How to retape tape hair extensions

If you get used to applying hair extension, you must have known that we can reuse it many times until the hair get dry or damaged. Each hair extension has different ways to reapply because of their different installation methods.

In today’s post, we will talk about tape in hair extensions which are considered as one of the most favorite types. When it’s time to reinstall, instead of buying new ones, you can retape tape hair extensions if you follow this post.

Let’s get started!

Remove current tape extensions in your hair

tape in hair extensions

Do you know that high quality tapes are still strong enough to stay in your hair for 6 months? However, it’s highly recommended to reapply your hair extensions every 6-8 weeks (depending on how fast your hair grow as well). Or else, people can detect your hair extensions which no users expect.

At the time we need to remove hair extensions, the tapes are in good condition. Therefore, it’s hard to get rid of them with your finger. If you try to take those tapes off, your natural hair can fall out as well. And of course, it does hurt your scalp. To make everything easier, you need to use some special liquid to remove tape, or we can call it “tape remover liquid”.

In this post, Luxshinehair will show you step-by-step to remove your current tape in hair extensions. Also, you can find out some useful tips to remove tape hair extensions in save way in our blog.

Now, let’s see the detail.


Step 1: Choose suitable products

tape remover liquid

While there are many products to remove tape hair extensions, what should we choose? You need to see the products’ ingredients before making up your mind. Generally, these products will contain some oil which works well in getting rid of glue such as Organic Wetting Agents, Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Citrus Oils, and Lanolin, etc.

Especially, Lanolin add nutrients and keep moisture for your hair which prevents tape removal liquid from damaging our hair. Therefore, we highly recommend you to buy products that have high portion of Lanolin.

If it has alcohol, parabens or sodium chloride, put it out of your cart immediately. These chemicals will make your hair dry, and cause more split ends and many bad effects to both your hair and hair extensions.

Step 2: Apply tape remover liquid to the bonds.

It is usually bottled with mist nozzle so you can apply it easily. In case that it is a normal lid, you can pour liquid directly to your tape tabs.

You should not be thrifty when using tape remover liquid. It is better to be generous and spray this liquid as dipping tape tabs into it so the removal process can be faster. If you don’t use enough amount, you need to wait until the liquid is absorbed into tape tabs. Everything has its price!

tape removal

Step 3: Use rat tail comb to separate tape tabs

Your rat tail comb can separate 2 tapes better than using your own hands. As you can see from tape remover liquid ingredients, it contains both natural and chemical oil which is so slippery that it is hard to take 2 tapes apart by fingers.

You need to put the tail of comb in between of 2 tapes, then gently loosen the bond.

Step 4: Get rid of all leftover glue in tape tabs

After 2 pieces of tape hair extensions are taken apart, put them on a table, and use your fingers to eliminate leftover glue. If it’s still sticky, you should add more liquid and scrub it until all of adhesive glue disappears.

Once the tapes are free of adhesive, place 2 pieces together then put them aside to repeat these steps with other slices of tape.

Step-by-step to retape tape hair extensions

retape tape hair extensions

Step 1: Preparation beforehand

First of all, washing your hair extensions.

To make sure, you should wash hair with conditioner. This will not only eliminate all residue of tape remover liquid, but also help your hair clean and smooth. Then, you should blow dry it with cool mode or let it dry naturally. Of course, don’t forget to add some nutrients to the tape for the best condition.

Secondly, choose suitable replacement tape

There are 2 types of replacement tape you can use to retape. One of them is called tape roll which is very long and easy to stretch. As a result, it is so versatile that you can choose the width of each tape. In contrast, the other is precut tape. This tape is made with a fixed size so you cannot change its width. However, you can use it easily with less time in this process.

tape roll

Besides, in market, we also have another classification basing on color of tape. They are brown tape and blue tape. It is believed that brown tape is much stronger and better than blue tape. Nowadays, blue tapes are usually used by Chinese vendors while Vietnamese vendors such as Luxshinehair use strong brown tape.

According to our experience, you should choose a brown tape because it plays a better role in making strong tape hair extensions. If you need to buy this product, you can contact us. With $20 only, you will have a big tape roll which can retape tape hair extensions for several times.


Step 2: Retape tape hair extensions

The last task is super simple. You just need to separate 2 pieces of tape tabs, then apply replacement tape to the tabs of tape hair extensions.

In case you use the pre-cut replacement tape, it’s nothing to say. If you use tape roll, you need to adjust enough amount to fit your tape slice, then using sharp scissors to cut it.

Now, we’ve all done!

You can see it is really easy to reuse tape hair extensions. It just takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to retape tape hair extensions and you can save lots of money in comparison with buying a new one. If you need any help, be free to contact us, so we can give you more information about our tape hair extensions, tape roll and tape remover liquid.


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