How to measure hair length – Hair Length Chart

How to measure hair length is one of the most commonly asked questions from women who are trying to grow out their hair, women who are trying to purchase some new wig and closure units. Today, let’s explore some of the most common methods of measuring hair length and all the associated words and common terms people used to describe their hair. We also would include our virgin hair length chart so that you can easily figure out the type of hair length with the appropriate texture for your situation.

If you have been wondering how much your hair has been growing or the kind of length you should get for your wigs, please read on to correctly asset your growth rate. Girls who shop for new wigs and weaves should also pay close attention as well.

Hair length categories

How to measure hair length
How to measure hair length

Short hair length: Short hair length is what you can usually see from women getting buzz-cut hair or women rocking bob. The hair length is usually between 10 cm to 20 cm.

Medium hair length: The hair can be seen from the chin to several inches past the shoulders. If your hair ranges from 20cm to 40cm, your hair belongs to the medium category.

Long length: Long hair is the type of hair that grows beyond your armpit. If your hair has reached around your armpit, congratulations, you have long hair. Any hair beyond 40 cm should be considered long hair. If your hair is above 55cm, then you should consider your locks to be extra long.

How to measure hair length

There could be many ways to correctly measure your hair length. You could be using a measuring tape, a ruler, or even a camera. Yes, you heard me right. 

How To Measure Hair Length
How To Measure Hair Length

The reason behind using a camera to correctly measure your hair is that you can take pictures of your hair as comparison shots. These shots would help you clearly visualize how fast your hair is growing. For example, our clients sometimes would take pictures of their hair in 2019 and another in 2020 to easily compare the length. Continuously taking pictures of your hair every 3 months is a great way to achieve this end.

How to measure your natural hair length with your body part

Measure Your Natural Hair Length With Your Body Part
Measure Your Natural Hair Length With Your Body Part

Another way to measure if you don’t have those tools around is to use your body part as a measuring aid. Your body chart can serve as a convenient virgin hair length chart. This way you can easily track your progress when aiming for a hair length goal. You can also use this to easily compare and describe your desired hair length to a vendor like LuxShine.

You can measure your hair from two points of view: front and back. The front side can be used to measure shorter hair length while the longer side would be quite suitable for long hair and extra-long hair

Measuring hair length by body part from the front

Eyebrow length: The hair should be categorized as such when the hair touches the top of your eyebrow when it is pulled.

Lip length: If your hair reaches around the level of your upper lip, then it should be considered lip length.

Nose length:  When your hair is pulled, it touches your nostrils, which means it is nose length.

Chin length: When your hair measures up to your chin, it has reached chin-length level.

Measuring hair length by body part from the back

Hair Length Chart
Hair Length Chart

Armpit Length – Hair that grows beyond your armpit just a little bit should be classified as armpit length.

Mid Back length – If your hair grows beyond your bra straps, you can call it mid-back length.

Waist-length –  Your hair will truly be waist-length when it reaches the belly button. 

Classic-length – Hair that grows past the buttock is considered to be in this category.

Knee-length – When hair stops at the knee, it is considered knee length.

Calf -length – If your hair grows past your thigh, reaching your calf, it is now in the calf-length range.

How to measure hair length of your hair system with measuring tape

Place your hair system on the wig stand.

Grab a section of hair from the root, holding the hair taut

Put one end of the ruler at the root of the hair, measure along with the bottom tips of the hair. By doing so you can easily obtain the hair length.

How To Measure Your Wig
How To Measure Your Wig

One important thing that you need to distinguish is how you are measuring your hair. If you are measuring the hair system from the crown all the way to the bottom, you will get a very different number, naturally exceeding the number if you only measure from the root to the tips of a single hair strand. This is due to the fact that most hair systems on the market today have layers when the hair strands are of the same length. This is why you need to be familiar with the concept of hair length vs finished length when buying extensions from any online store.

Hair weave length chart

After you have worked out your current hair length and measure your growth rate, you may even want to add more length to your gorgeous locks. This is where you need to know the hair length of your hair systems. We will include our Luxshine’s hair weave length chart so you can easily refer to the chart when buying new wigs and weaves.

Hair Weave Length Chart
Hair Weave Length Chart

The length of your weaves and how they appear depends a lot on the texture of the weaves. A wavy hair weave will appear shorter than a straight weave of the same length. Similarly, a curly hair weave will appear even shorter than a wavy weave of the same length

To correctly measure the length of straight hair weave, you just need to measure them as-is from the root of the bundles to the tip.

However, for wavy and curly hair, you will need one extra step. You will have to pull your hair taut and elongate the hair strands to the maximum. Once done, you will now measure the length of your hair.

We hope that you have clearly worked out the right tool and method to measure and compare both your natural hair and your hair extensions. Whichever hair extension you choose, we hope you can feel confident and happy with your choice cause you are always the prettiest when you are confident.

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