How to Ombre Hair and Beautiful Ombre Hair Color Ideas 2020

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Ombre hair is considered one of the most impressive styles of hair. Your hair will have more than a basic color that looks extremely impressive and attractive. There are countless choices for ombre hairstyles so that they are always on trend and popular, especially as for girls and women. Today, let’s discover interesting things about ombre styles together with Luxshinehair!

1. Basic information of ombre hair

What is ombre hair?

This is completely not a new hair trend so that you can easily recognize it. An ombre hair color is the perfect combination between two impressive colors. Hair roots are dyed with a dark color or kept naturally to make a good basic hair tone. Whereas, the rest part of hair is a brighter and more eye- catching shade. It doesn’t matter if you want to have ombre short hair or ombre long hair because each style has its own beauty that can take other people by surprise.

ombre long hair

How to ombre hair

The best way to have a beautiful ombre hair style is going to a trustworthy hair salon and ask the stylist for your favorite ombre hair dye. With the modern hair painting technique, the stylist can make amazing things on hair that you can not imagine. If you are a skilled women, don’t hesitate to diy ombre hair. Time and cost for that can be less but the effect will actually not make you disappointed.

ombre short hair

Otherwise, you can choose to wear ombre hair extensions on hair. They will give you to have the perfect appearance without bleaching or dyeing hair with unexpected chemicals on hair directly. This is also the useful method for women who have thin hair, weak hair or hair loss problems to have new hair which is more beautiful and voluminous. 

2.Beautiful ombre hair styles 2020

If you haven’t had any idea of ombre hair colors, let’s check out some below suggestions of Luxshinehair to have impressive styles for the coming 2020. 

Dark brown to caramel

This style can be considered one of the most outstanding shades of brown ombre hair. Dark brown is a basic hair color of hair so that it always look natural and soft. Having this tone on hair roots is so great. In addition, caramel highlights really make hair ends become bright. Instead od making hair with normal balayage style, ombre style gives the effect which is absolutely clear and eye- catching.

dark brown to caramel ombre

Walnut brown to dark blonde

This is also a good idea for girls who like soft ombre styles. Walnut brown is also a shade of dark brown but a bit lighter. When it is combined with shades of dark blonde such as ash blonde or mushroom blonde, it give the perfect ombre color that is extremely suitable for girls with long hair. Obviously, you can make some hair waves or hair curls for hair to make hair become more charming. 

Walnut brown to dark blonde

Black to honey blonde

How about combining natural black hair with a light blonde shade? Trust in us, it is completely not awkward. The most typical example for it is black to honey blonde hair. This is really a gorgeous hairstyle for active women, including black women. The length size or texture of hair is not important because this impressive color can make you outstanding at anywhere.

Black to honey blonde hair

Ash brown to platinum blonde

If you need to have an outstanding hair hue, don’t ignore this idea of blonde ombre hair. Nothing can look harmonious like the collaboration of ash brown and platinum shade. It is quite similar to silver ombre hair but brighter and much more impressive. This is actually a wonderful choice for rebellious and active girls. It will be much better if you own white skin tone because this hair dye will help to embellish your look in the most effective way.

Ash brown to platinum blonde

Black to red 

There will be a big mistake if we don’t mention this style with red ombre hair. Black and red are the two contrasting color but when it is combined together on hair, they look so wonderful and creative. Shades of red hair are also diverse so that you can freely choose the color you want to make the style you love the most.

black to red ombre

How do you think about these suggestions? Let’s try making an ombre style for your hair and see the amazing things it brings to you. We make sure that you will feel completely satisfied. If you need good and nice ombre hair extensions, don’t hesitate to contact Luxshinehair- a reliable Vietnam hair vendor that you could put your trust in!

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