How long do wigs last? Synthetic wig last and human hair wig?

One concern that most wig wearers seem to have is how long does a synthetic wig last? Apparently, when you wear or buy into a wig, you want your wig to last you as long as it could be so you can enjoy your wigs after many wears. When we shop for wigs, we always look out for the color, the texture, the style, etc. But there is one question we need to ask when determining the potential lifespan of the products: Is the wig synthetic or is it made from human hair? Today let’s explore how long does a synthetic wig last? How about something like a human hair weave? We will also learn about ways you can make sure that you can keep your wig at its best possible condition for the longest amount of time possible.

Generally speaking, human hair wigs will outlast most synthetic wigs on the market today. Human hair wigs should at least last you for one year whilst many high-quality Remy hair wigs suppliers claim the hair will be good for at least two years. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, only last up to about six months. Heat-friendly wigs can even have a shorter lifespan. No matter what types you choose, the more you wear, the shorter the time the wig will last.

How long can you expect your human hair wig to last?

When it comes to getting the best types of wig money can buy, industry insiders seem to agree that a human hair wig is your champion for longevity. Human hair strands which have never been chemically processed will have intact cuticles. This means that they can easily last wearers for more than one year under the right care and maintenance.

How Long Can You Expect Your Human Hair Wig To Last
How Long Can You Expect Your Human Hair Wig To Last

This doesn’t mean that human hair wigs that have been through color processing or chemical processing are worthless. They may still serve most ladies well but their lifespan will last shorter than unprocessed virgin hair.

Not only do human hair wigs afford users to keep using their hairpieces for a long time, but they also have many added benefits that can’t be found in their synthetic counterparts.

  • Natural and seamless blending: Human hair wigs are made from real human hair. Because of that, they look, feel and behave just like normal human hair. This ensures that your whole look is natural and flawless.
  • Style the heck out of your wigs: With human hair wigs, you are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to styling choice. If your wigs are of curly texture, you can always straighten or relax the hair a bit so that it looks wavy. This allows you to play with the texture and seemingly change up  your hairstyles week-by-week, month-by-month
  • So many ready-made textures to choose from: With human hair wigs, you can ask your supplier to make whatever texture your heart desires. Whether you want body wavy, water wavy, or curly hair, you have an abundance of options.

How long should you wear your human hair wig?

How you should wear a human hair wig will depend on the type of wig you are buying and how it is installed. A 360 lace wig would take much longer to apply when compared to a lace closure wig. Ready-to-wear wigs can be put on and taken off easily every day but they might not be the most secure option out there. For the most secured options out there, you should look into semi-permanent hair extension options like sew-in, glue, or tape.

How Long Should You Wear Your Human Hair Wig
How Long Should You Wear Your Human Hair Wig

Weaves that are sewn into your natural hair and net cap can last you up to six weeks. After this time frame is up, you should remove the sew-in hair to care for your wigs and your natural hair. Once this process is done, you can do the sew-in process once again. Following this maintenance schedule closely is what makes sure both the wigs and your natural hair are of the top condition and be of use for the longest time.

If you really want your wigs to last you for a good while, one thing that can help you achieve this is to limit the frequency of wearing these wigs. You may rock such wigs a few days or the week or have several wigs on hand to rotate them.

Will heat styling and chemical treatment affect how long my natural hair wig lasts?

No matter what types of hair wig you are rocking, the chemical process will harm the longevity of your hair wig. Human hair wigs can easily withstand heat tools and can be dye according to all the natural colors of human hair dye. However, these processes will ultimately change the texture and the quality of the hair.

Why do we say so? Heated styling tools are the number one causes of dry desiccated hair while chemical processes are the fastest way to destroy your cuticles and make your hair susceptible to tangling and matting earlier than usual.

How long does a synthetic wig last?

Synthetic wigs are widely used and loved due to their budget-friendly price tag. Not only does this product go easy on your money, but they also save women’s time. You never have to worry about styling your synthetic wig since the wigs will have baked-in styles. These wigs only last for about 4-6 months, a significantly shorter lifespan when compared to a human hair wig. However, to make up for this shortcoming, a synthetic wig will have many other benefits that one can not overlook.

How Long Does A Synthetic Wig Last
How Long Does A Synthetic Wig Last
  • No time wasted on styling your hair wig. A synthetic hair wig can keep the style intact till the end of its usable lifespan. Even washing the hair wig will not destroy the texture. On the contrary, it helps the wig to retain and restore the designed style.
  • A diverse range of colors: Synthetic hair will help fulfill even your wildest color wig. Whatever color you can think of, chances are there will be something in the market for you.
  • Stay within budget: Synthetic hair is much cheaper than its human hair counterpart. If you are somebody who likes to change your look often and needs several wigs on hand, then synthetic wigs will help you achieve your dream without breaking the bank.

It should be noted that the synthetic wigs should be left untouched after you got the package. No heat styling or color processing is allowed. You can refer to our guide on caring for and maintaining a synthetic wig. Even though this type of product seems dead easy to care for, the devil is in the details. How long do synthetic wigs last depends a lot on you following the correct procedure.

However, there is an exception to the rule above which is heat-resistant hair wigs that allow you to use heat tools. Even with these wigs, their lifespans are still shorter than human hair wigs. If you insist on having synthetic wigs that can stand heat tools, this could be an option.

How can you prolong your wig’s lifespan?

To make sure your wig is good for a long time, you have to make sure that you know how to wash, condition, dry and store your wig. This applies to both synthetic and human hair wigs.

Whichever types of wigs you choose, you need to understand that constantly washing your wig on a tight schedule will hurt its longevity. Choose to wash your wigs every six weeks or after every 10 years. 

How Can You Prolong Your Wigs Lifespan
How Can You Prolong Your Wigs Lifespan

If you want to store your wig properly, you first have to pick a spot that sunlight can’t reach. Your wig can sit atop the wig head, a mannequin, or on a hook so that the hair flows in one direction. The place you choose should also be free from heat or dampness. You don’t want to deal with messy frizzy hair later on.

No matter what hairstyles you choose to rock or the hair pieces you decide to purchase, you should always go through all the factors to make the best decision. If the longevity of your wigs is the number 1 concern, you can get in touch with our Luxshine sales agent to see all the available options. Great quality human hair in various form factors that are always in stock will help you make your hair dreams come true.

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