How to achieve perfect DIY Ombre hair at home?

Solid hair shades are all the rage, but sometimes, it can get a little boring. Let’s be real. We all have some moments when we want to change things up? And getting Ombre hair can be one of the most subtle ways to do that, while still making a difference to your tresses. You know what they say… one is great and two is double-great. And it is no exception with hair color. By creating a two-tone effect, Ombre hair is a perfect blend of bold, beautiful and elegant.

Even better, although this hairstyle might look like you need a professional stylist to get such a gorgeous look, it is not too far from your reach. With a few simple steps, you can achieve perfect DIY Ombre hair in your hands. Are you interested in learning these steps? Keep reading on because we are going to share them with you now!

 What does Ombre hair mean? 

If you have dive into the world of hair color, there is a good chance you have heard of hair color trends – Ombre and Balayage. But are they the same? Our answer is: they are actually different. Balayage is a technique whereas Ombre is a bit more of a style. With Ombre style, hair is typically darker at the roots and seamlessly switches to a lighter shade at the ends, creating a perfect blending effect.

What Does Ombre Hair Mean
What Does Ombre Hair Mean

Ombre hair is amazing and here is why: 

If the same old hairstyles and cuts make you bored, Ombre might be a great choice for you to shake things up. Ombre can look sophisticated and elegant if you choose a subtle style. But it can be very dramatic if you opt for out-standing bright colors. Whatever you do, Ombre hair will give you chances to show off your more adventurous side without going too far out of your comfort zone. Additionally, as the colors and the chemicals that come with it – don’t reach the scalp when doing an ombre, it is a safer hair coloring style than those like global. Lastly, it can be easily done at home! How to ombre hair step by step? Read on.

How to achieve perfect DIY Ombre hair at home? 

Ombre lips, fashion, hair … the Ombre obsession shows no signs of losing its popularity, and why should it? It’s stunning. Lucky for you, while it looks high-fashion, Ombre hair can be surprisingly easy to achieve. Scroll through to learn more about how to DIY ombre hair.

The procedure includes three parts: Get everything started, bleaching out the ends and coloring your hair. 

Part 1: Getting started

  • Choose your color: At first, you need to select the color for your Ombre hair. Crazy about something more creative? Pink ombre hair, blue ombre hair, purple or any color. It’s all up to you. However, we recommend that you should pick a shade that complements and enhances your current hair color. The more subtle the color change, the more natural and sun-kissed your hair will look.
  • Decide where you want to start your ombre hair: This is as important as select the color, which will have an influence on your ombre look. Do you have long or medium hair? If yes, consider starting the Ombre style below your jawline. With short hair, Ombre will look great when applied at the ends.
How To Achieve Perfect Diy Ombre Hair At Home
How To Achieve Perfect Diy Ombre Hair At Home

Part 2: Bleaching your hair

  • Detangle your hair: This sounds simple but it is really important. Any tangle left in your hair can ruin the ombre hairdo.
  • Divide your hair into sections: Part your hair down the middle so that it is split half-and-half. Then, divide both halves into as many sections as you want. At the very least, you should divide each half into half again, splitting your hair into quarters. This will make the DIY hair ombre process easier to do.
  • Bleach your hair: Add bleach starting at the ends and working your way to the desired fade line. Don’t feel like you need to work fast or to work in large sections. Carefully do the work in such a way that you get all the strands evenly coated with the bleaching product. 
  • Let the bleach set for anywhere from 10-45 minutes for the bleach to do its magic, then rinse your hair with warm water.

Part 3: Coloring your hair (Optional)

  • Section your hair: After making sure that your hair is fully dry, divide it one more time. 
  • Dye your hair: Prepare the color kits following the available and then apply them to your hair. Leave the color set on about 25 to 45 minutes or until you are satisfied with the result. 
  • Rinse: Once you have achieved the look you are happy with, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Bleaching and coloring can damage your hair to some extent, so take the time to bring some moisture back into your locks.
  • Dry and style your hair:  Let your strands dry naturally and you will be ready to show your transformation to the world. Enjoy!

So, we all see that DIY Ombre hair is not as difficult as we suppose. We are sure that with our guide, getting perfect Ombre hair at home is no longer challenging. Are you ready to change things up with ombre hair? Give it a try and show us your results.

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