep treatment masks or high-quality leave-in conditioners. It is believed that these products of hair marks are wonderful to your blonde hair when restoring the moisture taken off your hair during coloring. Similarly, you can use natural remedies to save money although they show slow effects. 

The Best Masks For Color Treated Hair

4. Keep your hair out of the sun

You may think why sun relate to how to take care of blonde? Sunlight is not only harmful to your skin, but it is also damaging the blonde shade of your hair. Dangerous rays like UV rays can give your hair dryness and a brassy color of orange. How terrible it is! Nevertheless, if you are having a happy party with friends in the sun or enjoy your time in sunny days on beach, we offer you to protect your hair with a beautiful hat or a fashionable shawl. Besides, you can also use a heat protection products containing UV filters to prevent the sun light from reaching to your hair.

Wear a nice hat in the sun

5. Protect your blonde hair from the heat

Undoubtedly, the more heat styling you use, the worse your hair is! Do you know that bleaching your natural dark color to the lighter shade of blonde will strip cuticle out? This can cause more difficulties for your hair to keep nutrients as well as oils produced by your scalp, lastly leave your hair with dryness, breakage and split ends. So, why don’t you give your hair a relaxation from heat styling? Sometimes, it is better to make simple hairstyles like a loose and cute bun or braids. To get curly or wavy hair, you can apply some heatless methods. In case you are forced to use heat for styling your hair, always keep in mind to apply a heat protectant spray, mixed with deep condition

Lovely bun for girls

6. Keep your hair blonde safe from water

Swimming in the pool or beach is an amazing experience, especially in summertime. However, the chlorine and salt water will fade your blonde and turn it into greenish tints. Thus, to avoid changing your hair shade in to an unwanted green color, wear a swimming cap or apply conditioner. This way will help to make a barrier that prevents salt water as well as chlorine from contacting with your hair. Beside, right after leaving the pool or the beach, rinse your hair immediately to remove residue. In case you realize a formation of a green tinge, apply a clarifying shampoo to get rid of it. A fun hair hack for this hair issue is to apply ketchup in your hair, leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it thoroughly. And your beautiful blonde hair is back!

Wear A Swimming Cap

Hair Care Tip For Every Hair Type

7. Making your color last: 

Besides washing less, along with using color treatment shampoo and conditioner, there is another way to preserve your hair blonde hue. It is to have your hair refreshed in-between color services with a gloss treatment in hair shops or salons. It will help to maintain your hair vibrant without damaging your hair color.

Those tips about how to take care of blonde hair may be helpful for you. Now, you can care for your hair at home more easily. Beside blonde, if you have your hair dyed with other colors and you don’t know how to care them properly, continue to read our articles to find out how to take care of colored hair for black hair!

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