How to put in clips in hair extensions for thin hair

Clip in hair extensions is one of popular methods that women use to cover their thin hair because it is good- looking, convenient and diverse. However, not all people know how to put this weft in a right way. To deal with this problem, Luxshinehair will display the best methods as well as stages to put in clips in hair extensions for thin hair in details.

Step 1: Choosing the suitable hair extensions

Clips in hair extensions have different size, color and style so that you need to choose the most appropriate kinds that fit your hair and your head. If it is not, combining hair extensions on your thin hair can be completely failed. Don’t buy wefts just only because they are beautiful, care more about their fit and quality on your hair.

Choosing the suitable hair extensions

Step 2: Brushing the hair

This is the first and foremost step for you to prepare to apply hair extensions on your thin hair. This helps to untangle and ignore unexpected knots on your hair. This trouble can prevent your clipping and taking off hair extensions as well as make the hair look fuzzy and not smooth.

Brushing the hair

Step 3: Defining positions to put clips in hair extensions

This is the most difficult and important step that demands your skillful and careful hands. It is up to the volume of your hair whether it is thick or thin to apply the suitable amount of clip- ins. As for thin hair, save positions are around the low- half zone of the head which is from the nape to around the occipital zone.

Defining positions to put clips in hair extensionsAssuming that your hair is very thin and you need more than 3 clips to cover your hair. Firstly, you had better part the first section below the occipital bone or lower.  Using available clips of hair extensions to apply it on hair. Before clipping, you can make solid base by using hairspray or dry shampoo for hair so that clips in hair extensions can be hold on better. This step is relatively simple and easy to make without wasting too much time.

Next, repeating the process at the higher parting and apply next rows. If you feel that they are still not enough, looking for the whorl and applying top clip- ins below the whorl. Starting with center clips and attaching the remaining ones. Be sure that these hair extensions will not be seen you let the real hair fall over.

Defining positions to put clips in hair extensionsWefts with clips also have smaller sizes for side applying of the hair. All you need to do is keeping these clip- ins away from hairline. However, if it is not necessary, you shouldn’t use wefts on this position because it is very easy to be seen. Instead, using clips in lower positions and leave the real hair above more to make it natural and beautiful.

Defining positions to put clips in hair extensionsNote:

  • Don’t use too much clips in hair only for your thicker hair. Too much hair extensions can make your hair look unnatural and awkward.
  • You shouldn’t add wefts too high. Your thin hair may not be covered all hair extensions if they are put too high on head. Save zones have been shown in the above part so you need to put your attention in.


Step 4: Fixing the hairstyle

With straight hair extensions, you can use flat iron to blend real hair and hair extensions. Beside, you can also create layers on hair around the face. It will not have any problem when making it into a ponytail to restyle a new one. With curly hair extensions, they had better be suitable with the style of real hair. If not, you can use hair- curler to create appropriate style.

This will keep your hair from being seen by other people. Obviously, your clipping in hair extensions will look perfectly and not be seen.

Fixing the hairstyleThese clips in hair extensions can be put in and taken off easily, so you can use them flexibly. After reading this article, you will know how to put in these clips for your thin hair so as to make hair thicker, and more attractive, but not let it be seen. Let’s try immediately and show us your results. We are actually looking forward. If you need further assistance or have a plan to get gorgeous clip-ins, do not hesitate to contact Luxshine Hair- known as one of the reliable Vietnamese hair vendors. Our enthusiastic team is happy to support you 24/7!

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