How To Fix Damaged Hair

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Is there anything more terrible than the thought of cutting your hair because it has become damaged, dry, dull and brittle? Just thinking about it also makes you scared. But don’t worry! Today, Luxshinehair is here to help you solve your troubles. Find how to fix damaged hair with us! Let start!

Damaged Hair

1. What Is Damaged Hair?

As we all know, a hair strand includes 3 layers: medulla, cortex and cuticle. Among of them, the outer layer is the cuticle that plays an important role in protecting your hair. So, if this layer is damaged, the inner layer will be put at risk. It means that your hair is likely to become weaker, dry, broken and brittle. The damaged hair is said to be caused by many factors like chemicals, dyes, pollution, heat, etc. In addition, over-styling or over lightening can lead to a variety unwanted damages for your hair.

How to realize that your hair is in bad condition? You need to put much thought into several typical signs to identify whether your hair is damaged or not. If one day you recognize your hair has some signs like dulled shine, split ends, too many tangles, frizziness, lack of elasticity and moisture, serious breakage or rough texture, it is time for you to make something to fix your damaged hair.

What is damaged hair2. How To Fix Damaged Hair

Trim Split Ends

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to remove split ends before you carry out repairing your hair. Honestly, when your hair becomes split, it will look like a bunch of straw, which loses much your confidence. Therefore, it is necessary for you to get a trim with layers to get rid of the damage.

Trim Split Ends

Throw Hot Styling Tools Away

Undoubtedly, all of hot styling tools can cause your hair to be damaged seriously. That is the reason why you need to keep away all of them as soon as your hair shows some signs of the damage.

However, if you have to style your hair, it is advised to turn down the heat of the styling tools like curlers, dryers or straighteners. In fact, reducing the heat can contribute to fixing your hair a lot. Additionally, after washing hair, just let it dry naturally instead of using blow drier or turn on lowered setting. Try to style your hair at a low heat or cool setting and you will find it unnecessary to use the styling tools with the hottest setting at all time.

No heat styling tools

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners

What are the best shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair? When mentioning the products that are good for hair, we shouldn’t miss those with no harsh chemicals. As a matter of fact, harsh chemicals like sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate is definitely harmful to your hair, which causes a lot of serious damage. Thus, to keep hair healthy and strong, the best way is to use the types of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

Sulfate Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Once your hair is damaged, you need to stop all chemical treatments like dyeing, bleaching, or perming hair because it can make the problem more serious and spread the damage. So, if you are mad at coloring hair, wait until it has been recovered.

Have a Balanced Diet

Your diet also affects a lot your hair health. Always consider foods you eat in your meal! If you are not sure whether your diet is balanced or not, ask a doctor for help to get the best advice.

Have a Balanced Diet

3. Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

In addition to some above-mentioned tips, you can repair your damaged hair with some home remedies that can be made from natural ingredients in your kitchen. These methods are so easy to do and safe to use. Consider natural remedies below:

Repair Damaged Hair with An Avocado

Avocadoes are known as an essential ingredient in home remedies for hair. This fruit is full of necessary nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that will aid in smoothening your hair and restoring its luster. To make a hair mark for damage hair from an avocado, all you need to do is to mash a ripe avocado and mixe it with an egg thoroughly. After that, apply this mixture to your wet hair and leave it on around 20 minutes. Lastly, rinse your hair with cool water. Make it once per week if your hair has been damaged.

Repair Damaged Hair with An Avocado

Use Butter for Hair Message

Butter is good for dry and brittle hair. So, why don’t you try this home remedy to fix your damaged hair? How easy it is! Take a small amount of butter and massage it on your hair. Then, use a shower cap to cover your hair for about 30 minutes. Finally, shampoo and rinse again to remove all the butter.

Use Butter for Hair Message

Condition Your Hair with Olive Oil

It is obvious that olive oil is also considered one of the best hair treatments for damaged hair. The oil can create a protective barrier surrounding the cuticle and nurtures the hair shaft, which helps to keep your hair healthy and moisturized. How to use olive oil? At first, warm up a half of cup olive oil and then rub it into your damaged hair. Wrap your hair in a towel and wait for 45 minutes. After that shampoo and rinse it completely.

Condition Your Hair with Olive Oil

Rinse Your Hair with Tea

The hair that has been damaged often looks dull and terrible. And tea can bring a natural shine to hair. So if you want to your hair look smooth and brightening, use warm and unsweetened tea to rinse it after each shampooing.

Rinse Your Hair with Tea

Damaged hair actually causes a lot of troubles for your daily life. Knowing what it exactly is and how to fix damaged hair is necessary for all of you. Luxshinehair hopes that all information we have shown above will help you to deal with the damaged hair effectively. If you want to know more about other hair care tips, continue to visit our website to get the best advice and service.

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