How To Take Care Of Bleached Hair

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Girls always love new things and wish for changes to make their life more plentiful. Coloring hair is one of the most popular things females apply to renew themselves. But to have such gorgeous hair with blue, blonde, pink, etc., the first thing girls must do is to bleach hair. To be honest, bleached hair is easy to damage and difficult to remain. But, don’t worry, today, Luxshinehair will show you how to take care of bleached hair. Find out this secret with us!

How to take care of bleached hair

Why Do You Need To Care For Bleached Hair?

Many girls love bleaching hair to renew their hair. But everything has two sides and bleaching hair is no exception. This process often leads to some unexpected damages to your hair like dryness, fragility, etc. Another side effect of bleaching hair is that your hair can become tanged because, in fact, the bleaching increases the cuticles. Specially, if you don’t know how to take care of bleached hair properly, it can become a disaster. In other words, bleached hair is so weak and vulnerable, that is the reason why it requires good aftercare.

Girls with Bleached Hair

How to Take Care of Bleach Hair?

1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Regularly

Cut down washing hair. This sounds weird, but it can bring about the surprising result. As a matter of fact, the limit of washing means that you can reduce styling your hair. As we all know, styling too much will cause a lot of damages that are hard to recover. Between washing days, you can use a good dry shampoo to clean your hair without harming your own hair.

Don’t use harsh shampoo. It is necessary for you to check thoroughly shampoo labels that you are planning to use. As mentioned above, your bleached hair is so dry and breakable. Thus, always keep in mind not to purchase harsh chemical shampoos or cleansers as it is able to remove moisture from your bleached hair. Throw away anti-dandruff shampoos or all shampoos containing SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate).

It is the best to stop using shampoos. Instead, washing your bleached hair with conditioner is considered one of the effective methods to protect it. How to use the conditioner to clean your hair? It is so easy and safe. Like washing your hair with shampoo, the first thing you need to do is wet your bleached hair well. After that, put the conditioner and massage your hair and scalp gently, leave it for some minutes and finally wash it out. This solution will take away all your worries each time of cleaning hair.

Reduce washing your bleached hair×5-5-romantic-curly-hair-blonde-color

2. Condition Your Hair

This is an important step that you mustn’t ignore. Great products can contribute to recovering and strengthening the bleached hair as well as keeping the bright blonde hue of your hair. Many high-qualified co-wash shampoos and conditioners are produced to help you to nurture and restore moisture of hair recently. Therefore, remember to apply a moisture-restoring conditioner whenever you wash your hair.

Besides, if you have time, deep condition your hair with masque at least once a week. Following this step will help the product to pass deep through each hair strand from the roots to the tips. You will be really amazed with what it brings. You can try head and shoulders royal products like Royal Oils Moisture Renewal Conditioner and Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque that are beneficial and safe to hair.

Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Deep Moisture Masque

3. Tone your hair up

If you keep the bleached blonde hair for a long time, its shade can become less bright, duller and brassier. How terrible it is! You will feel as if you are fighting with a mess. How to reverse the situation. Don’t worry, you can stop this by applying Color Enhancing shampoo or conditioner specialized in counteracting the brassiness such as purple shampoos, one of the best shampoos for bleached hair.

Purple Shampoos

4. Put down the heating tools

The advice for you is to stop taking advantage of heat tools. Whether you know that your bleached hair never goes along with heat or not? If you continue to use the heating styling machines to blow dry, flat or curl your bleached hair every day, you are driving yourself into corner. This can make your hair beautiful temporarily but the consequence it leaves is so terrible. If you don’t want to increase the risks, throw the heating tools away. In case, you are compelled to blow dry your bleached hair, make it on the coolest setting. In brief, what you need to do to protect your bleached hair from any damages is to avoid the heat, mixed with using a blonde hair to aid in styling in the forced situation.

No heat styling tools×5-5-natural-wavy-hair-blonde-color

5. Return the protein to the hair

That is the fact that the keratin, known as a protein, in hair will be harmed when you bleach your hair. So, it is necessary to restore the keratin, which helps to care for the bleached hair properly. In case your bleached hair is damaged, use a good treatment to add keratin for your hair. But, remember that if there isn’t any damage on your bleached hair, don’t use these products. In addition, it is safer to create hair masques from natural ingredients like eggs, bananas, avocados and so on. These remedies are not only friendly but they also return protein effectively.

Natural Remedy for Bleached Hair

In short, the bleached hair really needs special care and maintenance to remain it healthy and bright. We hope that our sharing about how to care for the bleached hair is helpful to you. Continue to read our blog to know more about different and useful hair care tips as well as Vietnam human hair. Wish you have a healthy and beautiful hair!

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