Hairstyles For Prom With Braids And Curls

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You are wondering which hairstyle is suitable to you or you are dreaming of becoming a queen in a luxurious prom. Don’t worry! That is the reason why today we have written this article to show you top 10 fantastic hairstyles for prom with braids and curls. So, let’s discover these up-dos together!

1. Side-Braided Puffy Hair With Textured Curls

If you like a romantic and sweet look, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. The mixture of the luscious curls and the volumized roots of hair will give you an elegant and charming beauty. So, try Side-Braided Puffy Hair with Textured Curls to become the main character of the prom. With this hairstyle, boys in the party will be hard to take their eyes off your cute and gentle beauty.

Side Braided Puffy Hair With Textured Curls

2.. Luscious Blonde Curls With Braided Headband

Luscious Blonde Curls with Braided Headband is one of the most beloved hairstyles of almost girls for their long-awaited prom. Large blonde curls on your head can give you an impressive appearance which attracts almost people’s attention at that luxurious prom.  A thick and braided headband will help to make a highlight on your hair.  Don’t miss a chance to become a queen in the royal party with this hairdo.

Luscious Blonde Curls With Braided Headband

3. Messy Twisted Side Braid With Thin Layered Curls

To have the Messy Twisted Side Braid with Thin Layered Curls, you need to follow some simple steps. Curl and highlight your layer hair in very small and thin sections. Remember that your hair with the medium length will be better to create this hairstyle. Then, sweep the hair to one side and plait a twisted and loose side braid. In addition, you can add a few bangs and tangled flair, which will make the hairstyle look more special and give it a new dimension.

Messy Twisted Side Braid With Thin Layered Curls

4. Side-Braided Textured Curls

This hairstyle is nearly similar to the first one we have mentioned. However, with Side-Braided Textured Curls we don’t need to add volume to the roots of hair. All you need to do is to part your hair to one side and create large textured curls. Just braid the small section of hair firmly and hold it at the back of head by bobby pins. This braided curly hairstyle is also loved by a number of ladies and girls.

Side Braided Textured Curls

5. Curls & Side Fishtail Braid

Instead of using 3 strands of hair, to make the curl and side fishtail braid, you need to plait your hair with four strands. This hairstyle is quite easy to do, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time as well as to create a fancy hairdo as you want.

Curls Side Fishtail Braid

6. Arrowhead Braid

If you are too familiar with normal braids, try a new one called Arrowhead Braid. Although you may find it sophisticated and difficult to re-make, but in fact, it is not hard as you thought. To create this half up half down curly hairstyle for prom, you need to intertwine 4 braids to shape an arrowhead image. You look so special with this style.

Arrowhead Braid

7. Half-Up Ladder Braid

The half up ladder braid is a new and perfect combination between French and waterfall braids.  However, with this hairstyle, you will keep 2 braids spaced apart instead of pulling them closely. You must look so cool and unique with the half up ladder braid, especially mixed with curls. So don’t hesitate to try this up-do!

Half Up Ladder Braid

8. Half Up Lace Braids

The mixture of one regular braid, one fishtail braid and one lace braid will create a fabulous half up lace braid. This hairdo is perfect for those who love to be girly and feminine but with a bohemian vibration. The half up lace curly braids will bring about a unique cascading effect. Why don’t you try it now?

Half Up Lace Braids

9. Loop Waterfall Braid

Oh! Another braided curly hairstyle for prom is a Loop Waterfall Braid. Besides proms, you can also apply this hairstyle for many other occasions like work, school or date. As said by many people, they found it hard to create waterfall braids. But with loop waterfall braid, everything is different. It quickly becomes one of the most favorite up-dos of almost girls. When you combine it with luscious curls, there won’t be any words to describe your beauty but “gorgeous”.

Loop Waterfall Braid

10. Soft Dutch Braid

The last one we want to mention today is soft Dutch braid. Like other braided hairstyles, it is so easy to do. Firstly, curl your hair and then start braid it to make this beautiful braided hairstyle. Remember to make curls away from your face. This up-do will turn you into an elegant princess in the night prom. Soft Dutch Braid

What do you think about above-mentioned hairstyles for prom with braids and curls? We hope that it is helpful to you. Wish you choose the most wonderful hairstyle for your long-awaiting prom. If you want to find a hair extension instead of styling your hair directly, come to Luxshinehair. We promise to provide you with high-qualified products that satisfy you. Continue to read our article to explore more beautiful hairstyles as well as ways to take care of your hair. See more: Celtic hairstyles  

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