Top 10 Vietnamese Wholesale hair weave factory

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The history of hair extensions and other forms of mane enhancement can be traced back thousands of years ago. Even though nowadays hair extensions can easily be bought in various ways, both online and offline stores, the need for better and more affordable hair has become even more pressing. Many resellers and vendors decided that buying from a Vietnamese hair factory will help them get the best types of human hair while also keep costs at a reasonable level. But buying from an online manufacturer is different from picking up products in a beauty supply store. This is why the process of finding and working with a wholesale hair weave factory can be jarring for a beginner. So to save you time and effort, we give you a shortlist of 4 manufacturers so that you can start your investigation with some reputable names.

Vietnamese Hair Star Company

Vietnam Hair Stars Company Premium Wig Suppliers
Vietnam Hair Stars Company Premium Wig Suppliers

Vietnamese Hair Star Company is a wholesale weave and premium wigs provider with a good reputation. The customer always appreciates their service because of high-quality products and professionalism. The company was founded in 2012 and has been in operations for 9 years. During this period, they have exported products to Thailand, Brazil, Europe, Canada, America. With a focus on the professional market, Vietnamese Hair Star source their hair exclusively from Vietnamese and Cambodian hair collectors. With its modern technology and great wealth of experience, VHSC can make most of the staples a professional would need. Hair weaves, Bulk hair, Clip-in Products, Ponytails, I-tip hair extensions, tape-in hair wefts are some of the most purchased products.

With a large factory and huge output, Vietnamese Hair Star Company is surprisingly flexible in how they choose to target the market. They can cater to orders of any size and meet the client’s various needs. Their attention to detail as well as the ability to let the customer customize the specifications as well as the mix of the hair make them a strong contender in every market segment.


No. 8, cluster 22, Long Bien ward, Long Bien dist., Hanoi, 10000, Vietnam


While having been in business since 2011, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company has become an established brand name in the hair extensions field. Customers looking to buy wholesale weave from a wholesale hair weave factory will find APOHAIR’s line of premium wigs and premium hair extensions a great solution to their business with a strong emphasis on quality, production time management, and streamlined product range. 

Now that APOHAIR has shifted its focus on an ethically sourced hair material, they have become a serious Ethical wigs and hair extensions provider. Together with Luxshine, APOHAIR is a few Vietnamese hair brands that try to verify and qualify their hair material with rigorous standards.

With a serious commitment to its reputation and client trust, APO always brings its A-game in utilizing the best and latest technology, a well-skilled workforce as well as swift and transparent customers issue resolution. 


No 4 Ham Nghi, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Layla Hair

Layla A Solid Wholesale Hair Weave Factory
Laylahair – A Solid Wholesale Hair Weave Factory

Layla Hair is a unique wholesale human hair weave provider. One reason for this is because they play a few different roles in the human hair industry vertical. Layla is famous for the hair and the scale at which they sell. Besides this, they also work as hair collectors and produce and make everything they sell. This gives them intimate knowledge of how hair extensions work. Layla also masters the art of producing the best hair at any given price. As their growth strategy, Layla does their best to offer products of the best quality at a very reasonable price. Apparently, this strategy has worked out well for Layla as they have become a top manufacturer with a focus on providing hair extensions made of Vietnamese hair.

Since Layla has a tight integration in their manufacturing process as well as a strong partnership with a few other hair collectors, the company has found its success in many markets. Some of the markets where it shows strong dominance include Africa, America, and Latin America. It is worth noting that at 3000 kg per month capacity, Layla can offer a very attractive price for buyers of whatever scales or types. You can check their weave hair length chart and start placing orders right away through their website.


289 Khuat Duy Tien St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam


Luxshinehair Ethical Wigs And Weaves Supplier
Luxshinehair – Ethical Wigs And Weaves Supplier

LUXSHINE has made great strides as a producer and seller of ethical wigs and weaves. While it’s challenging to work with hair of ethical source only, Luxshine has never waiver. The company has found its mission and calling in selling the highest top-tier wigs and weaves. However, we don’t stop there. We want to make sure to eliminate the exploitative practice commonly found in the hair industry.

A quick glimpse at our site and one should be able to tell the sheer range of products on offer. Customer who wishes to buy from Luxshine should be happy because of the many options. With so many colors, textures, and lengths to choose from, women have found great use in our product. The sheer amount of options should be enough to satisfy most users and professionals alike.

When you have many variables to work with, the importance of keeping the hair quality consistent is paramount. With the weave hair length chart indicating hair length ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches, most people will find something of their desired length.

The recipe for the success of Luxshine has to do with the hair. We make sure that hair bundles look good and stay natural even after 1 year. We also make sure that any customer’s inquiry is quickly resolved. As a company with a commitment to ethical values and transparency, we make sure that our customers understand us well. Most clients who have worked with us are impressed with our communication. They are impressed by how clear and easy it is to make purchases. The return and claim process is also a breeze. 

Location: 3A Building, 82 Duy Tan st, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi City, Viet Nam.

So which factory is your favorite Vietnamese hair vendors? Let Luxshine know more in the comment section.

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