A fishtail braid is a good idea for any occasional events in your lifetime. You can wear this romantic hairstyle on normal days, but it is also ideal for some formal events such as weddings, proms, graduation and so on.

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What is fishtail braid?

Fishtail braid originates from Ancient Greece which is proved obviously in a sculpted female figures called caryatids. As its name, you can imagine how it look. We can say that it’s in fish bone shape with small braids from 2 strands. Hence, the biggest difference between a fishtail braid and a regular braid is that the fishtail braid has only two strands while the latter works with three strands. Besides, it seems that it takes a longer time to do a fishtail braid in comparison with a regular one.

There are some common types of this hairstyle such as Fishtail French braid, fishtail ponytail braid, braided side fishtail, etc. Among them, the second one is the easiest and simplest hairdo. As a beginner, we will introduce diy of it and you can develop into different versions or see our blog for more clue of other types.

How to do fishtail

There are some things that you need to prepare before carrying out the process of braiding your hair, including a hairbrush and an elastic bands. It will be easier if you have 2 mirrors to look at the back of your head.

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Step 1: Make a ponytail

First of all, you need to detangle your hair thoroughly. It’s much better to use your fingers before combing it with hair brush. Or else, you may hurt your hair as well as your scalp.

After that, make a ponytail. You can create as high or as low as you want. Then, divide your hair into two equal parts. Now you are holding one part in each hand. Pick up a small piece of hair by your index finger from one side then transfer it to the other side. It means that you are creating an X in the middle.

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Step 2: Create the fishtail

Next, take a new piece of hair from the latter side and pass it back to the original side.

It does not matter how big or small these pieces are, you can still do a fishtail braid. However, the bigger the pieces are, the less time it will take you to finish the braid. In fact, a fishtail braid with small sections is preferable because it shows how much you have to be meticulous. You should grab the same size pieces to make the braid look perfect.

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We continue to take hair in a circular section by overlapping pieces from both sides to add it to the braid by repeating the previous step all the way down your braid. Actually, you will find that it is not difficult as it sounds when going into practice.

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To keep the look fresh, you should stop the braid a couple of inches (2-4 inches) away from the bottom.


Step 3: Finish the hairstyles

Finally, take the elastic to grab the ends and you have finished the look of a fishtail plait. If you make a low ponytail, we’d prefer to cut the first elastic band off. Hence, your hair will be loosened for a mild and feminine look. Whilst, fishtail braids in high ponytail seems to be fiercer and more energetic.

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Now it is time for you to make your look with fishtail braid more charming by pulling out some pieces at the top to create face-framing strands. You should use hot tools to define these strands into wavy pattern so that they soften your face and hide the edgy aspect. If you think your hair is fine and flat, it is better to create the thickness by stretching out the braid until you are happy with the result. In so doing, you will get a loose and messy fishtail braid.

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Use some hair spray if necessary. In case of formal events, you can have fun with your hair by adding some accessories like flowers and pearls to it.

We hope that our fishtail braid tutorial with clear instruction and close-up photos can make it easy for you to do a fishtail braid on yourself. This one is the simplest version of fishtail braid only. We also write many posts about other hairstyles, and how to do them. Let’s follow to receive useful tips from Luxshinehair quickly.

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