Hottest styles of wavy hair extensions that you shouldn’t ignore

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If straight hair styles are sometimes simple while curly hairstyles are too bouncy and easy to get tangles, styles with hair waves are exactly perfect choices for womankind to try. In case your own hair is not strong and nice enough, you can consider using wavy hair extensions. There are thousands of different ways for you to have an attractive hair look. When you choose the right one, the result you got will absolutely be gorgeous! Today, let’s discover the hottest wavy hair extensions together with Luxshinehair so as to get yourself the most suitable choices. 

1. Body wave hair

Body wavy hair or loose wavy hair is considered as the most beloved wavy hair extensions. Hair locks are big, regular and soft. When you apply body wave hair extensions on your head, voluminous and puffing hair waves will make you satisfied.

This hair texture can be suitable with every kind of face shape and it embellishes your appearance very well. Especially, if you feel not self- confident with your chubby face or fat chin, wonderful hair waves help you hide these shortcomings perfectly. No matter what length size of your hair is, body waves will actually make you become outstanding. 

black body wave hair

2. Deep wave hair

Many people think that deep hair waves are only suitable for older people because they look so awkward and messy. However, that is completely a wrong prejudice. Deep waves make women’s look become extremely young and fresh. Hair locks are not as big as loose hair waves. They are small, deep but bouncy and stunning. 

Among wavy hair extensions, this hair texture is traditional and natural that attract the attention of women all over the world, especially African American women. They often like having this style with basic black color. That helps to embellish their typical appearance as well as make impression on others. 

3. Water wave hair 

This is a special style of hair waves. When you consider this texture, you need to be careful because its name may be called differently. At Luxshinehair, hair locks are bended into regular big S- shapes. However, if you order this texture from other brand, the hair texture can look like deep waves. Anyways, let’s make sure with your seller to get the hair product you expect.

These water body wave hair extensions are extremely loved by women who like charming and graceful images. Big hair locks makes your hair look more natural and softer than ever.

4. Fumi wave hair

Fumi waves can also give natural and eye- catching images for your new hair style with hair extensions if you choose the right one. Hair waves are mainly on hair ends so that they look very gentle and soft.  You don’t need to dye hair with bright hair color because shades of black and brown can also make hairs outstanding. 

Fumi wavy hair extensionsIf you are finding for beautiful hair extensions with wavy styles, let’s visit Luxshinehair and find a thing which is the most suitable with you. Apart from way hair extensions, textures of straight hair and curly hair are also very impressive. All hair extensions are designed into diverse  types like bulk, weave, clip, tape, wig, etc so as to meet demands of customers.

This summer, let’s come to Luxshine – the best human hair factory in Vietnam to get the best gifts on hair products. We have a great discount from 3% to 6% on short black weave and bulk hair extensions, especially  on hair extensions with the length size from 14 inches to 18 inches. Besides, all other products of the company is also wonderful. You will never have to disappointed about them.

short black wavy hair extensions

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