How to make your hair grow faster and stronger

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Thin hair, weak hair, damaged hair and hair loss are big problems with womankind. These problems can happen naturally or due to bad chemicals and external effects. Anyways, girls always need to find for every way to deal with them for a better appearance. The only solution for theses problems is making hair grow faster and stronger in the most natural ways. Don’t worry if you haven’t found out suitable ones since Luxshinehair will help you to do that.

make your hair grow faster

1.Trimming hair frequently

Yes! You don’t hear it wrong. Trimming hair frequently is exactly one of the best ways to help your hair grow faster and healthier. When you trim hair, split ends and damaged parts of your hair will be cut off. Natural nutrition that raises hair will be more generated to stimulate hair to grow faster and stronger. Of course, you only need to trim a little of hair to avoid cutting too much that can make your favorite long hair become surprising short hair.

Trimming hair frequently

2. Keeping the most natural hair color

All of us know that hair dye is beautiful but not good for hair. The brighter hair dye you use, the worse effect your hair gets. Therefore, you’d better keep your hair in the most natural state if you don’t want to make your hair get more damages. Of course, in some cases, you need to dye hair for more outstanding images, you can completely have them but dark and soft colors should be top priorities instead of dyeing hair with light colors like blonde, red, white, etc.

Keeping the most natural hair color

3. Using natural nutrition

Everything from nature is all good if you use them with right treatment and right way. There are a lot of natural hair treatments that can help hair to grow faster and stronger. Because almost these materials are cheap and easy to find, you can apply them on hair more comfortably.

Coconut oil

We have to say that coconut oil is exactly the wonderful remedy for hair. Not only does it stimulate hair to grow naturally from inside but coconut oil also absorbs in hair and help hair become thicker, stronger and much smoother thanks to its potential vitamin A.

Coconut oil

Grapefruit essential oil

Essential oil from grapefruit’s skin is not only fragrant and pure but also contains a lot of nutrition which is useful for growing hair. You can boil grapefruit’s skin with water and use it to wash hair or spray grapefruit attar on hair roots and softly massage, its result after some months will actually make you surprised. Your hair will become thicker, longer and sleeker than ever.

grapefruit essential oil

Beer+ Fresh milk

Apart from being the favorite drink of men, beer is also an effective beauty method for womankind. Things you need to do is making a mixture of beer and fresh milk and then keeping it on hair for about 30 minutes. Necessary nutrition and vitamin will add more moisture and help hair grow faster.

Beer Fresh milk

Finding more about rice water for growing hair and natural treatments for dry scalp here if you care.

4. Avoiding heat styling tools

Similar to keeping hair from chemicals hair dyes, you should also avoid making styles with high temperature. We understand that making different hairstyles helps you to look younger and more outstanding in the crowd and we never force you not to do that. However, if you have weak hair and fuzzy hair, it is necessary to restrict using heat styling tools on hair. Their heat can make hair get more damages and that is not good for making hair grow faster and stronger.

Instead, you can keep hair straight naturally or make layered styles, braid styles. They are also very beautiful and attractive.

Avoiding heat styling tools

5. Using specialized shampoos

If your hair is strong, thick and normal, there is no reason for you to change the shampoo that you like. However, if you’ve got thin hair, weak hair, damaged hair, even hair loss, you should ask for hair experts and buy another kind of shampoo which is more suitable and specialized.

Specialized shampoos will help your scalp feel comfortable. Thanks to that, new hair will be easier to grow. Obviously, hair is also stronger and smoother than that before.

Using specialized shampoos

6. Adding vitamin

The top cause that make hair become weaker and easier to get damages is due to the shortage of necessary vitamins. Nowadays, we can find many kinds of vitamins that are available and useful for growing hair. Let’s ask for doctor’s advise and find yourself the most suitable kind of vitamin to drink. Vitamin will help your hair become stronger and longer from inside.

Adding vitamin

Besides, vitamins and minerals are also absorbed from our daily foods so that let’s guarantee that you have good meal with full of nutrition. Your hair is also supplied with necessary nourishment from that.

Vitamins for Hair Growth

For now, let’s change your bad hobbies that can make hair become weaker and worse. We make sure that these tips will be very useful and essential for you to make your hair grow faster. In case you want to have beautiful and impressive styles without making direct damages on hair, try using Luxshinehair’s extensions that is made from Vietnam human hair. It is not a bad idea!


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