How to have impressive braid styles with clip-in hair extensions

You think that your hair is too thin and fine or it is not long enough to have a beautiful braid style, don’t you? You are jealous of girls who have thick hair because they can do every style of braids without any obstructions, right? Stop worrying because it will always have wonderful solutions to deal with these problems. Using clip- in hair extensions is the ideal method that we would like to mention in this article. After seeing these below impressive braid styles with clip-in extensions, we guarantee that you will want to try it immediately.

impressive braid styles with clip- in extensions


1. Double Dutch Braid styles with clip-in extensions

Dutch girls are always described with white skin color, rosy cheeks and the attractive thick braid hair. Why don’t we try this dreamy hairstyle? This style completely matches with clip- in extensions to help the girl with thin hair to have a nice braid as well as cover her shortcoming. Only with some skillfulness can you look perfectly.

How to braid:

For the first step, separate your hair into 2 equal parts. After that, gradually clip hair extensions on your hair from the lower part to the higher part of each side and make sure that it looks natural, thick and beautiful. It sounds difficult but in reality, you can completely make it look good. The mystery is that in the process of clipping hair extensions, don’t forget to use hair spray and specialized brush to make basis for your hair so that we can attach clip- ins easily and also make hair looks thicker and bobber. Moreover, don’t clip them too high or too thick if you don’t want it to be clearly seen.

Next is the most expecting step- braiding. Before braiding a hair side with clip- in extensions, don’t forget to make sure that the other has been clipped tidily to keep being caught and mixed with the first hair part. Beginning with a side of hair, you divide it into 3 sections and do a French braid carefully.

Then, continually do the braid so as to the braid line is aligned and laid between the hair part. Go down to collect next sections to add in the braid and secure the part with an elastic. At last, you only need to do the same with the other side and finish braiding.

Double Dutch Braid with clip- in extensions×4-loose-curly-hair-blonde-color

As a result, clip- in hair extensions will be covered by the real hair and the braided hair. Thanks to the closely twisted braids, you can be completely self- confident in this fresh and active hairstyle when playing without worrying that it will be fallen out anytime.

2. Boho Twist Braid with clip- in extensions

This is not a kind of traditional braid but is looks very nice and attractive. Its braiding way is quite simple and easy that almost girls can do it themselves.

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How to braid:

Like Double Dutch braid, you will need to clip hair extensions so as to it look natural and beautiful by hiding them carefully and skillfully beneath the real hair. A plus point is that you are not necessary to put clip- in hair on each side but you can even clip them in the middle of your hair back to make the balanced volume.

Boho Twist Braid with clip- in extensionsThen, separate hair into 2 equal parts and twist them in turn in the opposite way. Pull both parts of twisted hair oversize and twist them together to make thickness and attractiveness. Lastly, secure this with an elastic.

Boho Twist Braid with clip- in extensions

The hair extensions are not be seen because all of the above parts have been completely covered by the real hair and we just braid the lower part of hair. It will be better and more beautiful if your hair is available curly.

3. Elsa Braid for short hair with clip- in extensions

How do you think of having the same braid style with the famous Disney princess but with clip- in hair extensions? It is exactly not a bad idea. Hair extensions will help you to make your short and thin hair into long ick and hair so that you can count on this new hairstyle.

How to braid:

You need to be more careful when hiding clip- in hair extensions in your short hair because they are easier to be seen than in long hair. However, don’t be too worry!

Let’s consider braiding with hair extensions is like a normal hair braiding and braiding them naturally and freely.

To make your hair extensions not be released, it is essential to put extension in right positions and leave the real hair as much as possible outside. With the hair part on the side, you only need to carve angled sections and put clip- ins on. With the hair in the middle, you make horizontal lines and put clip- ins below them. Don’t forget to use specialized brush and hairspray to make the bobbing and fluffy hair.

Elsa Braid for short hair with clip- in extensions

Next, braid real hair and hair extensions together to make its harmony. You can use the traditional fishbone style or verify other styles if you want. Loosing your hair braid to make it more natural and beautiful.×4-loose-curly-hair-dark-brown-color

These above suggestions are some nice and suitable ways for girls to braid styles with clip-in extensions. They are comfortable, polite and beautiful that you can use on any condition. Let’s try changing your available thin hair by a special braid style with the help of clip- in extensions, you can be very surprised!

To know better about braid styles with thin hair, you can find more details on our page.


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