Hairstyles that help you to hide your unexpected short forehead

It is said that forehead’s length size is the most beautiful when it is one- third as long as that of the whole face. However, not many people have this standard forehead size. Short forehead is also one of the weaknesses that womankind don’t want to have since it makes the face look very short and unbalanced. Therefore, in this article, Luxshinehair will point out suitable and beautiful hairstyles for you to hide the unexpected short forehead.

hide the unexpected short forehead

1. Hairstyles without bangs

Not only do hairstyles without bangs make your face look brighter but they help the face look longer and more balanced as well. Therefore, the problem of short forehead will be hidden in the most effective way. You can refer to these suggestions of hairstyles to have yhe appropriate one.

Middle part layered hairstyles

Regardless of the fact that your hair is long or short, thick or thin, a middle part layered hairstyle can be the most wonderful choice for girls with short forehead. It gives hair layers with various length sizes which  softly embrace the face so that they make good highlight and make the face look slimmer and more balanced.

You can choose a short hairstyle with the pro- active and creative appearance or a long layered hairstyle which can display something charming and mysterious. These middle part hairstyles will help you to show the best balance on your face without worrying of short forehead, even big and round face.

Middle part layered hairstyles


Middle part straight hairstyles

In fact, middle part straight hairstyles can be suitable with a lot of  kinds of face, including the face with short forehead. You can keep hair straight naturally or tie it back or make various styles. Because the hightlight is middle parting that can make the face look longer and more balanced, you will not need to wonder whether different styles can be seen clearly.

Middle part straight hairstyles×4-fumi-curly-hair-blonde-color

Combing with accessories and make- up style which are suitable with the shape of face will actually make you look the most attractive in the crowd. Off course, this is one of popular hairstyles that global celebrities love and apply very much.

Middle part straight hairstyles 2


Slicked back hairstyles

We cannot ignore these wonderful slicked back hairstyles for the face with short forehead because their effects are absolutely impressive. Hair is combed back with gels or hair sprays to make a slicked back style. It is up to your hobbies and choices, you can combine it with straight hair which shows active and modern characters or wavy hair with a bit tangled and curled hair in front to make it softer and more natural.

Slicked back hairstyles

The whole forehead will be exposed so that your face will look much brighter and more balanced. Don’t forget to choose suitable make- up style and fashion style for your most outstanding image on special occasions, slicked back hair will not make you disappointed.

Slicked back hairstyles Luxshinehair

Side part wavy or curly hairstyles

With wavy hair, side parting is the best way for you to make impressions with others without being afraid of short forehead. Wavy hairstyles can not be appropriate for middle part hair with short forehead because outstanding hair waves will make the face and short forehead get more attention. Whereas, wavy hairstyles with side parting is completely opposite. Side part hair waves and curls give better highlights and make hair look bouncy and stunning enough to hide the weakness of forehead so that you will always in the most enchanting appearance.

Side part wavy or curly hairstyles

Ultimate Guides for Prom hairstyles

Side part wavy or curly hairstyles - Luxshinehair

Side part updos

A style of soft hair updo combining side parting makes your face look much more beautiful and brighter. It is absolutely suitable for girls who want to have mature and noble images. It is attractive and outstanding so that everybody have to be surprised and forget the short coming of your forehead. However, this hairstyle has a lot of variations so that it is never out of fashion.

Side part updos

2. Hairstyles with bangs

Although hairstyles with bangs can not be the best choices for girls with short forehead, some impressive styles can still help you to hide this unexpected weakness.

Wavy hairstyles with wispy bangs

The outstanding character of wispy bangs is that bangs are spare with very little hair. Therefore, they will not cover all your forehead as well as make your face look shorter and darker. Girls with gentle and cute characters are actually suitable for this image.

Wavy hairstyles with wispy bangs×4-fumi-curly-hair-light-brown-color

Ponytail hairstyles with side part bangs

Ponytail give girls pro- active and young images while side part bangs make a puffing hair part in front of forehead but don’t hide all of your short forehead. Thus, they look extremely impressive, especially when seeing in a side. No matter which texture your hair is in, this ponytail hairstyle can help you to have the brightest appearance.

Ponytail hairstyles with side part bangs

In case of having a balanced face, you can apply other types of bangs for hair, they will actually give you wonderful appearances.

For now, don’t continue worrying about your short forehead. It will not make bad effects on your beauty if you can choose appropriate hairstyles. These suggestions are actually useful for your choices. In case of having very thin and weak hair, you can find to hair extensions, Luxshinehair is willing to cater every demand for your favorite hairstyles.

Apart from having short forehead, many girls also have other shortcomings that make them feel difficult in finding a suitable hairstyle. You can refer Short hairstyles for plus size women or short curly hairstyles for round face to get precious advices.

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