How To Straighten Curly Hair

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Although curly hair seems stylish and beautiful, sometimes you want to change your look with straight hair. But, almost women are not willing to straighten their curly hair because of their worrying about heat damage. Don’t worry! Do you know that you can avoid damage to some extent if you apply proper technique, tools and methods when straightening curly hair? Now, let discover the secret methods on how to straighten curly hair safely with Luxshinehair!

Straighten Curly Hair with a Straightening iron

This is one of the most popular ways to make your hair straightened. But, be careful when using a straightener because it can cause damage to your hair. Ensure that you are using a high-quality straightening iron to limit as much damage as possible. It is important that you need to adjust the temperature properly, depending on your type of hair. For example, 250 – 300 degree F temperature is suitable for fine hair, 300 – 350 degree F for averagely thick hair and 350 – 400 degree F for frizzy or coarse hair. How Straighten Curly Hair How to straighten your curly hair with a straightener? Firstly, wash hair out and blow-dry. To avoid damage caused by heat, use a heat protection spray before straightening your hair. After that, the most important step is to adjust your iron to the proper temperature for your type of hair. And let start! Separate hair into small sections for easier process and begin to straighten each section of hair. Lastly, apply some good finishing product like fixer or hairspray after you have straightened the whole hair. And done!

Straighten Curly Hair with a DIY Straightening Mask

Using natural ingredients to straighten curly hair is considered one of the safest and effective ways, compared with the heat methods. These marks are easy to make because we can completely use the ingredients that are available in our kitchens like milk, honey, coconut oil, or banana, etc. You just need to spend some minutes for preparation, then apply these marks on hair and wait for the miracle.

How to straighten curly hair naturally

A Natural Mark from Milk and Honey

Luxshinehair recommends you to use a natural hair mark made from milk and honey to straighten your curly hair. As a matter of fact, milk works well on curly hair and aids in turning it into straight hair. At first, mix a cup of milk and 1 tablespoon of honey thoroughly until you get a good paste. After that, apply it into your hair as well as scalp and leave it for 1 hour before washing it off with shampoo. In addition, you can also add banana into the paste to get the better result because banana works as a great moisturizer.

Milk And Honey For Straightening hair

A Natural Mark from Milk and Eggs

Besides honey, another way to create a good hair mark is to mix milk and eggs. How to make a milk and egg mark? All you need to do is to combine 2 cups milk and 1 egg well. Then let it soak into your hair for about 10 minutes before squeezing it out. Use a shower cap to cover your hair. After 30 minutes, wash it out and brush dry your hair. So easy, right? It just takes you a few minutes to straighten your curly hair with no damage.

Milk and Eggs for Straightening Mask

A Natural Mark from Coconut Milk, Lemon Juice, Cornstarch and Olive Oil

When it comes to DIY straightening mask, this is a must-try recipe for those who want to straighten their curly hair. To create this marvelous hair mark, take 1 cup of coconut milk, 5 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, then mix it into a good paste. Heat this mixture at a low temperature and stir it thoroughly. After that, leave it cool and apply on hair. Finally, rinse it out. You ought to use this mark twice a week for at least 2 months to have your hair relaxed and straightened as well.

Coconut Milk Olive Oil Cornstarch And Lemon Juice

Now, you have known how to straighten curly hair safely and effectively with less damage. Luxshinehair hopes that the amazing tips mentioned above are beneficial to you and give you a beautiful straight hair as you desire. You can take advantage of these safe methods and do it by yourself at home without difficulty. If you want to know more about other valuable hair care tips, hair extensions, Vietnam hair extensions, etc , don’t miss our different articles on this website. Thanks for your reading! Let’s see some more images of beautiful long curly hairstyles right here. 

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