Top Impressive Hairstyles Of Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau is definitely one of the most famous Youtubers that almost everyone knows her. She was born in Las Vegas and started her YouTube channel in 2015. Tana Mongeau is well-known for not only her vlogs on YouTube channel but also for her natural charming beauty and talent. Within a year Mongeau succeeded in having 2.3 million subscribers for her channel. Now, the number of followers has reached 4.5 million and it intends to increase more. So, why is Tana Mongeau special among numerous YouTuber on the Internet? Perhaps, one of the main reasons is that Tana Mongeau is always courageous in public with her no-makeup face and glamorous hairstyles. She is always confident to show her natural beauty. Today, in this article, we will find out some stunning Tana Mongeau Hairstyles.

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1. Long Pink Wavy High Ponytail

She always appears wonderful with wavy hair, especially loose wavy hair. With this high ponytail, she will feel comfortable even when she hangs out all days. It means that she don’t need to worry that her hair will be falling on her face or frizzy because all hair is hold and tied up. The outstanding color of pink hair specially makes other people pay attention to her.

Long Pink Wavy High Ponytail

2. Double High Buns

Two high buns on her head make the young Youtube creator look like a school girl. However, that doesn’t mean this hairdo gives her a funny look, it even brings a younger and more energetic look to her. To do this hairstyle, first, part your hair into two equal sections. Then roll each section into a high bun and use bobby pins or elastic bands to keep these buns in place. Remember to leave out a few strands at two sides of your face to create a natural look. Generally, this hairstyle is also considered to be one of the ideal summer hairstyles for women.

Double High Buns

3. Side Part Blonde Hairstyle

Perhaps you are not strange to this common hairstyle, but it looks really perfect on Tana Mongeau. The dark brown roots help create a deep look to her hair. Besides, blonde hair also compliments her skin tone. The combination of armpit length and wavy hair increases lissomness for the hair.

Side Part Blonde Hair

4. Cute High Half Bun Updo

Mongeau achieve these tousled waves by adding texture to her half bun with a curling wand. She opt for the loopy half topknot because it is stylish while still lifting hair up and away from her face. We didn’t mention about her hair color anymore because as you see, blonde hair is her common choice.  

Cute High Half Bun Updo

Do you think that a beautiful hairstyle plays an important role in enhancing your beauty? In fact, some hairstyles may be look nice on someone but it doesn’t mean that they can apply for every girls, so it’s necessary to choose the most suitable haircut to make you look attractive. In the pictures above, you can see that Tana Mongeau mostly chooses light tones like blonde for her hair because it best suits with her face. No matter her clothing, she still attracts people’s attention with a charming face and impressive hairstyles. Compare with many women who spend a lot of time on styling their hair, Tana Mongeau still looks confident and charming without makeup and complex hairstyles.

Tana Mongeau looks attractive even when she gets long straight hair. You may think that she can achieve these beautiful hairstyles because she has long hair, so how can your short hair also get these looks? They will be nothing if you use hair extensions. Nowadays, hair extensions are widely used all over the world. All you need to do is to choose the right hair which suits your face shape as well as opt for high quality hair extensions if you want to use it for a long time. Some types of hair extensions from Luxshinehair such as wig hair extensions, clip in hair extensions or tape in hair extensions, etc must be a safe choice for you. This is because all hair products are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair and the hair is unprocessed.

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