How To Have Beautiful Half Up Half Down Hairstyles With Braids?

Girls with fabulous braided half up half down hairstyles usually have a special attractiveness. So, many of boys almost can’t take their eyes off these beautiful girls. This hairstyle is suitable to lots of circumstances from birthday parties, events or especially wedding parties. In such a big day, brides will become so lovely and charming with this braided hairstyle. Last but not least, a delicate hair vine along the contours of the braids will make you extremely attractive, which draws all the others’ eyes. If you want to own a long hair to create different braided hairsyles, visit Luxshinehair, one of the most well-known companies in exporting great hair extensions nowadays. So, today we decide to show you how to make a beautiful half up half down hairstyles with braids. Now, let’s start!

Pretty half up half down hairstyle with braids

1. How to create braided half up half down hairstyles?

You will find it easy to make this nice braided hairstyle. Only with some simple steps, you own a gorgeous hairstyle that is suitable to any occasion, especially holiday parties, events or even wedding parties. It is sure that the half up and half down hairstyles will give you a gentle and feminine beauty and attract not few attentions of people around.

Now, discover steps to create this fabulous hairstyle for girls loving sweetness and gentleness.

Step 1: Make sure your hair is clean, and then brush it thoroughly.

Step 2: Take a small section of hair from the right side of your head. Then braid the strand of hair till you nearly reach to the end of hair strand and tie with a ponytail holder or an elastic band.

Step 3: Make the same with the left side so that you have 2 braids.

Step 4: Hold the right braid and use your fingers to pull the hair from both sides of the braid. Start pulling from the top of the braid to the bottom. Just stop when you get the dreamed width. By this way, you will give the braid the volume that you wish for. Repeat this procedure with the left braid.

Step 5: Take the two braids you have made and bring them in the middle back of your head together. Put braids overlapped each other as if you are starting to make a knot with 2 pieces.

Step 6: Twist the two braids around each other and attach them by another small ponytail holder. After finishing this and holding the braids firmly at its position, get rid of the two ponytail holders that you used before to keep each braids.

Step 7: Now, you nearly complete your process. The braided half up half down hairstyle seems so nice. If you still want to make it more beautiful and more flattering, create some curls for your braided up-do. Use heat tools like curling iron to curl the rest of your hair in small sections.

So easy, right? It is worth creating something new and gorgeous without wasting a lot of time. You must be surprised with what this up-do brings. Try it!

Half Up Half Down Braid steps


2. How to accessorize braided half up half down hairstyles for brides?

As can be seen, half up half down hairstyles with braids are favored by almost brides for their important wedding party. The most popular style is soft messy curls with braids or plaits around the crown. Try to imagine about adorable waves with a soft coiffure. So fantastic! No grooms don’t melt their heart by the attractiveness of their own brides in such a big day. Undoubtedly, the braided half up half down hairstyles become one of the timeless wedding styles of hair.

These hairstyles look romantic as well as feminine, but it will become more wonderful when added with several lovely accessories. This combination will flatter the dreamy and sweet beauty of any brides. As bridal beauty experts said “All those styles are wonderfully soft around the face and work great with a variety of accessories such as flower crowns, headbands, hair combs, hair pins and nearly all veils including bird cages.”


So, use some accessories like bridal back headpieces, a wedding crown or a wedding veil and put it at the crown to complement your appearance.

Braided half up half down wedding hairstyles

We hope that what we have shared about half up half down hairstyles with braids will be useful for you. Everyone deserves beautiful, so there is no reason for you to refuse it! Continue to read our articles to know more about other hairstyles!

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