How to apply hair color yourself

Have you ever dyed your hair by yourself at home but failed miserably? Due to business or several reasons, a variety of people can’t spend hours waiting at crowed salons for coloring hair. So, instead of arriving in hair salons, they often grope for ways to dye hair by themselves. Some are successful while others are half laughing and half crying with a weird hair color. Meanwhile, experts in beauty warn that those who decide to color hair at home should be careful with hair color kits because some of them are not friendly to users and can cause a few of bad results like unwanted hues, dried hair, etc. That is the reason why today we will share with you useful tips to apply hair color by yourself at home carefully and safely.

useful tips to apply hair color by yourself at home

1. Make your hair ready before you dye it

It is advised that you should take care of your hair thoroughly before dying because this can make your hair stronger and prolong the time of the new shade. Several products can be applied at the same time to nurture and supplement necessary nutrients for hair such as a clarifying treatment, a conditioning treatment and a protein treatment.

Make your hair ready before you dye it
Make your hair ready before you dye it

2. Choose your right color based on skin tone

As a matter of fact, hair color plays an important role in complementing your complexion and skin tone. Therefore, you need to put much attention in choosing color to get a beautiful dyed hair that brightens your complexion. In general, hair color includes warm, neutral and cool. Neutral colors is nearly like your natural hair color but brighter while warm shades usually have golden undertones.

Choose your right color based on skin tone

How to match skin tone to color quickly?

  • If you possess a cool skin tone, along with brown or blue eyes, choose cool shades such as ashy brown, blue-hued black, beige blonde, etc.
  • If you own a likely warm skin tone and brown or blue eyes, you should choose hair golden-toned shades namely golden brown, auburn red, etc.


3. Prep your space and tools for coloring hair

It is necessary for you to prepare a protective cloth like a towel, an old sheet or plastic that covers your sink and tub to prevent color from falling into the floor’s bathroom.

Essential kits consist of box of hair color, plastic gloves, petroleum jelly, comb, hairdresser clips, dye brush, timer and conditioner.

Prep your space and tools for coloring hair
Prep your space and tools for coloring hair

Colored hair extensions


4. Do a strand test before dying your whole hair

Don’t ignore this step because it can allow you know how exactly the hair color looks. Why you don’t test dye on a just small section of your hair instead of applying the color immediately and waiting for the results in a worrying feeling. So, at first, you ought to apply a small amount of dye on a half-inch section of hair behind ears that is not visible. Then wait 3 hours before rinsing with cool water. After that, dry that section of hair and consider whether you like that color or not? If you love it and realize that it is really suitable to your skin, proceed.

Do a strand test before dying your whole hair
Do a strand test before dying your whole hair

5. Apply the color on your hair

In this step, your brush comes in handy. Use the brush to apply the dye close to the roots and drag it along the length of hair. After the entire first layer is totally saturated, use clips to separate this layer. Do the same with the next layers.

When your hair is cover completely with the dye, set your timer as instruction on the dye box.

Apply the color on your hair
Apply the color on your hair

6. Rinse and condition your hair after waiting time

Wash your hair without using shampoo because it can go the color down the sink. Instead, use much water and use fingertips to scrub hair as if you are shampooing. Then continue to rinse it out until it runs clear. At last, condition your hair with a high-qualified conditioning product.


Those are all things you can do to apply hair color by yourself. We hope that our sharing will remove your worries in coloring hair at home and own a fantastic hair color as your dream.

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