How to choose hairstyles for square face with glasses

Women with square face have both advantages and disadvantages when having different hairstyles, especially when they wear glasses. You must be one of them and want to find the most suitable hairstyles for your appearance, right? In this article, let’s together with Luxshinehair find out ways to choose hairdos for square face with glasses! You will actually have the best answers for all of your requirements!

hairstyles with square face and glasses

1. Descriptions of “square face with glasses”

Features of “square face”

Before finding about hairstyles with square face and glasses, you need to thoroughly understand characteristics of a “square face”. Obviously, you will find the best styles when you know strengths and weaknesses of your own shape of face and find ways to make them become wonderful.

So what is considered “square face“? It is also similar to names of other shapes of face like round face, oval face, diamond face, heart- shaped face, etc. “Square face” is a popular shape of face which looks a bit angled. The easiest and simplest way to define whether your face is square or not is looking into a mirror. Let’s notice the fullest and most outstanding feature on your face. For example, it often has chubby cheeks with round face, wide forehead with heart- shaped face, etc.

square face with glasses

Of course, with square face, the most outstanding thing must be the square jawline. Apart from this character, your face is considered square when your forehead and chin have almost the same width accompanied by angled chin or high cheekbones.

Many people think they are unexpected disadvantages of your face but the others think oppositely. Thanks to  angled jawline with well-defined bone structure, you can look shaper, smarter as well as more mature than people with round or oval face.

How to choose glasses for square face

In some irresistible situations such as your eyes are short- sighted or you go out under direct sunlight, you need to wear glasses to safe eyes. Or just simply, you want to have a pair of glasses to change your style with a cuter and stranger images, right? Anyways, only when you choose the suitable glasses for your hairstyles with square face can you look the most beautiful and attractive.

square face with glasses

The ideal styles of glasses for square face is glasses with oval, round or cat- eye frames. Because square face shape is quite angular and a bit sharp of the rough and broad jawline, glasses with oval and round shapes make it look softer and more balanced. Even, you face can look longer with them instead of with square glasses.

In addition, you should also choose suitable colors for glasses no matter they are far- sighted glasses, short- sight glassed or fashion glasses. Colors also have the important role when you want to have beautiful styles with glasses and square face.

2. How to choose hairstyles for square face with glasses?

After understanding the above information of square face with glasses, you must have had some definitions of suitable hairstyles for your face shape, don’t you? Obviously, we will not let you have to predict them, let’s discover hairstyles for square face with glasses as well as how to choose them right below.

Criteria for hairstyles

As mentioned about strengths and weaknesses of square face with glasses, hairstyles also need to be suitable and hide shortcomings on the face that you don’t want like rough chin, broad jawline and forehead or high cheekbones. In other words, hairstyles chosen can make the square face look longer and more balanced. Of course, they have to make you become so charming, sharp and attractive instead of look like a rustic school girls, right?

square face shape with glasses

Short hairstyles for square face with glasses

Side part natural wavy bob

Hairstyles with natural hair waves are always the wonderful choice for every shape of face, including square face with glasses. Wavy hair looks very soft but attractive, which can help you to hide your square chin effectively. Combining it with an active and energetic short hairstyle like bob and a trendy fashion style, you will look so wonderful. Of course, side part style is also very important because it does not hide your forehead so that the face looks longer and more balanced. Don’t forget to choose glasses with colors suitable for this style. The effect it brings to is absolutely wonderful!

side part natural wavy bob

Middle part lob with loose curls

With some girls with square face, apart from angled chin, broad forehead is also a big weakness. Middle part lob with loose curls is exactly the style you need to decrease the width of forehead as well as make the face look longer and brighter. Combining with a pair of round eyeglasses, you still look full of loveliness and self-confidence.

Middle part lob with loose curls

Pixie hair with

Don’t think that square face is not suitable with pixie hairstyle. If your face is not too big and your cheekbones are also not too high, you can still have yourself an impressive pixie hairstyle which make your face look more active and attractive. Combining with glasses, it also not have bad effect on your face.

Pixie hair with cat eye glasses

Long hairstyles for square face with glasses

Medium length hair with wispy bangs

You shouldn’t use bangs doesn’t mean that you can have them. In case you have square face and also broad forehead, having wispy bangs is an ideal way to hide this wide forehead part and make your face look more balanced. Girls with soft and gentle often like this medium length hairstyle because it makes them look younger. The lovely pair of glasses also makes the face look much more harmonious.

Medium length hair with wispy bangs

Half up half down long curly hair

Sometimes, let’s change your daily common straight hair with a half up half down long curly hairstyle for your square face with glasses. Half up half down with relaxed hair give softness while hair curls are creative and dynamic. No matter your eyes get short- sighted or not, this long hairstyle will also make you become outstanding.

Half up half down long curly hair

Straight long hair

Also being a hairstyle which can be suitable for many different styles of face, straight long hair can obviously fit with square face with glasses, especially sunglasses. Long and straight hair is very natural and soft that can brings to the owner an image which is full of charm. Combing with a pair of trendy sunglasses and outstanding hair colors, you will also look bright and impressive.

straight long hairFor now, every information you need about how to choose hairstyles for square face with glasses is sufficient in details. Do you want to be the next person trying this style? If yes, don’t continue hesitating, go to the nearest hair salon and have yourself wonderful hairstyles! If you like them, don’t forget to give Luxshinehair your reviews!


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