Hair Breakage around the Hairline: Top 10 Most Popular Reasons

One of the most popular reasons causing sparse hair, even hair loss is hair breakage around the hairline. A lot of women all over the world got bad hair days owning to suffering from this problem. If you also a person among them, don’t hurry to ignore this article. Luxshinehair will help you to find out Top 10 most common reasons that cause hair breakage around the hairline. Thanks to that, you will have the best solutions for them.

hair breakage around the hairline

1.Over washing

Obviously, this is exactly one of the top reasons of hair breakage. You think that the more you wash your hair, the more your hair becomes beautiful, don’t you? Unfortunately, our answer is “No!”. When you wash your hair frequently, your hair will be cleaned immediately. However, this thing will make your hair breakage state  become worse and worse.

Instead of washing hair once or twice a day just because you feel your scalp is a bit dirty and oily, washing hair every two days, even more is highly stimulated. Your hair will gradually acquaint with that and the phenomenon of hair breakage will also decreased.

Over washing hair

2. Improper diet

Girls always take care of losing weight to have a beautiful body. Thus, they force themselves into severe diets which are extremely little and unbalanced. Trough these improper and difficult diets, necessary nutritions raising hair are also limited so that it makes hair become weaker and break more, especially the hair part around the hairline.

Therefore, don’t forget to have proper and moderate meals with enough protein, vitamins A, E, minerals, etc to have strong hair as well as protect your hair on the best condition.

Improper diet

3. Stress

Another reason which is extremely common causing hair breakage around the hairline is stress. When you are under pressures, your nervous system is effected very much. It reduces the blood circulation on scalp and directly effects on the nourishment of hair and scalp. Therefore, hair becomes weaker, easier to break as well as looks very anaemic.

Let’s try to reduce stresses in your work and life. Always let yourself be relaxed and happy. This will very good for your hair and also your health.


4. Tight hairstyles

It is too clear to see that having tight hairstyles makes the problem of hair breakage around the hairline become worse. It stretches your hair maximally so that hair will be easy to be broken.

Thus, in unessential cases, don’t try to make tight hairstyles like high ponytails, buns, corn rows or braids. They can cause serious problems like hair loss and headache. Instead, let’s have yourself loose and comfortable styles. there are thousands of beautiful and safe styles with them, right?

Tight hairstyles

5. Hair dryness

You also need to care for the state of dryness on your hair when you got hair breakage. Hair dryness can be a genetic problem or it is caused by dehydration on hair, lack of moisture and nutrition, dry weather, etc.  It can also lead to worse problems like pimples on scalp, dry scalp, dandruff and so on if you don’t notice it. The direct reason is having improper care as well as using unsuitable shampoos and conditioners.

Thus, if you are dealing with problems of hair dryness, let’s change your hair care style and use good shampoos immediately. Your hair breakage will be decreased significantly.

Hair dryness

6. Effects of heat

To have beautiful and impressive hairstyles, you usually let your hair expose to hair curler or hair straightener, right? However, when you do it too frequently, hair will become weaker and easier to be fallen out. Especially, when your hair is exposed to high temperature daily, it will be very difficult to keep strong and natural hair. Our advise for you is doing soft effects with hair and going to professional hair salons to take care and recover hair frequently.

Effects of heat

7. Chemical exposure

Together with making complex styles, using chemicals on hair is also a bad effect that can make hair get damages as well as hair breakage. That is chemicals used on dyeing hair, making styles, bleaching hair, etc. These acts will make hair become rougher, harder and easier to get split ends. Of course, they also break into hair structures and make hair weaker and be broken anytime, even when you brush your hair softly.

Chemical exposure

8. Incorrect brushing

You shouldn’t think that brushing hair is easy and you can do it anyway you want. If you brush hair incorrectly, you can intentionally wrench your hair around the hairline away. The most common situations are brushing hair when it is wet, brushing tangled hair without detangle before, backcombing to make hair volume and so on. If you are still making such bad effects, let’s renounce them and try to brush your hair in milder and softer ways. Besides, choosing a wide tooth comb is also better when brushing hair.

Incorrect brushing

9. Lack of hair trims

in case your hair is too thick and long, you should visit hairstylists to trim your hair occasionally. Triming hair will make your hair decrease its burden. Thanks to that, you not only feel more comfortable but also avoid making hair breakage.

We don’t force you to cut your hair into a short style if you don’t want. However, if you are having the problem of hair breakage, it is necessary for you to have hair trims for every eight weeks.

Lack of hair trims

10. Hypothyroidism

This is a common pathological sign of patients who have problems of hair loss and hair breakage. It occurs when the thyroid gland can’t produce enough its necessary hormones for hair growth as well as hair protection from damages as well as breakage. With this problem, the best way for you is go to the  doctor and ask for useful advises and treatments. Let’s treat this symptom before it causes worse effects on your hair as well as your health.


We hope that all of information above help you to partly understand causes of hair breakage around the hairline. Hair at the hairline is very weak and not be well protected like other hair parts. Therefore, let’s notice these reasons to find right and soon solutions.

In case your hair is too bad, let’s use hair extensions to have the better appearance for your hair. Luxshinehair‘s high quality hair products will actually useful to you. Try them if you need  to have a new change someday.


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