Hair dye color – which is the best one for you?

What color should i dye my hair? Choosing a color to dye your hair is pretty important because it can directly affect your look. A suitable color can enhance your beauty, helps you to become more fashionable. On the other hand, wrong color will destroy all! Coloring hair is fun and help you to catch up with the trend all the time. Brittany, an American actress, said that” I’m not someone who generally kept the same hair color. I like to be able to change it. If you can change your surroundings, change your hair colors!” Let Luxshinehair helps you to find out what is the most suitable for your hair! Do color have any relationship with personality? The answer is YES! Do color have any relationship with personality?According to psychology, the color that you choose to dye your hair will at least reflect 60% of your characteristic. When you meet someone, the color of your hair is the first thing that come to other mind and they will try to find out your characteristic through this color, later come your color of clothes you are wearing. That’s why choosing color always takes time. But don’t worry if you haven’t known which color matches your personality and you are still hesitating to choose the perfect one because we will clarify it right now!

Blue color

If you are a deep and thoughtful person, wise and studious, you like to be left alone with your own thoughts and feelings, blue is exactly the color you are looking for. Besides, blue color is also a symbol of empathy which means that you have a great capacity for empathy. Moreover, blue is the color of ocean which refers to generosity. A lot of stars in the world choose blue as their favorite color.

Black color

There is no denying that black color is both traditional and modern color and never runs out of fashion. Besides, it also reflects the personality of a strong and daring person. They will not frighten easily, always try to face every difficult thing in life and people can count on them all the time. Moreover, black is also the color of unending strength and great confident. See more: 18 inch weave straight

Purple color

Purple is the harmonious combination between calm stability of blue and the great energy from red, showing the royalty, power and ambition. You always keep your head in crisis, stay calm and never lose your temper, you can overcome any problem and always come up with a solution to any difficulty. People look up to you and admire you. Hair dye purple color

Pink color

If you are a kind of person who is bright and always want to bring smile to all people around you and people always want to spend time talking to you, pink is definitely your color! You are helpful, smiley, optimistic and lively. Besides, pink is always top-ranked among favorite shortlisted colors and stays trendy all the time. Dying hair in pink will completely change your appearance! Hair dye pink color

Brown color

Brown can be considered as one of the easiest color to dye hair without bleaching but still fashionable. Like black, brown is popular all over the word and easily match with different styles of clothes and make-up. Besides, brown color refers to a type of person who is conscientious and dependable with natural leadership skill.  They know how to get things done and how to get on well with everyone. They are loved and admired by almost people around.


Fiery and passionate, you sometimes can be a stubborn person who determine to get your own way. You are proud and confident with high self-esteem and a true belief on yourself. You dare to do everything you want or you like to do without any fear. If you can feel yourself exactly what we are talking about, congrats, you already find your own color. Besides, red color helps you look much shinier and attractive.

Blonde color

No word can describe the meaning of blonde color better than “attractive”. Blonde can go well with different hairstyles from simple to complicate. However, with someone who have natural black hair, you need to bleach your hair to get the perfect blonde hair, therefore taking care of your hair after dying needs to be more careful. Blonde reflects an outspoken and attractive person who easily can be the center of attention. Hair dye blonde color

Silver color

Silver color is chic, sexy and definitely on trend. It is a symbol of tenderness, positivity and sexiness. Silver color is believed to draw all negative out of your body and help you easily create a close relationship with other people. Like blonde, to achieve a perfect silver hair, you need to spend quite a long time in hair salon for bleaching. However, invest in your hair because it is the crown that you never take off! Let’s see how Icy queen look like! Hair dye silver color

Green color

We can make sure that green color will completely make you look cool and outstanding. This incredible green color is a good choice for someone who want to renew their appearance and stay on trend. Besides, green is the color of life, energy and freshness. If you are a kind of person who easily receive love and care from other people, full of hopefulness and optimism, green should be your first choice! Hair dye green color

Rose gold

Rose gold hair color will surely make you stand out, creating a girlish and vivid image which is perfect for all hairstyle and skin color. Celebs, models and girls all over the word are embracing the rose gold color hair trend which bring them a unique and attractive look. No one can deny the power and trendiness this color bring to us. With right hair care routine, maintaining rose gold color hair is no longer a matter. Besides, this color is the symbol of modernity, positivity and elegance. Hair dye rose gold colorEach color has its own meaning and power which can help you to achieve the perfect beauty. Now you can choose color you like the most or the perfect one which match your personality. Besides, after dying, your hair is still week and need more care, therefore you need to pay more attention to your hair and find the most suitable hair care routine to protect it from being damaged.

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