No one would ever know how to blend clip in hair extensions for short hair

No one would ever know how to blend clip in human hair extensions with short hair? Have you felt the itch to change how you look? Your new short hair was exciting, liberating, fresh and new. But sooner or later, boredom might comes in. It’s so short! What to do now?

The short answer: Luxshine Hair clip-in hair extensions. With these items, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – short hair and long hair – with no long-term commitment and no damage to your bio hair. But can we really use clip-ins with short hair?

Absolutely yes! However, it needs a little something for them to perfectly blend in. Luxshine Hair has looked around on the Internet to find out the best tips and tricks on how to blend clip in hair extensions with short hair. And to make it even better, we are going to share with you all the information about clip-in extensions. Keep reading on to have the best experience with clip-in hair.

Some notes for short-haired girls when getting hair extensions

If you have a short, blunt haircut, you might find it a little challenging to adorn your hair with extensions. And blending your human hair clip in extensions from Luxshinehair with the rest of your hair can seem tough.

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In fact, adding Luxshinehair clip in human hair extensions to short hair is not as difficult as we supposed. Here is a guide on how to put in hair extensions in short hair.

Before installing Luxshinehair human hair extensions clip in into short hair there are something that you should take into consideration:

  • For the best chance of concealing, your natural hair should be at least 3-4 inches long. So if you have a pixie haircut, it is best to wait for a thing to grow out some. It is because the clip ins will be applied right under your hairline, so your hair needs to be long enough to cover them with and avoid them peeking out.
  • Also, pick the right color, as this is an important step in getting perfect blending. If you can’t find the exact shade as your own hair, you can buy a lighter one and then dye it to match your hair color.
  • Another very important aspect is the weight. Even if your natural hair isn’t very thick, the Luxshine human hair clip in extensions set you want to buy has to be at least a bit heavier than your own hair. The thicker your natural hair is, the better as you will be able to hide the clips even if your hair is shorter.

How to blend human hair extensions clip-in with short hair?

Now that you have found the best Luxshine clip in human hair extensions for your short hair, here are a few basic tips on how to hide clip in extensions with your hair.

 Braid the bottom layer of your hair 

Before applying clip-in to your hair, it is highly recommended that you first pin the hair from the nape of your neck away. This is a great way to hide the shorter pieces that always seem to poke out of the hair if they remain loose. To do this just section off the lower part of your hair and braid it.  Then secure it with some bobby pins. This is where you will clip the first Luxshinehair human hair clip in extensions.

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Yes, your extension secret is secure and safe from prying eyes. Just enjoy it!

Style the extensions beforehand

It’s a good idea to style your Luxshinehair hair extensions clip in before you go for them. It helps each hair weft match the style of your natural hair and blend in seamlessly.

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If your natural hair is curly, just use a curling iron to give all the human hair clip-ins a little texture.  Or if you prefer a classic sleek look, use a flat iron to straighten them. 

We all have been through bad haircuts or that awkward stage of growing out the hair where we don’t feel like showing it off to anybody. Luxshine human hair extensions clip in will help you hide any bad haircut and get beautiful long locks in a few minutes. Nothing is impossible, so let’s jump into the world of hair extensions and enjoy their infinite power to transform you into something new in no time!

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