How to mix hair color

In accordance with the development of beauty industry, hair beauty accounts for a large part among them. More and more people are concern about their hairstyles these days. It can be realized easily by the amount of money they spend on their hair. In the past, a person with a dyed hair was usually criticized and evaluated as a bad manner. But, it is totally different when coloring hair becomes so familiar to everyone in modern society.

Instead of throwing lots of bills on hair salon. many people educate themselves to do hair color at home. In this article, we will introduce you how to mix hair color with some basic notes to get a brand new hair hue. This will help you possess a hair color as you want without  wasting lots of time in any hair salons. Maybe you are quite curious, right? Let find out our steps now.


To combine hair color by yourself, there are some tools which will be the sidekick in dying process such as a mixing bowl and brush, gloves, a measuring beaker, a comb, an old towel, hair clips, developer, Vaseline. Of course, hair dye is indispensable in this process.

When having all of them, first of all, you should divide your hair into 4 sections by a comb and use clips to secure them. You can also divide it into more parts if you wish.

After that, dab Vaseline along your hairline gently. Thanks to that, the hair dye won’t color your skin which is not easy to cleanse at all. You don’t want your face and neck look like dirty, right? Now, it is ready for you to make hair color mixing.

Note: You should ensure that Vaseline is applied along your hairline as well as the tops of ears to prevent the color from bleeding into skin. But, in case, some color still flows down your skin in one way, don’t worry, you can find the best way to remove hair dye in skin here.

How to mix hair color Preparation

How to mix hair color


This step is necessary because you need to determine how much the dye you need. It depends on the thickness of your hair as well as tone of hair color you like. From that, decide how much the stain you will use for mixing. Next, use measurement beaker to measure out hair developer. It is highly recommended to use hair dye and the developer with ratio 1:1. For instance, if you use 3 ounces of color, you need to add 3 ounces of hair developer as well.

Notes: depending on how light your hair will go, you need different volume of developer. However, you shouldn’t use it with 40 volume or your hair and scalp will get burned. It’s better to try it in 20 for safety.

How to mix hair color Measuring


How to mix hair color? To combine the developer and hair dye, you need to wear gloves and use brush. As far as we all know, hair dyes contain a lot of chemicals that may be harmful to our health. Consequently, you need to protect yourself with gloves. If you can, you should also wear mask. You need to stir the brush until you don’t see any lumps in this mixture. Now, it’s ready to apply in your hair.

How to mix hair color


This is the most important step so that be cautions and do it carefully. Or else, you will ruin your hair!

Before coloring hair, you should acknowledge that the scalp is much hotter so that the hair dye penetrates faster here in comparison with the hair ends. Hence, you need to apply it to the roots lastly for even color. Now, let’s start with a mall trial in a hair strand. You need to know how long your hair need to reach your wished hues. So, you shouldn’t skip this tiny step at all cost.

When your trial is done and you know how long it takes to get right tone, just do it with your hair. Remove the clips off section 1 and take a small hair strand by your tail comb in the top. Then, use your brush to apply the dye thoroughly. After that, flip your hair over gently and distribute the color to the bottoms as well. Repeat until you finish all of the section.

After that, do the same for the other sections of hair. Leave it for 30-45 minutes before shampooing and conditioning your hair carefully and thoroughly.

Notes: Even when you try it out, you need to check your hair every 5 minutes.

How to mix hair color Application

We hope that some guidelines and notes in how to mix hair color in this article is helpful to you. You can create any color and be willing to apply it on your hair by yourself to make a unique color. Don’t be afraid of changes because they will decide who you are. Like a famous saying of an American actress “if you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color”. 

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