How To Remove Weft Hair Extensions At Home

Hello there, lovely souls! I understand how you feel when it’s time for a change and your trusty weft hair extensions have served their function. Not to worry, I’m going to show you how to securely remove weft hair extensions at home today. Fasten your seatbell, because it’s time to give your natural hair the attention it deserves. In this blog, “How to Remove Weft Hair Extensions at Home,” I will walk you through the process step by step.

Prepare before removing weft extensions 

There are several methods for attaching and detaching weft hair extensions, one of which involves the use of beads to gather the hair before sewing the weft extension into place. I’ll walk you through the steps of removing weft hair extensions using this method in this article. Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary tools on hand:

  • A tail comb
  • Hairdressing scissors
  • 1-2 hair clips
  • Hair extension pliers 
Gather all the necessary tools on hand
Gather all the necessary tools on hand

How to remove machine-weft hair extensions at home: 5 steps 

Many detailed guidelines have been thoroughly studied, each presenting various procedures for DIY removal of machine-weft hair extensions. I’ve reduced the fundamental methods into a simplified sequence of five critical phases by combining knowledge from several different sources.

Step 1: Section

Start by making sure you can access each individual strip of weft hair. Always begin at the bottom of the back of the head, nearest the nape. Separate your hair into manageable sections using hair clips. This not only makes the process smoother but also ensures you don’t miss a strand. 

 Section hair to make the removal process smoother
Section hair to make the removal process smoother

Step 2: Locate the Attachment Points

Examine each section carefully, feeling for the small threads that secure the weft extensions to your natural hair. Beginning with the bottom and the weft extension attachment points. Attachment points are often held in place by microscopic sew-ins. This is a critical phase, and time is required to precisely locate each attachment site.

Step 3: Cut the attachment point and loosen the weft 

Cut the thread that is tying the weft to your natural hair carefully from the bottom up. To avoid harming your own hair, use small, sharp scissors and cut close to the base of the weft. 

Proceed through each portion in a systematic manner, paying special attention to the details. The idea is to remove the wefts without damaging your natural hair. Take your time with each cut, making sure you only snip the thread and not the hair itself. Continue in this methodical manner until all wefts have been removed from each region.

Cut the attachment point and loosen the weft 
Cut the attachment point and loosen the weft

Step 4:  Use pliers to loosen the micro ring 

After successfully identifying the weft extension attachment locations, proceed to the next step: loosening the micro rings using pliers. Take a pair of pliers and gently approach the micro ring. The goal is to gently squeeze the bead on one side, creating enough space to easily pull it off your natural hair. It is critical to use caution during this process to avoid causing unintended damage to your hair.

The pliers are a useful tool for manipulating the micro rings without damaging your hair strands. When you first start, apply just enough pressure to loosen the bead while being careful not to squeeze too hard. Overexerting pressure may cause hair breakage or damage, therefore a delicate and controlled approach is essential.

Use pliers to loosen the micro ring 
Use pliers to loosen the micro ring

Step 5: Detangle and style hair

After removing extensions, detangling and styling your hair is an important step in maintaining the health and beauty of your natural locks. Once the extensions are removed, use a wide-tooth comb to work through any knots or tangles that may have remained from the extensions.  Remember to be gentle with your natural hair to avoid breakage or damage.

It’s time to finish the removal of weft hair extensions at home. Watch this video for additional information:

YouTube video


Congratulations! You have now mastered the art of removing weft hair extensions in the privacy of your own home. Take a minute to appreciate your natural hair’s newfound beauty, as well as the freedom and lightness that come with removing the extensions. Change, as they say, is the spice of life, and now that you’ve embraced it, the possibilities for your hairstyle are limitless.

Until next time, remain fabulous and true to yourself! I hope my blog on “How to Remove Weft Hair Extensions at Home” has been a helpful guide for you in removing weft extensions properly and effectively. If you require any additional information or are thinking about changing your weft hair extensions, please contact Luxshine Hair. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you, assuring a smooth transition to your new, magnificent style!

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