How to Protect Hair from Air Pollution

Air pollution is not only a cause of many diseases as well as healthy problems, but it also affects our beauty negatively. It is undoubted that first two parts of your body will be affected by air pollution are skin and hair. As a result, there are many products born to prevent the damage from this environment issue, but we need to pay more effort to save our beautiful hair! While most of us just wear a hat when going out, your hair really needs more than that to struggle with recent negative environmental factors. That is the reason why today we would like to share with you how to protect your hair from air pollution. Keep reading on for a healthy and glamorous natural tress.

How to protect your hair from air pollution

1. Why does air pollution affect your hair?

Firstly, we need to find out how air pollution affect your hair? In fact, air pollution contains a lot of toxins, smoke and dust that are really harmful to your health and hair.

Firstly, many dangerous gases mixed in air can lead to moisture loss. From that, you hair has a higher risk to be dehydrated resulting in brittle and frizzy hair strands. What’s more? Air pollution also consists of many aggressive pollutants that harm the texture as well as quality of hair. Consequently, your hair follicles get breakage. What else? There are a quite popular situation that many girls are struggling with. Do you know what it is? It is hair splitting problem. That is the fact that the harmful and aggressive factors in polluted air can bring out splitting hair ends.

That is not all! Air pollution are also regarded as one of the leading reasons of baldness. Hair loss must be the terrible obsession of many people, especially women. But, extreme hair loss is even much more frightening because it causes baldness. How terrible it is! One of the fastest methods to hide this hair problem is to wear hair extensions, you can find many such great hair products at Luxshinehair. However, I bet that you want a better solutions for long-term hair treatment. So, don’t give up on this post or you will miss our tips.

Last but not least, dandruff happens when you contact to serious air pollution. It makes you uncomfortable due to the itching feeling and the non-confidence in communication.

After finding out the causes, we will continue to discover how to protect your hair from air pollution together. Let’s start!

Hair damage due to pollution

2. How To Protect Your Hair from Air Pollution?

Remember to wear a hat when going out

The physical solution is of necessary and of important as well. Wearing hats is an brilliant way to protect your hair as well as make you fashionable and trending. A hat aids in preventing you hair from exposing to sunlight, toxic and harmful particles in air. Especially, you should always use this method to protect your hair when going to beach in summer. Furthermore, when wearing a hat under the sun, your face and eyes are also taken away with the dangerous UV rays of the sun. So, is there any reason for you not to put a hat on your head when you are going out?

Wear a hat when going out to protect hair from air pollution

Usually hydrate your hair

Air pollution and different environmental elements are able to make your hair and scalp dry. To deal with this problems, keep your hair hydrated regularly. The easiest way is to use moisturizing products that are suitable to your hair and scalp type. You can easily purchase hydrating masks on drugstores or beauty shops. They will help to improve and moisturize the natural hydro-lipid layer of your hair. Besides, applying organic remedies can also help but it takes longer to realize the result.

How to use a hair mask

Wash your hair wisely

If your hair is exposed to the polluted air, make sure that you wash it regularly but be aware of overwash. So, how often should you wash your hair? It’s highly recommended to refresh your hair 2-3 times a week foremost. The more time you wash your hair, the higher possibility your hair get dirty. At the same time, the right products are required. Remember to read the ingredient carefully and purchase sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Or else, they will ruin your beautiful tress for sure.

Wash your hair regularly

Hair Care Tip For Every Hair Type

Deep condition

As be known, harmed hair can be repaired and strengthen by deep conditioners. Deep conditioners have a duty to penetrate into your hair, hydrate and repair damaged hair. So, it is necessary to make a deep conditioning once a week. You can buy organic products or make DIY recipes. We have some amazing remedies that you can refer here.

Deep conditioners for hair

Reduce your hair styling habit

Along with the negative effects of air pollution, over-styling with heat or chemicals brings out damages for your hair. It’s obvious that these beauty methods give you a new look with beautiful hairstyles. However, they also harm your hair badly. When your hair is affected by flat iron, curling tool and hair dye, your hair is weakened and hurt. In companion with air pollution, your hair is dying. That is the reason why you should cut down on using these heat styling tools and always apply heat protecting products every time you go out.

Limit the use of heat styling tools to protect hair from air pollution

What do you think about the information we have shared above? We hope that it will be really helpful to you. Apply above-mentioned tips to protect your hair from air pollution and have strong and healthy hair! If you have any tips to share with us, please leave it in the comment section. Follow our blog and you absolutely find more useful detail about hair care.

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