How To Cut Weft Hair Extensions Properly

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Weft hair extensions are items that are familiar to beauty lovers, and they are often applied by sewing in or securing beads into the hair. However, the typical width of weft hair is approximately one meter, which doesn’t perfectly match the size of your head. So, what’s the next step? In reality, we usually cut them into smaller pieces to apply easily. A well-executed cut can make an amazing change in your hairstyle after it is completed. Of course, how it’s necessary doesn’t make sense for you, we know!

But the question is ‘’how to cut weft hair extensions properly’’. While it may seem straightforward at first glance, it requires more attention than you might initially think. But fear not; we’re here to lend you a hand with this process and ensure you hit the nail on the head the first time you try it! 

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

Which Tools Do I Need? 

First and foremost, it is necessary to gather all of the tools that you need before beginning. It is to make sure that your cutting process will occur smoothly. Let’s see what you need in your hand: 

  • Weft hair extensions
  • Sharp hairdressing scissors
  • Measuring tape (optional)
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • Section clips
  • Styling products such as a heat protectant, styling spray, or serum (optional)
Gather all necessary tools before getting started 
Gather all necessary tools before getting started

Guide To Cutting Weft Hair Extensions Step-by-Step

Now let’s move on to the most crucial part of this post guide on how to cut weft hair extensions properly. 

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair And Extensions 

To begin, you will need a well-planned process to assist you in doing this activity more efficiently. Run a comb through the extensions gently to remove any tangles or knots. Divide your natural hair into sections and secure each with clips. Because you can concentrate on one section at a time, this method allows for a concentrated and precise cutting procedure. To make the operation easier, arrange the weft extensions neatly on a smooth, clean surface.

Step 2: Measure and Mark

If accuracy is essential for you, you shouldn’t skip this step. Begin by marking the length of each component using a measuring tape. You can also use your current hair length as a guide. To indicate where you’ll cut, make small, discrete marks along the weft with a washable or erasable marker. This step is critical because if the breadth of the weft does not correspond to the position that you want to apply for. It would not give you a comprehensive picture, even though it would make it more noticeable and take longer than necessary. 

Measure and mark the width you need to cut 
Measure and mark the width you need to cut

Step 3: Cutting Technique

Hold the hair extension firmly when cutting to ensure that all of the hair is even and aligned. Make a neat, straight cut along the designated line with fine hairdressing scissors. When cutting many wefts, use the same measurement to ensure consistency.

 Cutting the weft hair
Cutting the weft hair

Step 4: Apply And Style 

After cutting a segment of hair, comb it through to ensure consistent length. Make any required adjustments and recuts to verify that all pieces are uniform. If the cut edges are dull or uneven, you can add texture and integrate the ends with texturizing shears or razor scissors for a more natural look. After cutting the weft into the desired portions, you can add the extensions to your hair as usual and style them as you would natural hair. This could involve curling, straightening, or anything else you wish. 

That is the end of the cutting process! 
That is the end of the cutting process!

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Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid 

The cutting process is not as difficult as you thought. However, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid:

Do Not Choose Weft Hair Extensions 

Mistake: You cut any weft from your hair without calculating the features of the wefts as well as the risk. 

Solution: Not all of the weft is appropriate for cutting. For best results, we recommend using machines, flats, and quality weft. You should avoid cutting hand tied weft because it lacks glue and is delicately constructed by hand, leaving it prone to loose connections. In a situation where you cut hand tied weft, you need to reinforce with stitching. 

Do not choose weft hair extensions is common mistakes

Not Measuring Properly

Mistake:  You cut weft without properly measuring the portions, or even skipped this step 

Solution:  To maintain uniformity in the length of the weft pieces, use a measuring tape or ruler. This cut will be ideal for the position you want to fill. 

Cutting Too Much At Once

Mistake: You cut through too much hair at once to complete your task faster might result in uneven and jagged edges. This omission can be especially troublesome when working on the face, where precision is essential for attaining an attractive and harmonious outcome.

Solution: Before making any significant cuts, thoroughly plan and examine the desired positioning of the wefts. This allows you to customize your cutting approach to the exact placement requirements, resulting in a more smooth and natural-looking hairdo.

Not Accounting For Placement

Mistake: You cut quickly without thinking about where the wefts would be positioned on your head.

Solution: Don’t be rushed. It is the first step that you need to do. Then, it is better to adjust the cutting technique based on the intended placement, especially around the face for a flattering result. You may make informed selections about where to cut, how much to trim, and the precise style that will best match your facial structure by using it.

Skipping A Test Strand

Mistake: You cut all the wefts without testing a small strand first. Failure to complete this first review may result in concerns affecting the overall appearance of the extensions.

Solution: To avoid this omission, implement a step for cutting a tiny test strand before committing to the whole cut. You may make informed selections about the ultimate length and create a perfect transition between the extensions and your current hair.

Using Dull Scissors

Mistake: Another mistake made when cutting hair extensions is using dull scissors. This omission might result in unwanted outcomes like uneven and ragged ends, which detract from the overall appearance of the extensions.

Solution: It is strongly advised to use sharp hair scissors to address this issue. Using scissors with a sharp edge ensures that each cut is clean, precise, and fray-free. This method helps improve the overall appearance and adds to smooth and polish for final appearances. 

Dull scissors affect to the duration of cutting process 
Dull scissors affect to the duration of cutting process

How To Maintain Weft After Cutting 

The upkeep for your new appearance is surprisingly simple, with similarities to caring for both traditional weft extensions and your natural hair. Use a gentle shampoo and nourishing conditioner on them as you would your hair. This removes any accumulated dirt, oil, or styling products, keeping your extensions clean and fresh. Consider adding deep conditioning treatments to your routine to provide additional hydration and keep the weft extensions soft and manageable.

Consider reapplying a small amount of fabric or extension glue to enhance the bond if the weft previously had adhesive or glue and cutting removed some of it. Or, if you’re using hand-tied weft that doesn’t have adhesive, reinforce the cut ends by stitching them together. Make sure the stitching is firm and secure by using a strong thread and needle. This procedure increases the weft’s durability.


Cutting weft hair extensions may not be as difficult as you think with Luxshine Hair‘s guidance on‘’ how to cut weft hair extensions’’, the appropriate tools, and technique. Take your time, be patient, and appreciate the transformation of your hair into a work of beauty. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try new things and improve your skills for the greatest results. With the strength of having hair factory in Vietnam, we not only provide weft hair extensions but also have many other types of Vietnam hair extensions available.

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