How To Get Rid Of Static In Hair

It is a common knowledge that static in hair happens when it contacts with other surfaces or when it’s in dry weather, especially winter. You feel definitely uncomfortable and non-confident when going out with such hair, don’t you? So, don’t worry, today, Luxshinehair is here to help you solve this problem. Just find out what causes of static hair are and how to get rid of static in hair with us! Let start!

how to get rid of static in hair

What Cause Static In Hair?

Either the dry weather in winter or heated indoor environments can lead to many skin and hair problems, among of which is static in hair. Compared with other seasons, the winter has very little or even no humidity and moisture. That is the reason why static electricity in hair can happen more frequently and worse.

Cause of Static Hair

In addition, some outfits like hats are one of the factors of static hair because it can create friction every time you take on and off them, making static hair. It is said that long or fine hair is more likely to get static than other hair types.

These are several main causes of static hair. From that, you can know what you should to do to prevent this annoying problem of hair.


How To Get Rid Of Static In Hair?

1. Keep Away from Plastic Comb

When it comes to static hair or flyaway hair, plastic isn’t your friend. Thus, it is recommended to use a metal comb instead of a plastic one. Because the metal comb is more conductive, which can reduce the amount of static in hair.

2. Use Moisturizing Hair Products

If you are in a hurry to leave your house, you will definitely experience a static attack. In this case, you must need a quick fix, bring with a hand moisturizer. Just apply some into your hair, after that, smooth lightly into the ends of hair. How easy it is! However, remember don’t put the moisturizer on your roots because it can cause greasy hair.

Moisturizing Hair Products

Should be your hair dry, it is more likely for you to get static in hair. Therefore, moisturizing your hair is the best way to supplement the essential hydration to prevent frizz and static for a lasting result. The advice is that you should use moisturizing shampoos, serums or hair masks containing natural ingredients such as avocado, coconut milk, etc.

3. Use A Hairspray

A hairspray and a metal comb are indispensable things whenever you leave your house, especially in winter. Spray a little hairspray on your comb and then run it from the roots to the tips of hair. What are its benefits? Applying hairspray on comb and brushing it on hair not only keep fly-aways and remove the static but also distribute the product throughout your hair. However, keep in mind not overdoing this process to avoid unwanted damage.

Use A Hairspray

4. Use A Leave-in Hair Conditioner

One of the important steps if you want to get rid of static in hair is using a leave-in hair conditioner. Why do you should apply a conditioner, especially in winters? Because, we all know, the weather in winters that has little humidity can make your hair frizzier and drier, in comparison with other seasons. A leave-in conditioner can help you to deal with this problem by adding moisture and removing existing static. Along with the hydration, it can prevent the damage caused by climatic conditions, one of the primary causes of static in hair.

A Leave in Hair Conditioner


5. Shampoo Your Hair Less Often

Many people think that it is better to have their hair shampooed every day. But remember that the more you shampoo your hair, the more natural oils are stripped off, which can cause dryness and brittleness. So, how often should you wash your hair? You should refresh it every two days instead of every day. This is a simple but effective way to reduce static in hair.

6. Don’t Use Hair Towel

This is another tip on how to reduce static in hair you should consider. Someone may find it weird, but using the towel for drying hair can pull apart your hair strands, which causes frizz and breakage. So, instead of a towel, you should use a cotton T-shirt after each washing to reduce static in hair. Because it is less abrasive and can absorb a large amount of water without removing too much moisture.

7. Style Your Hair 

Almost of us often get up with messy hair that drives us crazy each morning. Braiding your hair before sleeping is the best way to help you not be stuck in this situation. You can make a simple braid behind to keep your hair in place and prevent the static build-up. Your morning will become much more comfortable. Besides, you can transform your braid to become a daylight hairstyle as well. Why don’t you try some hats? It’s not only a warm-maker but also fashionable. Let’s see some hairstyles with hats in winter here.

Style Your Hair with Braids


Luxshinehair has shown you major causes as well as tips on how to get rid of static in hair. We hope that you will be satisfied with the useful information we have shared. Now, don’t be afraid of static hair, follow some effective tips mentioned above to remove all worry about this problem.If you want to know more helpful tips for hair, continue to read our articles. Wish you have beautiful and smooth hair!

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