Have You Tried the Trendy Blue Black Hair Dye for this Autumn?

Talking about trendy hair colors, it will be a big mistake if we don’t mention blue black hair dye. The perfect combination between a miracle black hue and a creative blue hue brings to the owner a completely fresh and impressive appearance. It will so wonderful when you keep this style downtown in a cool autumn day. If you still don’t believe, let Luxshinehair show you all things of this special hair dye!

blue black hairr dye

1. Blue black hairstyle

As its name, blue black hairstyle is hair which is dyed with two basic colors. They are blue and black. A single black hue gives the soft and mysterious feeling while a single blue hue is extremely bright and eye- catching. When combining them together, blue black color brings to hair the more impressive image than ever.

Blue black hair not only has a pure tone, you can create it with a lot of different tones of blue and black. They will give you diverse choices for hairstyles and bring the prominence to you no matter where you are in. Beside, styles with blue black hair is also very popular and outstanding such as ombre, balayage, blue highlight on black hair, etc.

This autumn, this blue black style is continuing storming women all over the world because of its brightness and impression.

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blue black hair dye

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2. Some popular blue black hair dyes

Understanding customer’s demands for this trendy hair color, famous hair- care brands in the world also create a lot of kinds of hair dye for blue black tones. Let’s with Luxshinehair check out the most popular blue black hair dyes which are loved much by global women this autumn.

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L’Oreal Casting creme gloss- 210 Blue Black hair dye

L’Oreal is the hair care brand which has been too famous and popular all over the world thanks to their high quality and diverse products, especially hair dye products. 210 Blue black hair dye is one of them. With 28 advantage card points, this hair dye is super soft, glossy with no amoniac. More importantly, it is a semi permanent hair dye which can stay on hair up to 28 washes.

With the combo of beautiful color, soft fragrance and easy application, L’Oreal Casting cream gloss- 210 Blue Black hair dye always demonstrate its attraction in the market.

L’Oreal Casting creme gloss 210 Blue Black hair dye


Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color- BL21

Garnier also does not yield to L’Oreal when it always the top choice of customers who want natural hair dye. Using Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color- BL21 is exactly a wise choice for blue black tone. With triple oils of avocado, olive and shea, this hair dye supplies a lot of necessary moisture for beautiful and strong hair. Unlike the above hair dye, this is a kind of permanent haircolor. Girls who love impressive blue black tones should actually  not ignore this one, right?

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color BL21

Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina-2BB Blue black

Every girl likes new changes. Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina-2BB Blue black can give you that thing. With impressive creme blue black color, natural keratin instincts and ammonia free, this product of Clairol is very popular and attractive. 

Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina 2BB Blue black

With these products, you can even DIY at home with the result like at salons so why don’t you find yourself a suitable one and dye with it immediately!

3. Impressive hairstyles with black blue color

Balayage blue black long hair

If you are a loyal fan of Katy Perry, you will see that this famous singer very love blue black hair color when having herself many impressive blue black hairstyles. One of them is the hairstyle at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California in 2012. Katy Perry beautifully appeared with a outstanding balayage blue black long hairstyle. Combining only with soft a make up style, Katy still look very outstanding and attractive thanks to the unique hair dye.

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Balayage blue black long hair katy Perry

Ombre light blue black wavy hair

Ombre style is never out of trend with modern girls. It becomes more and more impressive when combining with a light blue black color. This perfect combination makes hair look bright in anywhere. Of course, in cool fall, this hair dye will bring to you extremely comfortable and relaxed feelings instead of hot color like red or orange, etc. In addition, wavy hairstyle is very soft and suitable for both your short and long hair as well as any character of you. Thus, having an ombre light blue black wavy hairstyle for this time is definitely wise!

Ombre light blue black wavy hair


Black hair with blue highlights

Just to make amazing highlights, why don’t you choose yourself a black hairstyle with blue highlights? For the best result, let’s go to a hair salon and ask for this style, you will actually get an impressive appearance with it. As for many women, simple black hair is beautiful enough. However, if it is highlighted with some blue color, you will have a style which is absolutely perfect and creative!

Black hair with blue highlights

We hope that some guides of us for blue black hair dye this autumn will be useful for your choice. If you see it is good, don’t regret to give us a good compliment and visit Luxshinehair store for updating information about hair and hair extentions!

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