How to Curl and Straighten Your Curly Tape-in Hair Extensions

 You have just gotten your first tape-in hair extension and you are delighted to have a new look. However, you want to curl or straighten your hair as you like but still have no idea about how to do it. If possible, what is the best method for styling curly tape-in hair extensions properly without damaging your expensive hair extensions?

There are several methods you can use to straighten or curl your tape-in hair extensions. It doesn’t matter whether extensions are clip-in, tape-in, or keratin hair. You will learn about methods of straightening or curling hair with or without a hot tool. If you are using Remy or human hair extensions, there is not much harm in using the curling iron. Just spray protection, and you should not heat frizz as often.

You will be tempted to do it easily, and that is to go to a hair salon, but this is usually not necessary. Yes, if you want to spend money, you can go to a beauty salon, but this is something you can easily do all by yourself. Besides, all the methods that professional hairstylists use to curl or straighten your curly tape-in hair extensions are usually very easy and simple. In the short term, if you are interested and serious, you will be able to learn about the methods. You can watch online tutorials for YouTube videos. With this, you will be able to save yourself the money your hairstylist would charge. And more than that, once you have mastered the knowledge, you can always curl your natural curly tape-in hair extensions according to your preference. This will save you both time and money. There are often different curling and straightening options available, depending on the hair extension’s texture.

For permanent hair extensions such as tapes or keratin hair, they cannot be removed. This means you will need to curl or straighten your hair, just like your own natural curling or straightening. One thing, however, is for sure curling or straightening the curly tape-in human hair extensions while they are still on your natural hair will allow you to see what the waves or curls look like and whether they blend in with your hair! 

How to Curl and Straighten Your Curly Tape-in Hair Extensions
How to Curl and Straighten Your Curly Tape-in Hair Extensions

How to curl your hair extensions

Now, let’s get to the portion where we’ll answer the question ”how to curl hair extensions’’. 

Curl your hair extension with a curling wand

How to curl hair with extensions? Using a curling wand- this is the easiest and fastest method for extension curling. The curling wand is inexpensive, and you should be able to find one on the market at an affordable price. You will enjoy working with a curling wand, as it will deliver great results for you. 

Just make sure you get a quality product that will work for you and not damage your valuable extensions. Always be careful when using the curling iron. Expect to get impressive results as the curling machine’s versatility can be seen in the different curling styles it can create! You should brush the strands of the hair extension before starting the curling process. You should also wash the curly tape-in hair extension before doing anything.

How to curl hair extensions? - Use a curling wand
How to curl hair extensions? – Use a curling wand

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The strand-by-strand curling option

This is just one of the curling options available. Its difficulty level is considered moderate, and it should take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. This method will work on real human hair, and you will not have any blending issues.

Method of curling ponytail 

This method of curling hair extensions is suitable for women who have not had experience doing it. It is considered very easy and ideal for you if you want your curly tape-in human hair extensions to be curled immediately. With this method, you can be done in less than five minutes. You can use it if the extensions you have are voluminous and thick. The thick hair is easier to handle and can even curl into a high ponytail.

Curling the hair extension without heat

Well, the curling business is not just limited to using hot tools. There are a variety of methods for curling your hair without necessarily using a curling iron. The method of not using heat is a surefire way to ensure the durability of your extensions. The only downside of this option is that it takes quite a while to get the desired results. With this method, you will have to wait a while for results. This means you should only choose this method if you do not want immediate results.

Common options available for this method

  • The hair-rolling method:

This is a very old method of curling, and it has been around for many years. Please note that there are often different types of curling irons. When you remove the rollers, you will not entangle the locks. This method is easy to follow and can be used even by novices.

  • The sock bun curling method:

This is another curling technique you can use, even though it is still unfamiliar to most people.

  • The straw curling technique

Here is another easy curling method you can use if you do not have the right tools to create curls. You can use cylindrical objects like pencils or even plastic straws to roll your hair.

How to straighten your hair extensions

Straightening your curly tape-in hair extensions with a Flat Iron

This method is great for anyone who likes to show off a straight hairdo. Since ancient times, almost every girl has liked to have long and straight hair. A flat iron or hair straightener is the perfect tool for any girl looking for a stunning straight style. You should opt for this method as there are so many options available, from the low-priced to the expensive ones involving hair straighteners. A good straightener will help you straighten your hair perfectly without any problems. Besides, it will help create one of the greatest straight hairstyles you have ever wanted. So using a straightener can be a boon for straight hair lovers.

Straightening your curly tape-in hair extensions with a Flat Iron
Straightening your curly tape-in hair extensions with a Flat Iron

Straightening your natural curly tape-in hair extensions can be a lot of fun. For this, you may need the following tools:

  • Hair clips
  • Brush
  • A flat iron or hair straightener
  • Hair serum
  • Heat protection for hair

There are two ways you can straighten your curly tape-in human hair extensions:

  • Straighten hair before applying
  • Straighten hair after application

Straightening the best curly tape-in hair extensions before applying them.

Use the paddle brush to untangle parts of the curly tape-in hair extensions, and then place your hair on a flat surface. Now, hold the tape part and slowly straighten the hair with the flat iron down the length of the extension after using the heat protection spray. Continue repeating this step until the extensions are straight. Now straighten your natural hair to match the hair extension. Apply the natural curly tape-in hair extensions to your real hair, and then apply the hair serum.

Straightening the hair extensions after applying them

Attach the best curly tape-in hair extensions to your natural hair, then spray a heat protector. Divide your hair into small sections to straighten it, then tie the rest of the hair. After combing the hair from root to tip, continue using the flat iron. Repeat this step until all strands of natural curly tape-in hair extensions are straight. You can then apply the hair serum afterward for soft, shiny hair.

In a nutshell 

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Curling or straightening your curly tape-in human hair extensions is no longer a headache because you have read this tutorial. There are many options for you to straighten or curl your hair using curling irons or hair straighteners. Also, if you hate using hot tools on your expensive curly tape-in hair extensions, there are non-heat options to choose from. You just should be aware that all non-heat curling or straightening methods usually work slowly and are ideal only for you if you are in a hurry.

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