How Fast Does Hair Grow?

It can be said that hair is the most precious treasure of all women because it gives them a perfect complement to their appearance as well as confidence in almost circumstances. Some people love long hair while others are fond of short hair as a way to show their personality. Many people put much effort and money into caring for hair to get beautiful and healthy hair. But, have you ever wondered “how fast does hair grow?”? This might be a common question, but not all people know the exact answer. That is the reason why today Luxshinehair is here to satisfy your curiosity and provide you with the truth about hair growth. So, don’t let you wait anymore! Let start to discover the secret of your hair right away!

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

What is the growth rate of hair? As a matter of fact, human hair has a specific growth rate. As mentioned by US Center of Disease Control, your hair strands grows at 0.50 inches each month on average. It means that the hair of each person is expected to lengthen to 6 inches per year.

How Fast Does Hair Grow in a few months

However, there are some factors affecting or slowing down the growth of hair like bad diet, stress, illness, over styling, tight hairstyles and so on. Besides, not giving your hair good care can cause breakages and split ends that can also reduce the hair growth. That is the reason why sometimes you can feel like your hair doesn’t lengthen.×4-kinky-straight-hair-black-color-2

What Is Hair Growth Process? 

How many stages does the hair growth cycles consist of? In fact, each the growth cycle of hair includes 3 important stages called anagen, catagen, and telogen. Now, find out how each stage happens.

Hair Growth Process

Anagen Phase

The first phase of hair growth is anagen. As mentioned, your hair grows about 6 inches per year. It is amazed that the anagen stage can last averagely from 3 to 5 years and at that time your hair can get the full-length of 18 – 30 inches. It is the period in which your hair grows actively and strongly. In general, Asian people have the longer anagen phase compared with other descents, about 7 years.

Catagen Phase

Anagen phase is the second stage that takes place right at the end of the anagen phase. After finishing the anagen, your hair starts to enter the catagen phase and this transitional phase lasts for a very short time, just around 10-14 days. In this phase, the hair follicle renews itself while the hair isn’t supplied with the blood and doesn’t grow any more.

Telogen Phase

At last, your hair will move to the final stage, called telogen phase. In this period, your hair strands are released and finally fall out. The next growth cycle will be repeated after at least 3 months because the follicle enters an inactive time lasting 3 months.

What Causes The Slow Hair Growth?

What makes hair grow slower? As mentioned above, your hair growth can be slowed down by some specific factors. While some of them are so easy to fix, the others need medical treatment. Now, we will let you know how these elements affect the growth of hair.

Bad Diet

The diet plays an important role in remaining your health and your beauty. Therefore, your diet also decides how fast your hair grow. If you have a poor diet with lack of vitamins, protein or minerals, your hair cannot absorb enough necessary nutrients for the good growth. This is one of the major factors leading to the slow hair growth.

Healthy Diet For Hair Growth

High Level of Stress

Another reason why your hair doesn’t grow fast is that you are suffering a high level of stress. Those who are workaholics or high achievers are prone to getting the types of stress related to slow growth. According to some studies, people under demanding, controlling or abuse conditions also show retarded hair growth.

High Level of Stress

Over Styling with Heat Tools

Heat tools can give you gorgeous hairstyles. However, you can end up with damaged hair. In fact, heat is very harmful to your hair and can weaken your hair, which results in the slow hair growth. That is the reason why you had better cut down using heat tools for styling hair and give your hair days without heat, which can improve the hair condition.

Over Styling with Heat Tools

Wrong Hair Care Products

What you use on your hair also make a great effect on the growth of hair. While some hair care products are beneficial to hair health and growth, others, especially those with harsh chemicals, are leading cause of stunting hair growth.

Alopecia or Genetic Baldness

It is known that alopecia and genetic baldness is one of the most popular factors that cause slow hair growth. Not only is these diseases seen in men but it can happen to women in many different forms. Thus, those who get these kinds of diseases, related to gene, have their hair grow very slowly. Above are just some typical causes of slow hair growth. Besides, some bad habits like tying hair tightly also make your hair grow slower. After knowing the causes of this hair condition, it is necessary for us to learn about how to make hair grow faster. If you want to discover more details about amazing and simple tips to promote the growth of hair, read this post.

how to make your hair grow faster

Long and healthy hair is what many women desire for because it brings them an elegant and chic look. Now, after reading this post, you can answer confidently the question “How fast does hair grow?” and also have more information related to hair growth. Besides, if you want to have long and beautiful hairstyles quickly, using hair extensions of Luxshinehair can help you at all time. We always provide customers with high-quality hair extensions with diverse styles, textures and colors. Therefore, you can have multi choices to get the most suitable hair products to complement your figure. Continue to read our different articles to know more about hair care tips as well as gorgeous hairstyles! Thanks for your reading! Read more: How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

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