Hottest and trendiest short straight hairstyles for women

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Women with short hair always own something which is extremely attractive and charming. Obviously, there will be a big mistake if we don’t mention short straight hairstyles. They are the hottest hairstyles that are never out of fashion and they are really popular with almost modern girls. In this article, let’s together with Luxshinehair discover the trendiest short straight haircuts for women. Watch out! Maybe you will become the next person falling in love with these hairstyles!

1. Straight pixie hair

Despite having modest length size, pixie hair still has a lot of variations that attract the attention of women all over the world. Pixie hair is extremely suitable for girls with active and rebellious characteristics since it looks so cool and impressive. More importantly, pixie straight hair is a perfect choice for girls with thin face or rough face. It makes the face look sharper and much more balanced.

Straight pixie hair

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2. Layered pixie hair

If you are having short and thin hair, why don’t you try layered pixie hairstyle for a new impressive change? Layers of hair will make more volume for hair in the most effective way. You should notice that pixie hair with side part wispy bangs can be the most suitable combination. It doesn’t cover your forehead too much and helps to keep your face look much more balanced. You can completely dye hair with bright colors to  make more impressive highlights. The result will actually make you surprise.

Layered pixie hair

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3. Side part short straight hair

Obviously, this is not a new hairstyle but it never becomes old. This hairstyle is not too short like pixie styles but its impressions can’t be disregarded. Side part style helps you to have more mature and charming appearance while short straight hair is full of energy and personality. Especially, it gives the youthful image for girls so that it is very popular with women at every age group. Even many global celebrities are also bewitched with this style. How about you?

Side part short straight hair

4. Short bob with bangs

Instead of having yourself a mature short hairstyle, you can choose short bob with bangs as a way to make you look much fresher and cuter. This hairdo is appropriate for girls with every skin color and it is also very useful to hide shortcomings on face like chubby cheeks or high forehead. The only thing you need to notice is choosing the suitable hair dye to beautify your style as well as possible.

You can ask for the stylist to adjust the length of bob hair that you want as well as your favourite type of bangs to have the appearance which make you feel satisfied the best.

Short bob with bangs

5. Half- shaved short hair

Adding some rebellions on hair with half- shaved style is not a bad idea. Short hair is made into a side part style. The larger part is kept naturally while the rest is shaved to make something rebellious. This is really a short straight hairstyle with wonderful creativeness. In addition, you should also dye hair with bright colors to look outstanding in everywhere.

Half shaved short hair

6. Blunt short hair

Blunt hairstyle is also one of the top choices for girls who love short straight hairstyles. Blunt cut is essentially very creative and charming. Thus, when it is combined with active short hair and suitable makeup style, the effect that it brings to is perfect. It can be said that this hairstyle is loved very much, especially in Western countries because of its modernity and youth.

Blunt short haircut

7. Straight lob

Lob hairstyle is not too strange with girls. We can easily see appearances of lob hairstyles almost everywhere because of its popularity. With a relative length which is a bit longer than bob style, you can totally have beautiful short haircuts with it.

Straight lob gives you the image which is very mature and charming so that it becomes one of the most favorite hairstyles of modern women, even celebrities.

Straight lob

8. Shoulder length hairstyle

If you like short hair but afraid of your wide shoulders and rough jawline, shoulder length straight hair is exactly the hairstyle you need. Hair that reaches over shoulders is extremely useful for girls to hide their weakness of wide scapula. Of course, it is long enough to cover unexpected parts on your face like chubby cheeks or square jawline. With a beautiful and effective hairstyle like this, you shouldn’t ignore it, right?

Shoulder length straight hairstyle

We hope that these suggestions of short straight hairstyles will not make you disappointed. They are really very beautiful and impressive, aren’t they? Let’s make yourself a big change with these hairstyles and take your friends by surprise right now! If you feel this article is useful or you have any other question and demand bout hair, don’t mind sharing with us, Luxshinehair is always ready to hear your feelings.

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