How To Do Sew In Hair Extensions With Traditional Weft Hair? Step By Step Guide

Let’s be real – we ALL dream about having thick, gorgeous, mermaid-like hair that cascades down our backs and makes us look like we stepped right out of a Disney fairy tale. If you are anything like me, though, you might not have been blessed with this kind of enviable, luscious locks naturally. In our lifelong quest to make our hair appear thicker and fuller, luckily, there are more than a few options. and one of them is hair extensions.
Weft hair extensions, when applied by our team of trained and talented professionals, are a gorgeous, painless, and natural-appearing option if you are looking to add volume and thickness to your mane.
Weave extensions are a great option if you are seeking a permanent solution for your hair extensions. Because it is sewn into your hair, the weave will stay in place until you choose to take it out.
Let’s find out the tutorial to apply weft hair by sewing method.

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