How to do a messy bun with thin hair by 5 simple methods

In the summer, long hair can become troublesome for many women because of the hot weather. Do you feel uncomfortable with hair drop but you still want to keep the hair with the desired length?

Maybe you will love the messy bun hairstyle, it is a simple up-do hairstyle that you can do yourself at home. When you make a messy bun, it will be great if you have a strong and thick hair. Unfortunately, some girls’ hair is quite thin and it can make your messy bun is not perfect like you expect.

In today’s post, we especially want to guide how to do a messy bun with thin hair by using hair extensions for thinning hair. This is an easy way to bring great efficiency for thin hair. You will absolutely not need to spend much time to do this hairstyle with only 5 simple methods below.

Method 1: Preparing to do a messy bun

The first, let’s prepare some tools together for your hairstyle.

There are many hairdressing tools that you can use to do. However, we will recommend basic tools for you.

  1. Soft brush and hair band

  1. Hair extensions for thinning hair

There are many types and colors for you to choose hair extension for thinning hair. To help you absolutely satisfied, we Luxshinehair always provide the variation of products with the best quality. Our hair extensions were made from 100% natural hair will bring wonderful experiences when using. Let contact with us if you want to have a messy bun hairstyle that looks so thickness and great.

  1. Hairpin or some accessories for hair

You can use hairpins to fix shorter sections of hair and keep your bun hairstyle looks so perfect. If you want to be more prominent on some special occasions, some accessories for hair will suit you. Here are some ideas.

  1. Hairspray

Hairspray for thin hair

Method 2: Choose a messy bun hairstyle for you

If you don’t have much time to decide your perfect styling for yourself, don’t worry, the messy bun that we will show you below can be easily created by just your hand.

Choose a messy bun hairstyle for you

Method 3: Make a messy bun with hair extensions for thinning hair

  1. Bush your hair to make it become shinier and easy to style.

You should brush your hair from the top of your head to the end of your hair and then brush from the front to the back.

Bush your hair to make it become shinier and easy to style

  1. Using hair extensions for thinning hair

We recommend that you should tape hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions to do this hairstyle. You can see some of our looks to do it.

Using hair extensions for thinning hair

  1. Tied entire your hair by a hairband

Tie your hair into a smooth ponytail, smoothing out the bumps with your hand. If you can’t make smooth for your bumps by hand, use the soft brush.

  1. Make a messy bun

Keep your hair in place with one hand and secure it into a bun with the other. Roll your hair around the base of the ponytail in the right direction with your hand to create a hair bun. You use another hairband to wrap that hair bun. You should wrap the liquid slightly and leave a bit of excess in the ends so your bun looks messy natural.

Method 4: Edit your messy bun as you like

The hairpin will help you trim the hair at the nape. If you want to more attractive, you can use the accessories hair that you prepared available. With the girls who have a long bang, we have a small tip to make you look so feminine and sweet. That’s very simple by dropping a small piece of bangs in front. You are a beautiful girl with a messy bun hairstyle!

Method 5: Perfect finish with hairspray

To complete this hairstyle and keep it great all day, using hairspray is a good suggestion. You spray a small amount evenly on the hair bun behind. And now, congratulations you have an awesome messy bun with thin hair.

By 5 simple methods above, we hope any girls who have thin hair can easily apply for themselves to do a messy bun with thin hair. Don’t forget those hair extensions for thinning hair are very useful with you. Discover our products to create more hairstyles for your thin hair. You will never be disappointed!

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