How do you think of having Celtic Inspired Hairstyles on special days?

Hairstyles which are inspired from images of precursors are often highly appreciated because their creativeness and originality. Celtic hair is one of these unique styles. If you are finding for a style both charming and elegant, this is exactly the ideal choice. Today, let’s discover the most impressive Celtic hairstyles together with Luxshinehair!

Braided Hairstyles

1. Celtic hair history

Generally, the Celts wore their hair long. Soldiers were sometimes an exceptions; they also wore their hair in rounded, bowl cuts. The Celts were usually described as blond or ginger, whether naturally or through the use of chalk or lime-water to lighten the hair.

Both men and women wore their hair long, often braided or in curls. Especially, women also wore their braids pinned to the head and also incorporated knots and buns in their hairstyles. Decorative pins, golden beads, ribbons, and precious metals and stones were also incorporated, with the materials differing throughout the classes. They sometime also wore bands of cloth or metal across the crown of the head.

Each combination of Celtic hairstyles brings to the woman a different image that makes impression on other people right at the first sight. Some styles give the youthfulness and vitality while some give the softness and mystery. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out right below!

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2. Beautiful Celtic hairstyles

Ancient Celtic hair

It is not difficult to recognize the unique hairstyles of the Celtic Tribes’ women because they are created from simple braided strands. They are gathered back into a straight line of hair in the middle of the head and give images like the leaf’s veins. Of course, making highlights from metal beads also brings to these ancient Celtic hairstyles much better results. They are really suitable styles for female Celtic warriors as well as wild women who are brave and never surrender to their fate.

Ancient Celtic hair

Creative Celtic braids

In modern life, having simple hairstyles sometimes can’t make girls become outstanding and that is the reason why they always find out various ways to renew themselves. The combination between big Celtic braids and small Celtic braids make more impressive highlights. Besides, beads and ribbons are also very useful for to transform traditional Celtic hairstyles into the trendiest ones.

celtic hair

Celtic wedding hairstyles

Evey bride wants to look the most beautiful in their important day and Celtic brides do too. They often choose themselves styles which are in harmony with nature. Images of flowers, leaves, and soft colorful ribbons like pink, white and blue frequently appear.

In addition, Celtic women have a very big advantage of strong white skin so that it fits perfectly gentle and elegant gestures. These styles are clearly shown via crown braids or Loose braid styles. They are not natural Celtic braid hairstyles but they are really suitable for bright images of brides. It doesn’t matter if you want to wind your braided hair across the crown of head or keep it natural with side braided styles for new and fresh appearances, you will actually look beautiful and attractive.

Celtic wedding hairstyles

Celtic Knot

There will be a bad mistake if we don’t mention celtic knot style. This can be considered one of the most classical and unique styles of half up braid hair. Celtics knots are braided skillfully into the infinite symbol. You can have it on a side of head or on the back side. Combining with soft and voluminous curly hairstyles, your appearance will like a graceful Princess stepping out of a fairy tale. Obviously, you can create more with this style and we make sure that they will be very wonderful.

Celtic Knot

Celtic inspired hairstyles

The creativeness of people in making new beauty is endless and Celtic hair is also an ideal source for that. Instead of having old and unfashionable hairstyles, why don’t you try combine your favorite styles to have a new Celtic hair style which is more attractive and charming?

How do you think about having a bow, a flower and complex braided strands with hair, all in your head? That is so amazing! You have tons of ways to make your Celtic hairstyles become much more impressive so let’s try doing them!

Celtic inspired hair

We hope that these aforementioned suggestions of Celtic hairstyles will give you interesting ideas on the coming special occasion. We will constantly update the newest and best trends of hair so please visit our Luxshinehair store and website frequently.

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