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Many people often have the hobby of washing hair every day, even some times a day just because of feeling a bit dirt on head. Whereas, some other ones wash hair only when their hair becomes sticky and uncomfortable. However, whether these ways are right or wrong and then can any bad effect happen if we don’t wash hair properly? Let’s with Luxshinehair find out about “How often should you wash your hair” right in this article!

1. Wash your hair less often

People whose hair contain much oil tend to wash their hair very often, even twice a day. However, washing hair too many times is not a good idea for your hair. When washing hair frequently, you also wash natural oil and moisture away. That makes your hair dry and lack of nutrients.

However, washing your hair less often doesn’t mean that you have to keep your hair dirty and then wash hair once a week. Let’s listen to your body! when your hair has traces of too itchy and dirty feelings, let’s wash your hair immediately! Washing hair properly not only helps hair become clean but also make hair smoother and stronger.

According to experts’ advices, you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week.

Wash your hair less often


2. Wait 3 days before shampooing with  dyed hair

No matter which color you choose to dye your hair is blonde, black, brown or anything else, color-treated hair need more attention if you want your color lasts longer. Especially when you spend long hours sitting on the chair in hair salon for the latest trendy hair color and only can keep it for a week because of lacking care. Trust us, it happens, especially with ash color which can be be faded just in two time washing. Therefore, washing hair in the right way is very important which not only keep color not being faded but also avoid destroying your hair since hair strands are week and dry after using bleaches and dyes.

Our hair consists of two major part: hair root and hair shaft. Hair shaft include 3 layers: cuticle, cortex, and medulla. The outer layer named cuticle help to prevent damage to inner structure. The cells of cuticle layer are raised during chemical process, therefore the chemicals are allowed to enter into cortex layer that will change the color of your hair. Hair takes time to absorb color, that’s why if you wash your hair too soon, your color will be washed away since the cuticle layer still opens. It takes about 3 days for cuticle layer to completely close. The more you wait, the longer you can keep your color.

Wait 3 days before shampooing


3. Useful tips to wash your hair

wash my hair without losing hair color

Use shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate-free

Sulfate is a kind of ingredients in many kind of shampoo which helps to create more foam. Many people like using shampoo with much foam because they believe that foam will help them wash their hair cleaner. However, besides washing away dust, using sulfate-containing shampoo also blow away your natural oil and moisture of your hair, leading to losing your beautiful hair texture as well as hair color.

Of course,  these kinds of soft shampoos will help you avoid problems of itchy scalp or broken hair. That also means you will not have to wash hair too frequently but still keep hair in the best situation.

That is also the reason why Luxshinehair highly recommend you to try sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

Use shampoo and conditioner containing sulfate-free

Avoid using hot water or cold water to wash hair

Many people often wash hair during shower and they use hot water from hot shower to wash their hair. It is not a good idea and make your color fade faster. When you use hot water to wash your hair, cuticle layer will be opened and nutrients on your hair will be washed out together with shampoo and condition. More over, that also make hair breakage problem become more serious.

Whereas, using cold water to wash hair can’t remove all dirt, dandruff and dry scalp on hair. Therefore, you will have to wash hair more often but your hair is still not clean and strong.

Avoid using hot water to wash hairTo keep hair stronger as well as keep color longer, you should use slightly warm water to wash your hair and just use cold water to rinse your hair after applying hair conditioner. Warm water will help shampoo cleanse hair and conditioner penetrates. While cold water will keep the moisture from conditioner and prevent color being washed away.

With some useful tips above, Luxshinehair hopes that you’ve got the best answer for the question of “How often should you wash your hair” to make hair strong as well as keep hair colors longer. The more attention you pay to your hair, the more beautiful and natural your hair will last. Therefore, spend some minutes taking care of your hair since it is the crown that you will never take off.

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