How to Re-Create These ’90s Throwback Braids

In this beauty world, new hair trends are born time to time that we cannot catch all of them in that short period. If you just think about trying new hairstyles all the time, you cannot be a fashionable woman. Sometimes, many old-fashioned hairdos come back on the hot hairstyles list such as 90s throwback braids. Although nowadays there are a lot of new braid techniques with their own attractive perks, 90s braids still belong to the top favorite hairdo list of many women.

In 90s, hairstyles could be said to be the way to define the celebrity’s personality and performance. Those were born in that time mightn’t be strange to the 90s hairstyles worn by famous actresses on Hollywood films. These 90s movie stars contributed to advertising the hairstyles that are loved by almost of fans until now. Therefore, the 90s is regarded as the golden era for the new hairdos that has become a trend not only that period but also these days.

So, today we will explore how to recreate these ‘90s throwback braids together. Are you excited about it? Read some introductions and advices below, you will have more knowledge about ‘90s throwback braids. Let’s start!

How to Recreate These ‘90s Throwback Braids

1. Add Hair Extension

To recreate the ‘90s throwback braids, braiding-hair extensions (also know as Bulk hair extensions) are needed, especially when you have natural and short hair. Hair extensions will give you the size as well as quantity of the braids. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful throwback braid hairstyle, don’t forget to add hair extensions. You can choose a variety different color of hair extensions like brown or blonde to beautify the braids. Colors depend on your favorite but you also need to pay attention to your skin tone to use the most suitable one.

If you don’t know where to purchase beautiful and high-qualified hair extensions, welcome you to Luxshinehair. Have you ever heard about it? This is one of the most well-known companies that always try to make and provide customers with great hair products. When coming to Luxshinehair, you can find yourself with a lot of styles of hair extensions with different textures and colors like bulk hair or I-tip.

2. Focus on Edge Management

Top priority must be given to edge control when you start to braid your hair to have ‘90s throwback braids. Actually, this is the most effective and sole method to keep your edges always laid as well as make it look sleek and shiny.

Start to braid from the front of your head and simultaneously add the hair extension. Remember to make it tight and close to the scalp. In case, you have a lot of the tiniest baby hairs, use some gels to maintain them like Hicks Complete Transformations Edges Styling Gel or Strive Shine ’n Jam Magic Fingers Gel.

This hairdo requires a professional hair braider because it takes much times and efforts as well as high technique for even cornrows. Moreover, the pressure of braids is of importance either which will afect your hair, scalp and health. If it’s too tight, you absolutely suffer pain and headache due to heave hair. On the other hand, it happens to loosen your braid up. 

Add Hair Extensions to recreate the 90s throwback braids

3. Use Beads at The Ends of The Braids

Instead of hairbands that are usually used to secure ordinary braids. Why don’t you try to renew your braids with colorful beads? We are sure that it will bring you a new and charming look. Thus, use several lovely beads to keep the ends of your braids. This way is considered the smart method to decorate the braids without taking out them. Beside, you can add breads in different positions to make the ‘90s throwback braids become more eye-catching.

4. Apply An Oil on Your Scalp

It is the fact that when you braid your hair close to the scalp like that, you must pull the hair quite strongly. Honestly, it can lead to some unwanted damages to your scalp such as irritation, inflammation and dryness. How terrible it is! So, what should you do to cut down this harm? Let us tell you a secret. That is oil! Think about applying an oil on your scalp, especially since you are having your hair wrapped in a protective model. It is obvious that to have beauty and sweet result, we often experience pain. But if you use good quality oil with the plenty of oil like Cantu hair and Scalp Oil, your scalp completely can avoid these risks. Thanks to these oils, your scalp gets soothe and condition.

So well, we have shown you necessary things to recreate the ‘90s throwback braids. Is it helpful to you? Read these instructions thoroughly before starting to carry out this process. But, if you are still worried about it and are not confident to make it by yourself, come to a prestige salon to have a professional hair stylist to make it for you. Wish you have a charming ‘90s throwback braids as you like. Continue to our articles to know more about the different ways to create beautiful hairstyles.

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