How do you think about hairstyles in 1970s?

Now is 21st century and it is so rustic and nostalgic if we remind 1970s hairstyles, isn’t it? Not yet, if you still has that thought, you perhaps don’t know much about hairstyles in this age. 70s hair is extremely beautiful and unique. Even there are many styles renewed and used until now. In this article, let’s with Luxshinehair back through 1970s and see surprising things that you haven’t ever known about hair!

1. Feather out hair

There will be a big mistake if we don’t talk about feather out hair in this list. This hairstyle can be considered one of the most outstanding symbols of hairstyles of 20th century. Hair is made into layers and feathered out to make impressive and fresh images.

Farrah Fawcet, the Charlie’s Angel is exactly one of pioneers applying this hairstyle. She appears with feather out hair almost everytime and this hairstyle really becomes the trendy style of women for many year later. Feathered out hair is both soft and active so that it is actually very popular in 70s, 80s hair, even nowadays with a lot of different variations.

Try comparing this hairstyle to Princess Diana iconic hairstyle, you will actually realize surprising things!

Farrah Fawcet feather out hair
Farrah Fawcet feather out hair

2. Side swept long hair

We have to say that hairstyles with side swept long hair always make strong impressions with women of every time. Combining between soft long hair and charming side swept style is the most wonderful choice. Obviously, this haircut is never out of fashion no matter it is in 70s, 80s or present time, even in the future.

Meryl Streep, Jerry Hall and a lot of women in 70’s decade didn’t ignore this trend. Side swept long hair always makes girls become full of attractiveness and nobleness.

side swept long hair
Jerry Hall (Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage)

3. Disco hair

70s disco hair must be the hairstyle that every girl in 1970s knows. Disco hair is very famous that time according to disco music. Obviously. the “Queen of Disco” Donna Summer is exactly the one who makes this style go viral.

With bouncy and puffing hair curls, this hairstyle actually make impression to women all over the world. Of course, there are more and more variations of 70s disco hair no matter how hair length, hair volume or hair colors are.

Disco hair- Donna Summer
Disco hair -Donna Summer

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4. Micro braid hair

Maybe you don’t know impressive micro braid hairstyles has appeared since 70s. Bo Dereck is the clear illustration for that. The upper part of hair is cornrowed and the lower part is combined with outstanding ornaments. Obviously, this haircut becomes extremely eye- catching and attractive that every girl can’t resist. Even this hairstyles is still popularly used until now, especially for African American women.

Micro braid hair Bo Derek
Micro braid hair- Bo Derek

5. Half up short hair

Short hair is essentially impressive and active while half up half down style gives softness and gentleness. A unique combination like that actually makes girls of 70’s decade look beautiful and attractive.

Seeing the image of Olivia Newton-John, this hairstyle is for her. Combining with curved bangs and pretty face, half up short hair really make Olivia look very lovely and charming.

half up short hair- Olivia Newton John

6. Natural hair with bangs

Bangs is actually a wonderful creation. Every hairstyle with bangs makes girls become much younger and fresher, especially with natural hair. Indeed, it is not necessary if your hair is straight, wavy or curly because you can make many types of bangs which are suitable for different hair texture.

Stevie Nicks, Jane Birkin, Joni Mitchell are some famous symbols who fit well with this hairstyle. You can find more about hair with bangs if you like it. There are many interesting choices for you.

natural hair with bangs -Jane Birkin

7. Loose curly shoulder length hair

Only with modest length size of hair, you can completely make beautiful styles with hair curls and loose curly shoulder length hair is one of them. Loose curly hair is very outstanding and eye- catching. Hair curls are not too thick and rough so that they make natural feelings than ever.

70s’ women were very wise when knowing how to take advantage of their curly hair to make themselves the most suitable styles. For examples, combining loose curls with side part style, with middle part style and also with some tiny accessories. For outstanding images, let’s see some pictures of Diana Ross or Bianca Jagger, maybe you have ever wanted to have this style because of its charm and impression.

Loose curly shoulder length hair- Bianca Jagger
Loose curly shoulder length hair- Bianca Jagger

We make sure that you will have some changes in your mind after reading this article of 70s hair. Hairstyles for women that time is not as bad as your thought, right? In contrast, they are very beautiful and fashionable. Many styles are still used nowadays and everyone really like them so much. Don’t forget to visit out Luxshinehair website for trendiest information about hairstyles and also hair extensions!

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