How To Get Beach Waves-Most Simple Ways To Get Beach Waves

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There is no exaggeration to say that hair with soft, smooth and healthy waves inspired by beach-touching waves is a dream of most women in the world. Beach waves hair always ranks the top in trendiest hairstyles list over the decades and gradually been modernized to get the impeccable version.

Beach wave hair can easily match different shapes of faces, skin and style of make-up or outfit. Besides, wavy texture helps re-frame the face by its soft curves. Therefore, women try to get this hairstyle and spend most of their time taking care of their wavy locks. However, if we abuse heat to create waves, our hair will get damaged, become dry and broken no matter how much time you spend to look after it.

Therefore, this post today will help you how to get beach waves hair for both long hair and short hair in a safe waves.

Beach wave hair

Heatless method for beautiful waves hair

Getting beach waves hair without heat is a big concern of women. We all want to have soft and healthy waves without any damage from chemicals or hot tools. There are several ways to get your dreaming hairstyle without using any machine. Here we just name three main simple ways that save time and bring amazing results.

If you are having long locks, the first and easiest way to get beach waves long hair is braiding your hair. Dividing your hair into two equal sections and taking some water and wetting down your hair. To set your curves and keep them longer, you can use some types of hair cream for waves. It’s optional. After that, start braiding the first section by splitting it into 3 small section and braid following three-strand braiding style. Repeat this step with the other section.

How to get beach waves with braiding

After finishing braiding, pin them up and around your back of head and use poppy pins to secure them. Leave it overnight and see the result next morning.

Easy and overnight beach waves

If your hair is quite short for two braids, how to get beach waves with short hair? No worries since short hair can totally get messy and beach waves without using heat. Spray your hair with some water and divide it into two equal sections and separate them by tying one section. Start twisting the first section till the end of hair and use an elastic band to secure. Repeat the same step with the other section. Leave the twists for a night.

Braiding short hair to get beachh waves

how to get beach waves with braids for short hair

Another ways to have beach waves long hair is using turban. It’s quite simple and time-saving. Divide your hair into two equal sections and give them a quick brush. Grab your fabric headband and put it over your hair. Spray your hair with some water from turban till the end of hair, skip the roots. Grab one section and start twisting. Insert your twist inside your turban on the half way then continue twisting and inserting until you finish. Do the same with the other side.

Leave it overnight and you will get a stunning beach wavy hair next morning.

how to get beach waves with turban

Before going out, you can use some hair spray to secure the curves and last them longer.

Quick waves with curling iron

Another method to get beach waves hairs or short waves temporarily without going to hair salon is using a curling iron. Curling iron with safe heat enough for waves will save time and keep the waves longer. However, to keep your hair healthy and avoid unexpected damage, you should apply some kind of serum, lotion or hair spray before and after using curling iron.

Before you curl your hair, wash it, so your hair will look fuller and more voluminous. To keep your hair as healthy as possible, let your hair dry most of its way and finish off with a hair dryer. You can flip your head upside down to blow from the root up to the end of hair to add more volume.

How to get beach waves with a curling iron

You should divide it into small sections before curling for an easy and well-defined hairstyle. Put the top hair up and secure it by an elastic then start with the rest. Take your curling iron upside down, grab a piece of hair and twist around the curling iron. Then hold it for a while. Continue until you finish the whole. After that, you can use some hair spray like hair perfume to shape your curves, keep it shiner and smell amazingly.

Tutorial of getting beach waves with a curling iron

After you finish, use texturizing spray to add more volume and texture to your beach wave hair. Use a wide comb to brush through your waves to separate them but keep them tighter. Then use your fingers to soften the waves and make them looser. Finish your look by applying some hair cream to your hair to help it look shiner and healthier. These hair products will help hair avoid damage from heat as well as nourish your natural hair and last the waves longer.

Use your fingers to soften the waves and make them looser

The finished looked is fabulous. Your hair still looks shiny and healthy after days. It’s completely different from hair which is used machine from hair salon.

Now you can totally create beach waves hair by your own with or without heat depending on your interest. With the tips that we already mentioned, you can easily get beach waves in a safe and cheap way.

Besides, if you don’t want to spend time braiding, twisting or using curling iron, you can try hair extensions to achieve the perfect beach waves hair without going out or using heat to your hair. Spend some minutes to visit our website to see the latest beach waves hair extensions and get the best service from Luxshinehair.

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