Are you tired of finding an amazing hairstyle every time going out with friend to a party or a special occasion? It takes you quite a long time to search on the Internet to find out which one is the trendiest and most suitable with your current hair. Then, you need to spend hours again standing in front of a mirror trying to imitate different hairstyles that suit your face.

If you are in this situation, today post is exactly what you are looking for. In this post, Luxshinehair will show you the easiest way to create the most attractive hairstyle – milkmaid braid which will definitely help you look gorgeous. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Preparation before braiding

Before you braid your hair, brush it gently to make sure that there are no knots or tangles in your hair, so you can braid your hair easily. Prepare two elastics (we do recommend you to use clear elastic), a bunch of bobby pins. Besides, 

If you want to be more outstanding, don’t forget to choose some cute accessories, and here we go!

Preparation before braiding

How to do milkmaid braid step-by-step

Step 1: Part the hair

Part you hair down in the middle to divide your hair in 2 sections (it will be better if 2 sections are equal). If you have bangs, just leave them out. On the other hand, pull some hair strands in front to make the braid look more natural and gentle. At the same time, these hair strands play a great role on re-framing your face and softening your look.

Part the hair

Step 2: Start braiding

We will start to braid the first part of the hair. Divide it into 3 small equal sections then start braid as we do a regular one. When you finish, secure the braid by an elastic. If you have a lot of layers in your hair, pull it a little bit to make it tight and use bobby pins to hide the unwanted hair inside.

Start braiding

After finishing the first braid in the first side, do exactly the same with the other side. Once you finish, you will have two cute braids as below. To make your hair more attractive, slightly pull the braids to pancake it. Thanks to that, your hair look thicker and prettier. 


Start braiding Luxshinehair


Step 3: Secure the braids on the top of head

Take the braid on the right side and lay it right on top of your head. Take your bobby pin and pin this hair right down. You definitely need more than one pin to secure the hair. Your back hair will be fluffy a little bit, but don’t worry, we will fix it later.

Secure the braids on the top of headDo the same thing with the other side. In order to cover the elastic and pins, take the braid and go right behind the first one.

Hide the end of the second braid behind the first one so it can cover the elastic that we use to secure the second braid and pin it down.

If your hair is long enough, take the right braid, wrap around your nape to to left front and pin it. Repeat it with the other side. Thanks to that, your back head is covered completely.

Step 4: Fix the hair and finish

Adjust the hair a little bit to have the best result. Use pin to secure the fluffy part of braid and hair to make it tighter. Use a curling iron with low heat setting to curl two strands that we already left out at the first step to make your braid look prettier. Just curl a little bit to make them softer and more feminine.

Now, we’ve done! You get a beautiful crown effortlessly with cheap cost for sure. You can add some accessories to make your milkmaid braid shine.

Fix the hair and finish the milkmaid braidIf you have bangs, just leave them as normal or curl them a little bit to bring you an elegant look.

With only 4 simple steps above, you can completely have a milkmaid braid by your own in just around 10 minute and confidently shine up in your own way. No more time wasting, just do it! Luxshinehair hopes that you already found the most suitable hairstyle for yourself. Milkmaid braid is always trendy and easy to match with different types of clothes and make up.

In case that you want to have more braid hairstyles, you can learn simple and beautiful braid hairstyles or how to do a simple fishtail braid. They will be wonderful suggestions.

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