How to do a messy bun in different versions?

When you hear about the phrase “messy bun”, you must image an untidy look that we can stay at home only. However, we will prove it wrong. There are many versions of this hairstyle to different occasions from formal to casual one. Scroll down and see what are they and how to do now.

Messy wrap around bun

messy wrap around bun

Even when it’s a messy hairstyle, we still need to make it tangle-free and smooth firstly. This step will help you do your bun flawlessly. At the same time, if there are knots inside, you may hurt your hair and scalp. Of course, wasting time to detangle them either. As you can see from the photo, we separate hair into 2 parts including the long bang and the ponytail. However, you can tie all your hair up as well. Depending on your favorite, you can make it as high or as low as you want. Divide the ponytail into some strands (basing on your hair thickness but we highly recommend 3 parts at least). Then, wrap them comparatively around the elastic band. You should pull them out a little bit to have a real messy bun.

If you spare the long bang before, you can transform it differently for an amazing look. We introduce you 2 types. The first one is called sleek bang. Simply apply some hairspray and comb it thoroughly, then pin in under the bun. The contrary between the tidy front and messy behind creates a chic hairstyles. The second one is younger and more adorable. Turn your bang into a braid, pancake it and secure under the bun.

Now, we’ve done!

Loose messy top knot

loose messy top knot

This hairstyle look like an accidental hairdo, in fact, it also takes a little effort for perfect look. You will need elastic bands, bobby pins, comb and hair spray.

First of all, comb your hair to detangle it. Then, tease it by brushing backward from hair ends to the roots. You should concentrate in the roots only. After that, smooth your hair again and make a high ponytail loosely. You can realize a bouffant appeared in your hairlines. It’s better to leave some strands out to frame your face and soften your look. For the ponytail, twist it and roll around the elastic bands. Before fixing it, don’t forget to pull it to loosen the bun for disheveled hairdo.

Loose messy top knot gives you a casual look but you can turn it into a party one with some twinkle accessories quickly.

Messy knotted bun

messy knotted bun

No need any technique, this hairstyle is super easy so that you can achieve it in 2 minutes.

All you need to do is to separate your hair into 2 sections and knot them together. After that, tie them with an elastic band underneath the knot. Repeat it for few more knots depending on your hair length. Wait! Don’t try to tie all of your ponytail, just let the hair ends out so it’s truly messy. Then, roll your ponytail and secure to its roots by bobby pins. To make it naturally, pull the hair from your top up for bigger volume.

Flip-in messy bun

Flip in bun

As its name, you absolutely can image the hairstyle. You can go party, prom, or any occasional events with it thanks to elegant and chic look.

Comb your hair to make it as smooth as possible and create a loosely ponytail. Then, flip your hair through the hair in upper part of the elastic band. From the second flips, put your finger above the bun to shape it. Keep going on until all your hair is over the bun. Especially, to achieve a little messy and natural look, you should pancake the bun and the hair upper.

Messy braids bun

messy braid bun

There are tons of versions for this hairdo. However, we will give you one of them which we love the most. Why? Because it is not only beautiful but also versatile for every event in lifetime.

Let’s start with your hair side by French braids. Don’t braid all of them, leave some hair strands out to frame your face and create natural look with messy vibes. The braid should begin from your ear to the nape and tie it up. For the other side, just tie them together with the braid and twist your ponytail, at the same time, roll it around the elastic bands and secure with bobby pins. You cannot skip the pancake process for a voluminous bun. In another transformation, you can turn your ponytail in to another braid, make it fluffy and wrap around to form a bun and pin it. Some flowers and you can become a bride! A feminine and mild look is ready for your wedding hairstyles.

Mohawk messy bun

mohawk buns updo

We can simply understand this hairstyles as gathering hair into buns in the middle of your head as other Mohawk hairdo.

First of all, section your hair and turn them into ponytail with elastic bands. Leave the Mohawk part in the front out. For the rest, you can separate them into different sections as you want. However, we think it’s better to make from 2-3 more only. If you create more, it looks inappropriate. Now, start to make messy bun from the front to the back. Flip each ponytail through the elastic bands as you make a twofold, roll the rest around it and secure with bobby pins. Once again, make it voluminous by loosening the buns. You should cover the gap between each of them or it is weird. Add some golden hair clips as above, you have an edgy hairstyles but still keep your feminine vibes incredibly.

There are various versions of messy bun that you can try. If you want to find out more amazing hairdos that are in the latest trends, follow our blog now. We are glad to give you some guidelines and hair care tips. Have a nice day.


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